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7 Sep 18, 03:47 PM
Geek God Sr.
Donald you **** go on stealing Daves ideas and assiimiliating them to your own and give no credit to d man
7 Sep 18, 03:48 PM
Geek God Sr.
cu nt
7 Sep 18, 05:19 PM
Richard Nixon
@Geek God Sr. Donald is not a crook. If he's stealing David's ideas, what does that make Dave?
8 Sep 18, 09:11 PM
10 Sep 18, 05:01 PM
Geek God Sr.
Let me be clear mkay, stealing ideas is a cime, producing ideas is intelligence, see mkay ? thats why they made you president cause you suck
12 Sep 18, 01:22 PM
Mark Vaughn
Dave will never be President
12 Sep 18, 01:22 PM
Mark Vaughn
I don't even know why he tries
12 Sep 18, 01:22 PM
Mark Vaughn
He's going to be in jail soon for threatening me
12 Sep 18, 01:51 PM
Mark Vaughn
@Mark Vaughn
13 Sep 18, 06:09 AM
Richard Nixon
@Mark Vaughn My kind of guy!
13 Sep 18, 06:33 PM
mark was paid 650 million to censor you by Putin
14 Sep 18, 03:43 PM
14 Sep 18, 03:46 PM
i just ate my wifes ***** you should try it on cool rock if you ever get a chance
14 Sep 18, 03:47 PM
I wanna get my hands down in your pants mr sponhiem
14 Sep 18, 03:48 PM
give u a crazy reach around
15 Sep 18, 10:45 AM
Mark Vaughn
@sarahsixtwo Get it right dude! It's a rusty trombone. I give them all the time.
15 Sep 18, 05:19 PM
Mark Vaughn
17 Sep 18, 08:08 PM
mark made 650 million censoring you through the last election cycle
17 Sep 18, 10:18 PM
david I wanna give you a dicksuck.
18 Sep 18, 04:15 PM
My goodness! Stop being so vulgar. If you have feelings for Dave, send him roses or better yet donate to his campaign and attach a little note.