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Arie: what a beautiful site
Patternwalker: Your site made me happy. :)
Betsy: Love your site! Seems you have excellent taste in music as well! xo
Quinn: Riot grrrl forever!!! Your site kicks ass! <3
wizard cat: this site is cool
gigi: Your site is so cool! :D
tomato: your site is super pretty
lukas: luv this site!!! ^_^ your little space dogs are adorable...will be adopting one soon!
christa: cute site :heart:
VIVEK: This is pretty awesome
DarkCookiez: This Site is Amazing :glad:
SC: man this site is awesome. just added it to my links page
man: hey
Emrldy: Hey! I love your site!
Germaine: I didn't know people still made these personal sites! They were huge childhood obsession of mine.
teddie: hey! i absolutely love your site, i'm in awe~ i love finding other people that remember the Petz games, that was such a big part of my childhood as well. :)
screm: sick website! i really like the layout... (ur art is hella cool too)
CreateBoBoB: Your website is AWESOME
Kayota: Did you know that there is a song that involves a reading of the Desiderata poem you have up? It's by LazyBoy and it's one of my favorites.
Kayota: Your photography is amazing