28 Jun 20, 11:51 PM
Sitraxis: Thank you for your kind words on my site! I look forward to seeing more of your adorable pixels!
27 Jun 20, 10:48 PM
Carla: Super cute site! I took some of the adoptable pixels, which I will credit you for of course. :)
27 Jun 20, 06:32 AM
Sitraxis: I came across your website from Caz's site! And I really love your work so I made a 200x40 banner for it on my site. :' D Hope you like it! https://www.ontheaxis.net/images/banners/milkyglitter.png
25 Jun 20, 12:13 AM
Brandi: do you want to follow each other on insta? <3
25 Jun 20, 12:13 AM
Brandi: would you like too collaborate on a project
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