amanda: Hi, just checking on my affies. how are you? thanks for keeping my link up x
Brandi: Enjoy! thanks it makes me feel going knowing that someone is sing my resources :D
Tiffany: Hey Salya, congrats on the wedding! Just wanted to let my affiliates know that I have a new blog post up :)
Rach: Hey Salya!! Hope you'll have a nice relaxing weekend! <3 :)
9Daily: it's also getting cold where I live so that kinda sucks
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9Daily: Hello! thanks for keeping my link up. 9Daily has a new layout and new updates [link] . How are you doing?
brandi: THANKS :)
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9Daily: Hi, can you please update my link to this one [link] I like my website to be clean for visitors.
brandi: Hi could you kindly update my site from Hakanai Paper to Anime Papers ( thank you ☺
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Rach: Hi Salya. I have a new layout! Hope your well! <3 :)
Salya|Owner: ....I'm sleepy. but everyone was replied too. -yawns-
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9Daily: added you back on the website as a affie, you can btw delete wowbeat from your list, it's closed and it won't open again.
Rach: Hi Salya! My layout is up! Hope your well
Salya|Owner: Replied♥
Tiffany: back a long time ago, it was ash and misty from pokemon. I will definitely let you know, I need to find my scanner though. :)
Tiffany: Thanks so much! I really liked that scene in the movie, but the screenshots weren't HQ enough to use lol. Plus I like to make the characters look more detailed and shaded. I drew for my last header
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