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14 Sep 19, 07:27 AM
Yeah. I gotta be washing it out. I hadn't for about almost a week
14 Sep 19, 07:35 AM
@Justin So making sure it is dry is a good start?
14 Sep 19, 07:50 AM
I remember now, underneath the stainless steel shelves etc used to get rusty, but never actually on top, weird, unless it was because they were constantly wiped
14 Sep 19, 10:06 AM
Gotta go, sorry everyone. I had a LOT more to do. Work emergency. See you all Monday.
14 Sep 19, 08:40 PM
Keeping stuff dry is generally a good shout when it comes to steel, aye. You'll still get rust even with it being dry though (Moisture in the air). What we usually do in college is to get it clean,
14 Sep 19, 08:41 PM
Dry it, and then apply a bit of oil (We use olive oil, but there's infinity possibilities here), always wiping away excess. Added benefit is that you should get a shiny finish
15 Sep 19, 01:44 AM
Yea, i love the look of clean stainless steel
15 Sep 19, 05:25 AM
Weird, we are on a more or less scifi place and we are discussing stainless steel lol
15 Sep 19, 07:33 AM
It could be worse. We'd all have a snake in our head, speak in a strange language and discuss different applications of Naquadah for our every day common appliance like utensils
15 Sep 19, 08:50 AM
Could power your entire house
16 Sep 19, 12:52 AM
Exactly...uhh, I mean, Kree!
16 Sep 19, 09:09 AM
Star Trek: The Motion Picture on the big screen was great.
16 Sep 19, 09:33 AM
I haven't been to the pics since Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie, what a load of poo, the series is fantastic tho, cant find any faults with it at all
16 Sep 19, 05:03 PM
Bowsy 112
I forget how much I like Mrs Browns Boys until somebody puts it on.
17 Sep 19, 03:32 AM
Dont watch the film, it is genuinely appalling
17 Sep 19, 08:33 PM
Is it me, or is the new War Thunder Trailer basically copying Top Gun but in a way that dosnt impinge Copyright?
18 Sep 19, 12:29 AM
18 Sep 19, 12:41 AM
It might be for advertising, I think. Buddy of mine says theyre getting F-4 Phantoms
18 Sep 19, 06:02 AM
Bowsy 112
Oh yeah it is. But its more the fact that they like had similar music with out it being the same.
18 Sep 19, 11:15 AM
Ugh, I have the desire to write/RP in something different again, but I know that's going to go nowhere again.