Brandi: Hey Sayla i will update your site link. please be sure to add me to your affies :) love the new lyout
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Tiffany: It also doesn't give me the option of replying or voting in polls in the questions, problems, and suggestions
Tiffany: but it wouldn't let me do that either.
Tiffany: Hey I wanted to mention that was going to make a graphics gallery at your forum but it wouldn't let me, so then I was going to post a comment/thread about it in questions, problems, and suggestions
Tiffany: Your welcome :) -hugs back-
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Tiffany: sorry they don't link
Tiffany: aren't supported anymore anyways. > download >
Tiffany: My bad lol. Also, because I thought it would be fun I did turn that layout into a php includes layout. I had to change a bit of the coding to do it though, and I removed the scroll bars, because they
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Tiffany: I thought it would be easier to leave my comment on the blog section since it is so large lol.
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Tiffany: glad that you had the same picture as your gravatar lol.
Tiffany: with wordpress natively, if that makes sense. But it allows for guest comments, I actually didn't realize that it allowed for other social media logins, but I'm glad that it is working for you! Also,
Tiffany: Thanks, I have been trying to figure out how to add that comment system for awhile, but because the coding was old, it took awhile. I just love how it connects to more wordpress' features, and works
Tiffany: liked the orginal anime's art back in the day, but not anymore, and I didn't like the changes in the storylines I think the storyline and character changes were the big reasons if that makes sense.
Tiffany: fanfiction and share it with each other, but once I had the manga and now the new anime it was like I couldn't go back if that makes sense, because it was such a different level in my opinon. Also, I
Tiffany: opinion. I didn't love the 3rd season's art but I got use to it. I grew up with the old one also, my friends, twin, and I watched it in middle school and my friends, twin, and I use to print out
Tiffany: The first two seasons of the new anime's art look so much like the manga, it was beautiful, loved everything about it, including the CGI, it was everything that the orginal anime was missing in my
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