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6 Jun 20, 03:55 PM
Could you please help me locate Modern Talking - Brother Louie (Stambervel Remix) (3 June 2020) and also a 2020 release of Kelly Marie - It Feels Like I'm In Love (23 April 2020) - thanks so much!!
6 Jun 20, 03:09 PM
Manhattan Vinyle
VA - Rock Classics Rock Anthems Rock Hit Rock Legends (2020): [link]
6 Jun 20, 03:04 PM
Manhattan Vinyle
VA - Beatport Techno Hypnotic. Sound Pack #88 (May 2020): [link]
6 Jun 20, 02:42 PM
Manhattan Vinyle
VA - NOW Soul Classics (2020): [link]
6 Jun 20, 02:39 PM
Manhattan Vinyle
VA - NOW Roadtrip Classics (2020): [link]
6 Jun 20, 02:35 PM
Manhattan Vinyle
VA - NOW Love Classics (2020): [link]
6 Jun 20, 01:30 PM
A bit bizarre and "out there" perhaps for a dance music forum but you guys can track down some obscure ****. Am looking for the Worzel Gummige Sings Album. And if possible the Worzel Warning single. Thanks for any help.
6 Jun 20, 12:03 PM
Hi Everyone: New here! Love this site. Does anyone have a dance mix of Willing & Able by Aubrey. My ancient MP3 from 2002 is skipping for some reason. Would love to get a clean copy. Also wondering if someone ever remixed Hold On by Wilson Phillips? Thank you in advance.
6 Jun 20, 04:39 AM
What an amazing voice. Thanks denim x
6 Jun 20, 03:36 AM
Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue - [link] - Funny How Time Slips Away - [link]
6 Jun 20, 03:23 AM
ffs Denim. you are amazing.. thank you so much! xxxxx
6 Jun 20, 03:20 AM
Nina - Synthian (Deluxe Edition) 2020 (FLAC Download Both Parts) - [link] - [link]
6 Jun 20, 03:07 AM
Request please : looking for the following tracks from Dorothy Moore : Misty Blue / Funny How Time Slips Away thank you
6 Jun 20, 03:04 AM
[link] have any of you guys got this new track by Nina called Runaway? It's written by Ricky Wilde! You could hear KW singing it. thanks xx
6 Jun 20, 03:01 AM
ok thanks
6 Jun 20, 01:51 AM
none that i know of
6 Jun 20, 01:43 AM
Hi Denim hope you ok? Would you know if there are any extended or remixes of this please other than this short radio edit ?
Fubar & Jester, DTale
Are You Ok?
6 Jun 20, 12:49 AM
Denim Ah... it's one of those... thanks for the info.
6 Jun 20, 12:48 AM
Lorenzo You won't get a HQ copy of the track, i own the DMC CD with it on, and its crap on there aswell, bad mastering
6 Jun 20, 12:44 AM
beachboi33 Thanks. That's actually 128kbps too :-( Let's see if aussiebum has a better copy.
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