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23 Jan 18, 12:50 PM
it's good ^.^ i try to check my sites every day even if i don't have the time/energy/brainpower necessary to do any posting
24 Jan 18, 12:50 PM
Aaaand, my laptop's dead. *le sigh* hopefully it's something I can fix.
1 Feb 18, 04:14 AM
Hello. Does semi-private mean I need a certain type of permission to play here?
1 Feb 18, 06:19 AM
Nope. Just means guests cannot view many of the threads we have going
1 Feb 18, 06:22 AM
You can create an OOC account and go through the character application process
6 Mar 18, 11:41 AM
is this site very active? since i can't see any ic boards, i can't gauge your activity!
6 Mar 18, 05:09 PM
Yes and no... Currently, myself and Sockling are the actively posting members, but we usually get in at least one post a day, with multiple posts each over the weekend.
6 Mar 18, 05:10 PM
Hopefully we'll be able to improve that once Zero has returned, but we have no real ETA for that.
11 Mar 18, 07:09 AM
Hey Psych, I have work today, but I promise I'll be on your app ASAP
11 Mar 18, 01:19 PM
Cool thanks!
13 Mar 18, 07:21 AM
I’m probably gonna submit a couple more characters. Next I’m going for a Goron. I can’t figure out if I want to be an old racist Goron Elder who used to be Patriarch during the wars of the last 50 yrs
13 Mar 18, 07:22 AM
...or Volvagia’s Attendant who just sounds awesome XD
13 Mar 18, 07:36 AM
13 Mar 18, 07:38 AM
Go ahead, there's no real limit to how many characters you can have here, and unlike activity checks in other places, which have minimum post requirements, all you really have to do is post to
13 Mar 18, 07:39 AM
say you're still around <.<
13 Mar 18, 07:39 AM
i'm sitting at 14 or 15 characters myself
15 Mar 18, 12:21 PM
Alright, after this shift, I will be on my weekend, so I'll be able to get to your profile Psych. So far though, I will say your archmage will have to be older if you want her around during the Era
15 Mar 18, 12:22 PM
Without a Hero though; canonly, it's about 100 years between hero cycles, after all, so she'd probably be over 200... maybe closer to 300.
15 Mar 18, 12:29 PM
I'll have to see if I can get ahold of Zero to confirm that though
16 Mar 18, 01:25 AM
Thanks Crim, understood. I mean, she could be, as Twinrova were like 300 years old but I feel like that was due to dark magic and if so, I’ll want to avoid that and keep her post-Era.