Pim: Hi Sayla! How are you? Hope you're well
Salya|Owner: Replied
Alaina: Heyyyy ^~^o what's new? <3
Salya|Owner: Replied
Roma: hey glad to see your still doing this, not sure if you remember me but i use to own pixiesecrets.net
Salya|Owner: Replied and Thank you Shay.
Shay: This site is cute! I loved my visit here! Glad I found your forum, I bookmarked it, am thinking about joining. xoxo
Sirina: hi yes, please join us as soon as possible.
Jess: Hi! Just stopping by to say hi. :)
Rach: Hi Salya! I have a new layout! How are you these days?! Hope your well! <3 :)
wowbeat: Hello, Team wowbeat has been very busy with our website, but we want to thank you for keeping our link up
Salya|Owner: ~~~~~Replied
Alaina: Hey!! ^~^o thank you for the wishes <3
Rach: Hi Salya!! How are you?! Love your header soo cute!! <3 :)
Salya/Ower: ~~~~~~~~Replied
Rose: Just saw this and sure
Lucien: Sorry, but I only have one category (affies). :(
Salya/Ower: ~~~~~~~~Replied
Lucien: Sorry, but affiliation is currently on invite only. :(
Salya/Ower: thanks for letting me know, Kayla.
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