17 Aug 17, 11:11 PM
Saska: testying
19 Jul 17, 12:43 AM
Saska: Just a reminder for staffers -- I'll be going on holidays again as of the 29th, so prepare for that!
14 Jul 17, 07:17 AM
Saska: Just a reminder that WEDNESDAY is indeed app day for both CAs and regular applications! Apps have not yet been looked at. Please ensure by the end of Friday that apps are taken care of.
12 Jul 17, 01:53 PM
Saska: Staffers -- for the time being you can leave purchases alone (temporarily). I will be doing a quick recount of earned BP sometime this week, likely by Monday.
11 Jul 17, 09:18 AM
Saska: Amendments have been made to the Staff Duties thread, so make sure you check them out. I've outlined a few things all staff members need to be aware of in light of recent events on the staff team.