21 Jul 19, 10:42 AM
Lyric: Welcome guests
20 Jul 19, 09:46 PM
Tia: I hope we do get more people to come. I am glad I changed the location back to San Francisco though I forgot to change the homes of my other three chars. LOL
19 Jul 19, 08:56 PM
Tia: I wish these spammers would stop. :(
19 Jul 19, 05:07 PM
Lyric: welcome guests
19 Jul 19, 04:19 PM
Tia: I hope it helps
19 Jul 19, 04:19 PM
Tia: gonna put all the boards to where no guests can reply so maybe that can help but left the wanted ads part to where they can in case if a guest wanna take an ad.
19 Jul 19, 04:02 PM
Tia: yep yep even on the cbox. :(
19 Jul 19, 11:41 AM
Guest: You're welcome. Posting porn stuff is disgusting & disrespectful to you & your members and any potential members that may join
19 Jul 19, 08:13 AM
Tia: I hate porn stuff. Ugh. Thanks for telling me!
19 Jul 19, 06:11 AM
Guest: Someone named vidioopled posted a link to a porn site in your wanted ad section. The title of the thread is whatever. Not telling you how to run your site, but that post needs to be deleted.
16 Jul 19, 12:12 AM
Tia: come and say hi :)
15 Jul 19, 09:42 PM
Lyric: Welcome guests
15 Jul 19, 07:31 PM
Tia: and remember to post one post before answering the check!
15 Jul 19, 07:08 PM
Tia: Mass pm is sent-time for another activity check! Also, site is reopened!
14 Jul 19, 07:22 PM
Tia: *points to offline note* in the meantime come join us in discord or feel free to pop on here!
14 Jul 19, 07:22 PM
Tia: they are going to be in San Francisco again. I think it was stupid for me to have them move to another city. So it will be back!
14 Jul 19, 07:21 PM
Tia: okay to all guests out there: we will reopen in three days. Gonna get the boards fixed up and the background and the banner and the ads and boom!
13 Jul 19, 12:54 AM
Tia: <--has pervasive developmental disorder which is like that. It hurt me too.
13 Jul 19, 12:54 AM
Tia: autism? :(
13 Jul 19, 12:54 AM
Tia: like people can use their faces but I don't wanna see any of those charsies on here. Especially that dude for what he said cause what if some of Charmed the original shows' fans has disabilities like
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