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4 Apr 20, 03:25 PM
Pim: just dropping by to see how you're doing. have a good weekend and stay safe out there šŸ’•
21 Apr 20, 05:54 AM
Celina: Hello, I sent you a mail 2 months ago, because I wanted to adopt a website from candyrain.org, and I have not received an answer yet, could you please answer me? Thanks!
21 Apr 20, 08:48 PM
Jess: Please resend your email if you're interested in hosting as this is not the hosting site.
26 Apr 20, 11:41 AM
Reita: Just checking in! I hope you're doing well!
26 Apr 20, 12:22 PM
9Daily: Hii! how are you doing? I have finally updated 9Daily with a new layout and created some new stuff.
28 Apr 20, 06:12 AM
9Daily: thanks ^__^
30 Apr 20, 07:50 PM
Reita: Aw i'm glad you like it, originally I kind of just threw together some songs I had on my computer but I plan to go in and change up the music and have even contemplated trying different categories :0
4 May 20, 11:55 PM
Meaghan: I love the color scheme of your layout! <3
9 May 20, 02:49 PM
9daily: I'm going into revamp mode with 9Daily and maybe even be taking a hiatus for a while. Just letting you know so you know why I might be inactive.
22 May 20, 07:21 PM
Jess: Revamp coming soon.:)
29 May 20, 07:36 AM
9daily: Hi Jess how are you doing?
15 Jun 20, 02:24 AM
Nelson: You can never go wrong with knowing how to use phpMyAdmin! :D
15 Jun 20, 08:58 PM
Brandi: Stopping by to say hi! Loving your layout btw. I hope all is well <3
27 Jun 20, 03:27 PM
9daily: Hi! 9Daily has a new layout ft. Agust D. Hope you have a nice day
2 Jul 20, 09:51 PM
Luna/Jess: Hey everyone! Iā€™m working on getting the new site ready to update. Want to upload with some new content first before launch! :)
4 Aug 20, 04:53 AM
finn: hi! thank you for creating a very amazing template in the first place!
15 Aug 20, 03:58 AM
Dorkistic: Hello! we have some huge updates on the site, feel free to come and check it out.
22 Aug 20, 08:56 PM
Carla: Hey! Celestial.nu is now angelic.nu. Can you change your affie link? :3
1 Sep 20, 03:54 PM
9daily: Hi I have a new layout featuring BTS Jungkook. Also thank you for keeping my link up on your website ^^
10 Sep 20, 04:58 PM
9daily: I have added your website to my headers page since you offer templates ^^ http://9-daily.blogspot.com/2020/09/headers.html just letting you know~