14 Sep 18, 02:25 PM
Salya: hey there, Girl!. lol nothing much. oh like the simple design you got going on. Also plz don't remove your resources since I love your pixels.
17 Aug 18, 04:47 AM
Shay: I love your cute little site here!!! Also love your ducks...I have ducks too ;) They are fun to watch
7 Aug 18, 07:44 PM
Meaghan: missed you so much! <3 also, happy belated birthday!
5 Aug 18, 04:53 AM
Salya: Welcome and happy b-day. ^_^
25 Jul 18, 06:10 AM
Mai: Sure, it's hard to find your link, so I'll add you now as my affie. xD So happy to found you, a pixel site. :)
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