11/08/16 07:27 AM
RAPD: A supernatural threat has been reported in the home of Sara Croft! She says a humanoidal, horned demon has broken into her house and taken her two children hostage! We need the Arcana's help!
11/07/16 07:28 PM
Lana Sparrow: Hank Allen reports winged creatures going through the diner trash in the middle of the night - definitely not birds. Proceed with caution.
11/06/16 02:06 PM
Alfie Angeletti: Two students have been reported to be in the area of the activity -- more information will be given when possible!
11/05/16 07:41 PM
RA Staff: Suspicious activity sighted by Poplar Hills. Unidentified as of yet - proceed with caution!
10/23/16 06:30 PM
RA Staff: Salem Devil threat dealt with here
10/22/16 06:22 PM
Leon Winter: Pair of Salem Devils seen harassing livestock at a farmstead outside of town. Act with caution until the threat is neutralized!
10/14/16 07:25 PM
Lana Sparrow: Minor demon spotted skulking around the town border, has yet to act.