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11 Apr 19, 03:36 PM
29 Apr 19, 03:22 AM
ATAC Darklighter
Well look what we have here. I was just thinking about this game and the ol' Dreadlock I used to roll in. Funny to see some old names.
15 Jun 19, 05:58 PM
Oh man, I am 34, I played this game when it first came out. I love that this is on here! The download doest work for me though. I downloaded it and as soon as I go to start a campaign it shuts down.
22 Jul 19, 06:41 AM
You need an unofficial patch to play on newer WIndows versions IIRC
12 Aug 19, 10:04 PM
Llyd ap Dicter
I have every SS Rebellion miniature ever released, two box sets, and the full game series if anyone is interested.
12 Aug 19, 10:05 PM
Llyd ap Dicter
I was on the production team for 2845 and also have loads of the original concept art, the 2845 Compendium Jake and I produced etc.
12 Aug 19, 10:06 PM
Llyd ap Dicter
Hit me up on Telegram if you're interested – @blckwd
5 Sep 19, 10:32 AM
Veretax @
This is awesome
18 Sep 19, 11:20 PM
Phiip aka ElectricIntel
Mr. Dicter, I am very interested in the origins of Starsiege and would like a reply from you.
6 Oct 19, 09:00 PM
Suldi Dughwo
yeah zigg we'n shoulda oughta get blownouthear
9 Oct 19, 11:55 AM
The Archiver
@Llyd ap Dicter Hey Llyd ap Dicter, did you make contact with the site owner? Do you have these concepts up anywhere?
21 Jan 20, 05:27 PM
I tried looking for you on telegram but there is more than one blckwd
1 Nov 20, 09:40 PM
So, I've brought back the Shoutbox. Mainly to announce a new project I've begun where I narrate obscure (and not) lore. My first target will be the Starsiege Universe.
1 Nov 20, 09:42 PM
I've already started with the first half of "The Fire", and intend to finish it this week. Check it out: https://youtu.be/iU4j40Y5pVU
20 Nov 20, 01:04 AM
30 Dec 20, 05:58 PM
I looooove this page. awesome work dude
8 Jan 21, 08:20 AM
13 Jan 21, 10:21 AM
29th Century meme posting about Apocs: https://youtu.be/qPdtZEKzCWU
6 Feb 21, 02:03 AM
ooh man... this site brings me back memories. now i need to do some fan art xD
18 Feb 21, 01:34 AM
thanks and great job