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22 Sep 17, 09:34 AM
Miggy: Hello Stoping by and checking on affies how are they doing, I'm doing great btw i have a new layout
5 Oct 17, 08:17 PM
Claressa: Stopping in to say hi!
7 Nov 17, 09:22 AM
kevin @ h0neydip: Hey just checking in on my affie. How are you doing?
14 Nov 17, 10:49 AM
denise: Affies?
16 Nov 17, 12:25 PM
Miggy: I'm no longer infuse please change my link to http://baysid3.com
12 Dec 17, 09:14 AM
Kevin @ h0neydip: affie sweep passed. thnx for keeping my link up! How are you doing?? I added a new lyt and christmas content on my site. Check it out! <3
9 Jan 18, 05:07 PM
brandi: I love your site its so cool <3 would you like to link exchange or affiliate with me? 🙂 your site is ADORBS ❤
31 Jan 18, 04:03 AM
Rach: Hi Amanda!! Hope your doing well. Hope your okay! <3 :)
26 Feb 18, 06:14 PM
Carolyn: Hello, just passing through. Would love for you to check out my new website!
28 Apr 18, 08:00 AM
Erica: hello, I was wondering if you like to be affies?
7 Jun 18, 09:05 PM
Amanda [Owner]: Replied to everyone I think. Sorry I have been away just so much going on. I am coming back though! Love ou all!
8 Jun 18, 06:42 AM
Rach: Hi Amanda!! Welcome back hon!! Hope all is well. I'd love to be affies, Your on my list. We can even be elites too. Thanks! Your great!! <3
8 Jun 18, 02:53 PM
Claressa: Welcome back! I'm doing alright, I will be a on a hiatus for a few months to have my daughter. Will probably get on here and there on my phone to message people back.
8 Jun 18, 08:57 PM
Amanda [Owner]: Replied.
9 Jun 18, 10:42 AM
claressa: Thank you
9 Jun 18, 07:40 PM
Amanda [Owner]: Replied.
10 Jun 18, 04:17 AM
Rach: Hi ya hon! No rush! Thanks for being elites with me. You rock!! <3 :)
10 Jun 18, 02:23 PM
Amanda [Owner]: Replied.
10 Jun 18, 09:01 PM
4 Jul 18, 02:53 AM
Sabrina: Love your layout! Anyone here like Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Please click on my name to sign my petition to bring it back. I need more signatures