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4 Nov 16, 03:55 PM
Thanks Jeffrey this is the motivation I needed!
4 Nov 16, 03:57 PM
I think people can pay for packages with their flexible savings accounts too.
4 Nov 16, 03:58 PM
Kira B.
Are you doing the same general treatment for the first visit for everyone or do you go by their symptoms?
4 Nov 16, 03:58 PM
Lorne in CA
Thanks !
4 Nov 16, 04:04 PM
Thank you!
4 Nov 16, 04:05 PM
Kira B.
Thank you! GREAT speakers.. learned a lot. It was awesome
4 Nov 16, 04:06 PM
Thanks Jeffrey for this amazing week. Very inspiring! You rock!
4 Nov 16, 04:06 PM
Lana Valevski
Thank you for organizing this
4 Nov 16, 04:07 PM
Lorne in CA
Thanks for making this happen Jeffrey !
4 Nov 16, 04:07 PM
Thank you so much. I am definitely take advantage of this price.
4 Nov 16, 04:08 PM
Ken - AOM Summit
Thank you everyone!!
4 Nov 16, 04:08 PM
Ken - AOM Summit
Great week!!
4 Nov 16, 04:09 PM
4 Nov 16, 05:49 PM
thank you so much for providing us with this summit!! absolutely wonderful. the information is just incredible. thank you to all participants and organizers!!!
4 Nov 16, 07:55 PM
Jeffrey, Thank you for this beautiful summit. What an amazing gift to fellow healers on the path. I am a Holistic Nurse and really appreciate your inclusion of Natural medicine practitioners. XXXOO
4 Nov 16, 08:20 PM
Really enjoyed watching the sumit in the background while doing the ironing.
4 Nov 16, 09:13 PM
Very true 50% of acupuncturists never make 5 years... I would say it is closer to 80% From when I graduated from a class of 30 I know of 3 that still practice! This material should be manditory.
5 Nov 16, 04:49 AM
Missed the AOM Summit but realize the value from this LIVE CHAT. Any way to get the replay?
5 Nov 16, 04:51 AM
@Shauna - yes I haven't received payment from my PCCC (vets network) in over 2 months!
5 Nov 16, 12:04 PM
Jennifer Planeta
Thank you! Very helpful info!!!!!
-- Welcome to the AOM Summit --