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25 Apr 17, 02:27 PM
Could you find B.B.Queens? Thanks!
25 Apr 17, 02:30 PM
@B.B. This has already been requested, I do not know if it was you who request but I said that I had and that I will post in soon
25 Apr 17, 02:50 PM
Thanks! I look forward to it.
25 Apr 17, 06:36 PM
Metrofarce Fan
Plz more Metrofarce! and other 80's newwave/punk bands
25 Apr 17, 07:11 PM
@JunLee You're welcome. We should be helping each other to keep the community and this blog alive don't you think? By the way did you get my e-mail yesterday as you requested?
25 Apr 17, 08:21 PM
@mustain8103 Spam, all your messages have been deleted, stop spam.
25 Apr 17, 08:21 PM
@Mikami Sure, I'll answer you today yet, thank you.
25 Apr 17, 08:24 PM
Oi Jun, Eu peguei um album da banda de rock progressivo ''Cosmos Factory''. Gostaria de receber? Um abraço
25 Apr 17, 08:31 PM
@chico Grande Chico, prog é sempre bem vindo amigão, quero sim, tem uma banda recente que conheci ano passado e que pretendo trazer também, Yuka & Chronoship. Depois da uma procurada. Abraço.
25 Apr 17, 08:52 PM
Hi, have you had any luck in getting anymore of Masaki Ueda's albums? In particular ''No Problem'' and''Real Groove''?
25 Apr 17, 09:04 PM
@Kieren Hello Kieren, I am a big fan of M Ueda, unfortunately I could not find more things from him, but make sure that if I find, I'll post on the blog for everyone.
25 Apr 17, 09:05 PM
I have a live of him that I plan to post soon. I found it on youtube, today it does not exist anymore but I have the copy of the live video, it has about 40 minutes.
25 Apr 17, 09:27 PM
@JunLee that's no problem, I would really like those albums, so please do let us know when you get a hold of them! Also that must be from his 1984 performance with CINDY in there and SLY and Robbie
25 Apr 17, 09:45 PM
@Kieren Oh yes, sure, Cindy! It's so great to see Cindy in the video.
25 Apr 17, 10:02 PM
@JunLee Yeah CINDY was such a great and beautiful singer, truly an angel. Underrated back then though, although she did a lot of work with a load of musicians in particular Nakayama Miho and GWINKO.
25 Apr 17, 10:34 PM
Olá, Jun! Como vai? Tens algo de Oomori Seiko, Fúzào de Faye Wong e Jia Huizhen?
25 Apr 17, 10:43 PM
Hello. Thank you for uploading the album by Kazuhiko Kato! I am very happy.
25 Apr 17, 10:46 PM
@Hiro It's my pleasure Hiro, I'm glad to help.
25 Apr 17, 10:52 PM
@bellohugo Fala bellohugo, tudo certo. Tenho tudo o que você pediu, em breve estarei postando. Abraço.
25 Apr 17, 11:04 PM
Thank you thank you thank you for the BaBe albums!!!!