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8 Oct 17, 06:16 AM
I'm especially busy now that I'm in grad school
5 Nov 17, 04:20 PM
NSDF Killer
Hi guys long time no speak. How are you all?
5 Nov 17, 04:30 PM
NSDF Killer
if anyone wants to catch up my steam is forgotenwolf
11 Nov 17, 10:24 PM
Got a lot of folks in the Discord if you ever want to drop by. If you want to add me on Steam, here's mine: http://steamcommunity.com/id/edrake/
14 Nov 17, 12:00 PM
KILLER! Ha! Good to see you still around man. And since we're sharing Steam IDs: Im cptraynor . I'll send you both a request later
12 Dec 17, 02:45 PM
Viewing the site on my first ever Tablet displayed a background gap everytime the navbar of the browser would disappear. So I tied the background to each mini-page instead of having 1 universal bg
12 Dec 17, 02:46 PM
But...then I also found out that when you click the components in the Tech Manual the page shoots you to the top and then opens the tooltip. So, thats also going to need a workaround
12 Dec 17, 02:47 PM
And last, some of the titles for each section are way out of alignment so I'll have to work on that. But otherwise, I really like how the site looks on a tablet. :3
13 Dec 17, 01:34 PM
So the background thing is fixed(ish). There's a still background gap for a second or two when the address bar disappears but the bg covers it after. iOS might have some issues with it
13 Dec 17, 01:36 PM
I dont have a recent iDevice (**** if Im paying for those ludicrous prices) so I can't see how well it works and setting up iOS emulation is going to take time. So, lets hope it works.
14 Dec 17, 07:36 PM
So I didnt have to put an href=# for the tooltips to work in the tech manual. Legit the way to fix the solution was to just remove it lawlz.
24 Dec 17, 03:42 PM
The section on Mars is now up in the Writers Guild. I'll also see about integrating the character bios in too
24 Dec 17, 03:42 PM
Because nothing says Christmas Eve celebrations like coding stuff you should have done months ago!
24 Dec 17, 07:55 PM
And now the Profiles are in the Writers Guide too! Today is a truly a day of progress.
25 Dec 17, 09:37 PM
27 Dec 17, 08:30 PM
hello I have Starsiege installed on my new windows10 laptop and the mouse doesn't respond at all, the keyboard does though how can I fix this??
28 Dec 17, 08:32 PM
I saw your post on the FB Group, so I guess it's already been answered for you. But yeah, Starsiege Complete is pretty much the way to go to get the game running on modern os's
29 Dec 17, 12:45 PM
Oh My God
This is the most amazing website every created, thanks for all the hard work put into this wow
30 Dec 17, 03:16 PM
Thanks Bruh !
14 Jan 18, 05:14 PM
Just wanted to say thanks for putting this site together. Pouring over the compendium as a kid is what made me choose a career in robotics/neuroscience.