8 Mar 17, 09:37 AM
30 May 17, 08:19 PM
Ur words make me feels calm :')
11 Jul 17, 04:57 PM
i know u who am i
when u give a person ur everthing, ur whole heart, ur whole trust, and what u get in return is just nothing,.its does feel like ditipu . how am i supposed to move on when i still love him?
11 Jul 17, 05:00 PM
i know u who am i
what if, he really dont need me anymore?
11 Jul 17, 05:02 PM
i know u who am i
Lillahi, i really love him. I still want to fight for this relationship but at the same time, i rasa nak giving up. Idk. Why cepat sgt dia berubah hati?