8 Aug 18, 04:23 PM
Lilith: I would. Just need to make sure I pick a good time as they're both kinda busy with work and getting other things ironed out.
8 Aug 18, 04:21 PM
ForlornGhost: Well. You should probably ask I think if you plan on that.
8 Aug 18, 04:14 PM
Lilith: ...Well I know there'd be plenty of room at this place for that. I think. ...Maybe. I dunno...
8 Aug 18, 04:06 PM
ForlornGhost: What about christmas dinner?...
8 Aug 18, 04:06 PM
ForlornGhost: I sort of meant as a couple with my boyfriend? Since it seems more like a couple sort of thing. But, in that respect, maybe you could do that with your two~ It'd probably bring you all closer yet I think. As for things you and I could do? Hmmm... Christmas shopping, maybe go for takeout somewhere.... Wait....
8 Aug 18, 04:04 PM
Lilith: That should give me plenty of time to get healthy enough for it. So...I'd really like that.
8 Aug 18, 04:03 PM
ForlornGhost: Just thought it might be nice to go out in winter all wrapped up arm in arm munching on those stall bought sweet potatoes with that nice smell.... Festive.
8 Aug 18, 03:25 PM
Lilith: Well I mean, okay. Maybe the food selection could use a bit of work, but still!
8 Aug 18, 03:23 PM
ForlornGhost: *She laughs.*
8 Aug 18, 03:23 PM
ForlornGhost: Yeah but sweet potatoes?
8 Aug 18, 03:22 PM
Lilith: Well no, not really. I mean think about it. We've both been left on our own and everything like that, and now we're here, being able to meet people that can, will, and did actually help. Which would let us go out and do things. So...Its a plenty good reason to get excited over.
8 Aug 18, 03:19 PM
ForlornGhost: That.... Actually is something super lame to get all excited about.....
8 Aug 18, 03:19 PM
ForlornGhost: *And there's a squeak from her.* Maybe we can go out somewhere and get baked sweet potatoes! *And yes she got a bit loud because hey excited teenager.* ....
8 Aug 18, 03:17 PM
Lilith: ...A feeling I know all too well myself there...
8 Aug 18, 03:16 PM
ForlornGhost: So that's.... Actually comforting to think about.
8 Aug 18, 03:16 PM
ForlornGhost: And christmas....
8 Aug 18, 03:16 PM
ForlornGhost: At least this year I'll actually have someone around for my birthday....
8 Aug 18, 03:16 PM
ForlornGhost: Huh. Well...
8 Aug 18, 03:04 PM
Lilith: I can say the same about me. I'm the youngest in the current make up of the group...
8 Aug 18, 03:04 PM
Lilith: Well I mean...
8 Aug 18, 03:02 PM
ForlornGhost: They're in to what they're in to really, even if it's creepy or gross to some it's not to others. Each person is different. So I can't really judge when I seem to like older guys if uh what I'm in right now is anything to go by.
8 Aug 18, 03:02 PM
Lilith: But...I've been doing a bit of research and all and if worst comes to worst and the damage to the eye socket wasn't too super bad I can get a fake eye put in. So I might not need the eye patch all the time. That'd be awesome.
8 Aug 18, 03:01 PM
Lilith: ...Grooooooooooooss.
8 Aug 18, 03:01 PM
ForlornGhost: But it comes with the territory really.
8 Aug 18, 03:01 PM
ForlornGhost: That's when it gets a bit on the awkward side.
8 Aug 18, 03:01 PM
ForlornGhost: It's not so bad when it's coming from people who're like twenty or younger but when it's coming from fourty year old business men who're in there for pleasure rather than business?
8 Aug 18, 03:01 PM
ForlornGhost: Uhm... Thank you? I've been told that at where I work too.
8 Aug 18, 02:54 PM
Lilith: Huh. You're honestly adorable. ...And that probably sounds creepy...Didn't mean for it to. x.x;;
8 Aug 18, 02:47 PM
ForlornGhost: Hmmm hang on then. *And afk she goes only to send her new friend a picture with her doing a peace sign and the headset still resting on her head making her look like a total nerd but still. Then she returns.* And there.
8 Aug 18, 02:13 PM
Lilith: So that there image you just got is me in some of the only decent clothing I've got right now, but that's gonna change really soon. But yup. That's the real me. For better or worst, yeah? Ha.
8 Aug 18, 01:49 PM
Lilith: *nods for a moment and then the character goes still for a bit, and then Ghost would get a message to their phone from her with a picture attached of her doing her best smile for the camera.*
8 Aug 18, 01:46 PM
ForlornGhost: *and she drops her the number in a message* There ya go.
8 Aug 18, 01:42 PM
Lilith: Can I have the number?
8 Aug 18, 01:41 PM
ForlornGhost: Though sometimes I had trouble keeping the bill nice and clear. ^^;;
8 Aug 18, 01:41 PM
ForlornGhost: I do~~
8 Aug 18, 01:40 PM
Lilith: Do you have a phone?
8 Aug 18, 01:31 PM
ForlornGhost: Sure thing!
8 Aug 18, 01:31 PM
Lilith: But I mean like...I'll tell you whatever you want to know about my experiences too if you want? *tilts her head*
8 Aug 18, 01:31 PM
Lilith: True enough.
8 Aug 18, 01:29 PM
ForlornGhost: Well you wanted to know. I just said you'd have to ask him. If he declines to answer thaaaat's not my problem~
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