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23 May 18, 10:18
Are you on hiatus with universe of jewels?
23 May 18, 10:45
I'm working on it here and there, I posted some new pages over on Webtoons. I'm slow about adding them to my site. ^^;
23 May 18, 10:46
13 Jun 18, 22:07
On webtoons you describe UoJ as 'old version' is it being logged over?
14 Jun 18, 07:41
Yes, I'm totally redoing it for the contest.
Will be posting the new version soon.
6 Jul 18, 16:42
Hello, there is an app called amino where there are communities with similar interests and you can create your own. I was wondering if it its okay to create one for your webcomic The Way to your heart
7 Sep 18, 22:22
Hi! Absolutely! Please do create one, I think that'd be super cool. And sorry for my super slow reply, I've been working all summer on contest entries, and they took all of my time. If you happen to
7 Sep 18, 22:23
see this message, if you could maybe have people meander toward the comic on Webtoons?
7 Sep 18, 22:23
25 Oct 18, 15:53
Looking good. I love the new background.
26 Oct 18, 00:04
Just randomly came back to this comic after years of being away and re-read everything. Love it :3
27 Oct 18, 13:36
Thank you so much! ^_^
1 Nov 18, 17:51
Ohhh yesss I'm glad this page in general is back. I've still been trying to keep up with the comic. xD
1 Nov 18, 17:59
The UoJ page, I mean xD
2 Nov 18, 06:36
NEON! Oh my goodness! I've missed you!! ;3; Thank you for keeping up with it. It's now called Unbreakable Bond, and format and other things have been changed. I feel it's much improved. Would love to
2 Nov 18, 06:37
know your thoughts on it. :3 I just made this new website for it, too. It's awful on mobile devices, but pretty good on a 2k monitor. XD;;
17 Nov 18, 17:52
I only visit the site on my PC so I dunno about mobile xD
17 Nov 18, 17:53
The site itself looks good on the main page and I like the characters page :3 I personally like Universe of Jewels better but probably because I'm biased, since that's what it's been
17 Nov 18, 17:53
called for 839250 years hahaha
25 Nov 18, 11:24
Oh my gosh i looovvveee this story so much, i love the art, i love the characters, and i am eagerly waiting for it to be updated on webtoon😁