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5 Oct 17, 08:18 PM
Theodore: So, what you all are sayin' is... We need to hit up the Cherry Pie and get drunk. Gotcha, let's go.
5 Oct 17, 11:48 PM
Warner: Great, see you there.
10 Oct 17, 06:24 AM
Zane: Works for me.
15 Oct 17, 03:07 PM
Amelia: *carries a round of drinks out for people to enjoy* "It's on the house!"
16 Oct 17, 02:55 AM
Zane: Mia, you're my savior.
16 Oct 17, 11:22 AM
Amelia: *gives Zane a gentle wink* "Im glad I could be."
3 Dec 17, 04:05 AM
Natasha: Why the fuck is everyone so goddamn quiet? Let's have a little fucking fun around here!
3 Dec 17, 08:30 PM
Miguel: I'm up for that!
4 Dec 17, 12:27 AM
Theodore: Fun is my middle name, lets do it.
4 Dec 17, 02:46 AM
Natasha: I'll drink you both under the goddamn table, bring on some shots!
4 Dec 17, 11:17 PM
Miguel: Ha! Good luck!
6 Dec 17, 08:00 AM
Natasha: You pour 'em, and start us off, if you're such hot shit.
7 Dec 17, 04:56 AM
Miguel: No problem, ma'am. You just better keep up!
7 Dec 17, 05:07 AM
Natasha: -downs a shot- Who the fuck are you calling ma'am? The only "ladies" in the room are the ones not drinking with us.
8 Dec 17, 11:48 PM
Miguel: Pretty sure you'd count as a lady, miss drinker -downs a shot himself-
9 Dec 17, 12:42 AM
Natasha: Female? Yes. Lady? Fuck no. -drinks another shot-
9 Dec 17, 01:56 AM
Miguel: Hmm.. Don't really think you get a say -smirks-
9 Dec 17, 06:59 AM
Natasha: We'll see which one of us turns out to be the bitch by the end of the night, won't we? -downs a 3rd shot-
9 Dec 17, 08:19 PM
Katie: Yeesh... So hostile... - drinks a shot and coughs- Yep. One and done.
12 Dec 17, 03:46 AM
Natasha: You going to join us, lucky charms? Or just sit back and fucking watch?