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12 Jun 18, 08:27 AM
Jess: I’ve removed some renders to re-extract. The preview remains but opening will result in a 404.
12 Jun 18, 03:17 PM
Amanda: Love your site, and look very cute! Affies?
17 Jun 18, 02:07 PM
Pim: saved some of your renders to use ❤
17 Jun 18, 03:23 PM
Pim: you're welcome 💗😊
17 Jun 18, 05:01 PM
Amanda: That'd be awesome.
18 Jun 18, 10:43 AM
Amanda: Added you back,thanks!
24 Jun 18, 08:42 AM
Pim: you can remove my link my two recent posts explains why hopefully we can still talk
2 Jul 18, 04:35 PM
Pim: just dropping by to show some love and support ❤❤
4 Jul 18, 10:50 AM
Lucien: Enigmaticons got a new look and big news; check them out. :)
6 Jul 18, 09:55 AM
Lucien: Thank you, but I’m not that good - I spend hours choosing layouts colors and am never satisfied. XD
9 Jul 18, 09:25 PM
Reita: Just stopping by to say hi! Put up a new layout if you havent seen it, and actually put up a serious update for once if you have time :)
10 Jul 18, 08:15 AM
Blacky: Hey Jess! I love your website design so much <3 Reminds me of the good old times, when people used to maintain network sites (which really is a good thing for me :D). I'd love to exchange links with
10 Jul 18, 08:16 AM
Blacky: you! Will link you asap. Take care ^^
10 Jul 18, 05:09 PM
Amanda: Hey Jess.Glad you stopped by. How are you doll?
11 Jul 18, 09:07 AM
Amanda: I am doing pretty good hon, thank you for asking! <3
3 Aug 18, 06:01 PM
Reita: Hello, hello! Just stopping by to say hello and that the chat box is back up on Halcyon :)
8 Aug 18, 10:39 AM
Pim: Hi Jess! Just dropping by to see how you're doing. Hope you're well ❤
19 Aug 18, 09:40 AM
Salya: Hi hun. How are you? ^_^
20 Sep 18, 07:38 AM
Jess: Hi everyone. :) I have lots of stuff to upload but my internet has been subpar for the job!
20 Sep 18, 07:38 AM
Jess: If there's anything else you want to see, let me know!