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26 Mar 18, 05:38 PM
Bashir Khan
Hello nice oldies
26 Mar 18, 05:39 PM
Bashir Khan
Keep playing them
1 Apr 18, 05:22 AM
Send me an invite
1 Apr 18, 07:25 AM
Good Morning Shamela great radio program i listen to you everyweek when i can keep up the great work
2 Apr 18, 04:25 PM
Leela Harryram
Good evening Shamela
2 Apr 18, 05:51 PM
Anne from Vancouver
Hello beautiful music!
8 Apr 18, 08:16 AM
Jerry from queens, ny
I love this station. The music is beautiful and non stop. Thank you Shamila
8 Apr 18, 10:39 AM
Adrian Seepersad from Tri
Good afternoon Shamila great work at your station. Sending birthday greetings to Ryan Orie who will be celebrating his special day on Tuesday 10th April and Meena Rodriguez my mom to have a wonderful
8 Apr 18, 10:40 AM
Adrian Seepersad from Tri
Sunday they live on 5th ave 42 street Brooklyn New York
22 Apr 18, 07:14 AM
Enjoying the music
22 Apr 18, 10:54 AM
I enjoy the music shamela
26 Apr 18, 06:49 PM
Valerie Suraton-Scott
Hi Shamela, This is my first time listening to your programme. I must say that I enjoyed the music and off course you have such lovely voice.
29 Apr 18, 07:35 AM
30 Apr 18, 05:25 PM
Hi, is there an apple app for fetnet?
6 May 18, 10:39 AM
13 May 18, 06:36 AM
Chris from nj
Happy mothers day to Mariesha from alena shalena and Christopher
13 May 18, 06:44 AM
Chris from nj
Happy mothers day to Mariesha
13 May 18, 07:07 AM
Enjoying the music
20 May 18, 05:27 AM
@Ali yes fetenetradio
20 May 18, 07:06 AM
Salaam to you and Ramadan Mubarak, also greetings to all my cousins and daughter and my brother Sham and family lot of blessings on this special day