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1 Feb 18, 08:54 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Wow! A HUUUGE thank you to Arie @ Litterz Factory for hosting Halcyon! We wouldn't be online without her! Soo grateful! xD Welcome everyone!
3 Feb 18, 09:17 AM
PrimroseKandC: Yay! Love the layout! I'm always looking for fun new mixie sites!
3 Feb 18, 11:02 AM
Penny: This site is so cute! O.O
3 Feb 18, 07:23 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Thank you!
6 Feb 18, 03:25 PM
Bryk: Nice looking site. Keep up the good work :D
8 Feb 18, 03:28 AM
Kel: Awesome site! You got so many lovely adoptions--I may have to come back soon! And I love your links page, especially the In Memory section. <3
9 Feb 18, 10:44 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: :heart:
12 Feb 18, 09:24 AM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Hi everyone! Lots of petz have found homes! I also opened a tiny PUGS shop (linked). Thank you to everyone for making feel so welcome in the PC!
13 Feb 18, 05:14 PM
lu@beatnik: holy moly, this is a seriously rad site. I’m drooling over the litters and more than a bit jealous of some folks who got here first ;)
13 Feb 18, 07:10 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Thank you!
15 Feb 18, 06:08 AM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Small update - I've moved the sublinks on crew & leave. Also, as my crew is growing, I have decided to remove any petz that are offered as downloads on other sites (my 'starter' crew).
15 Feb 18, 11:28 AM
PrimroseKandC: I just posted a bunch of MPA's on PKC's adoption forum! I'd love for you to take a *few*
15 Feb 18, 01:08 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Thanks! I just applied for some!
15 Feb 18, 07:12 PM
PrimroseKandC: Yay! Looking forward to more kitty litters in the future. I'll let you know when more get added up on the post.
16 Feb 18, 12:30 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: 6 new kitty litters up!
16 Feb 18, 12:37 PM
Shade@NSP: Your site is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the different breeds and OWs you have on your adoptions page. I so rarely see some of them even though I love them.
16 Feb 18, 01:21 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Thanks so much for the kind words! I just sent your adoptions out. I've been enjoying trying out new breeds - if you ever have any specific breeds that you'd like to see here, let me know!
17 Feb 18, 09:44 AM
PrimroseKandC: Try Nova's cali OW file and Middle Night's pink nosed Alley Cat file she made for me.
17 Feb 18, 03:49 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Sounds good. I will check them out.
17 Feb 18, 05:38 PM
Mercy @ Halcyon: Just uploaded a replacement wolf litter (I messed up the originals)! I think this one is even cuter.