12 Dec 18, 08:28 AM
Martin: (cont'd) Ease back into working out regularly. It's never too late to start again. Also, happy holidays to you as well!
12 Dec 18, 08:27 AM
Martin: Hi, Alaina. Everything is going well. There's more info in my recent blog post. Don't feel too bad about not working out. I'm sure you're still active while running behind your two kids everywhere.
3 Dec 18, 11:02 PM
Rach: It's sooo good to hear from you hon! Love this layout! Very cute <3 :)
3 Dec 18, 04:32 AM
Rach: Hi Aliana!! How are you?! Miss you! Hope your well hon! Take Care!! <3 :)
2 Dec 18, 10:47 PM
Martin: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, everything is well. :)
1 Dec 18, 12:39 PM
Alaina/Owner: Replied ✨
26 Nov 18, 05:22 PM
amanda: Hello! sorry I recently cleaned out my affies list. i was mia for awhile too. I will add you back now.. :) also feel free to join my mb - http://messageboard.forbiddenl0ve.net great to hear from u x
14 Sep 18, 03:25 PM
Salya: hey there, Girl!. lol nothing much. oh like the simple design you got going on. Also plz don't remove your resources since I love your pixels.
17 Aug 18, 05:47 AM
Shay: I love your cute little site here!!! Also love your ducks...I have ducks too ;) They are fun to watch
7 Aug 18, 08:44 PM
Meaghan: missed you so much! <3 also, happy belated birthday!
5 Aug 18, 05:53 AM
Salya: Welcome and happy b-day. ^_^
25 Jul 18, 07:10 AM
Mai: Sure, it's hard to find your link, so I'll add you now as my affie. xD So happy to found you, a pixel site. :)
23 Jul 18, 03:00 PM
Mai: And... I don't like the new CBox, it's hard to find the URL area so it's hard for me to reply when you don't link your site. :D
23 Jul 18, 02:59 PM
Mai: Yay, thank you! Me too, your site is nostalgic like the year 2000's pixel sites. T__T'
23 Jul 18, 11:53 AM
Salya: your pixels are soooo kawaii like always. -hugs- I wish you luck and happiness.
22 Jul 18, 01:23 PM
Salya: oh I know. I'm on a few webs sites for anime photos. lol but yay. TY
22 Jul 18, 12:55 PM
Salya: sure. here's the link: https://i62.servimg.com/u/f62/17/84/16/64/b0210.gif ^_^
22 Jul 18, 10:26 AM
Mai: Was here, yay, a pixel site, love it! <3
21 Jul 18, 07:02 PM
Salya: as for new, nothing much. Just trying to get members on my forum, trying to make some money on Tainted Wingz while waiting for better net since my cell net is so slow that I can't post anything on YT.
21 Jul 18, 07:01 PM
Salya: Thanks and I wish you luck on the host looking. I'm poor so I can't look for hosts so I'm staying with Weebly. XD As for Instagram, I got one, but I rarely get on it. I'm @salyadarken on it. lol
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