Tiffany: It's been awhile, how are you?
Rach: Hi Salya. I have a new fansite for Leonardo DiCaprio. Hope you can check it out! It's not all the way done yet though
Rach: Hi. I redid my layout again, lol! Hope your well.
Rach: HI Salya! I have a new layout! How are you?
Claressa: ill put you down, thanks
Salya/Owner: Read/reaplied
Rach: redid [link]
Rach: Hi Salya! I love your header. It's neat looking. I have a new layout! Well not new but just redid it.
Rach: Thanks for the compliment! I'll add your link asap. I forgot to do it. lol
Claressa: That goes for all the sites you have listed.
Claressa: Electro Listings is closing. I plan to make a directory link on UB. If you would like to remain let me know and just change the url to UBs. Thanks.
Alaina: I hope you share the picture of talitha!! And I’m sorry you’ve been bleh. I understand, I have been too. Hope your MIL feels better soon and life can go back to normal
Alaina: Oh I am scrolling and found your blog post ^~^ let me read........
Alaina: Hope you’re having an awesome summer!
Salya/Owner: REplied to most. Brandi, I would love to affie with your blog.
Smokey: Hey everybody! :)
Rach: Hey spookynj has a new layout Salya!! Hope you can come visit! <3 :)
Brandi: I would love to add you
Brandi: Hey Salya did you want to be blog buddies since you already link my anime site? :D
Rach: :O)
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