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21 Jul 18, 02:30 AM
Shiloh: Again! Again!
21 Jul 18, 02:31 AM
Cateleya: Yeah cause we really didn't get a chance to place bets that time XD
21 Jul 18, 02:33 AM
Shiloh: Yeah, I got paid today, so I need to bet!
21 Jul 18, 02:49 AM
Sticks: Yes, but Logan was meaner.
21 Jul 18, 02:49 AM
Sticks: And stabby-er xD
21 Jul 18, 03:49 AM
Cateleya: XD maybe thats where Elektra learned it from
21 Jul 18, 04:50 AM
Toastie: group thread reply coming tomorrow. Sorry for the delay guys, just had a busy week today I just really needed to rest. I should be back to normal tomorrow.
21 Jul 18, 04:51 AM
Toastie: Sorry for anyone waiting on Moira and/or May posts.
21 Jul 18, 05:11 AM
Fleetwood: hello
21 Jul 18, 05:12 AM
Av: I am getting tired, so I will do more posts (starting with the group thread) tomorrow as well.
21 Jul 18, 05:14 AM
Fleetwood: its ya boy fleetwood, be sure to like follow and subscribe
21 Jul 18, 05:14 AM
Av: no
21 Jul 18, 05:15 AM
Fleetwood: leave a review on itunes
21 Jul 18, 05:15 AM
Av: never
21 Jul 18, 05:15 AM
Fleetwood: and I've got a patreon if you want some dope exclusive content
21 Jul 18, 05:15 AM
Av: any time a podcast specifically asks for a 5 star review, I resign myself to never write a review for them ever, just out of spite for being so presumptuous
21 Jul 18, 05:16 AM
Av: Ask for a review, sure, but don't immediately assume you're worth 5 stars, you pretentious fucks. Just tell me about this random unsolved murder case so I can go about my day.
21 Jul 18, 07:10 AM
Kaiju: New Venom trailer dropped at SDCC... hopefully it makes it online soon.
21 Jul 18, 07:14 AM
Kaiju: Definitely rated R tho.
21 Jul 18, 10:10 AM
Ruth: happy 10 months, WGP! <3