12/01/18 05:22 AM
Tifany: Looking forward to your return!
11/30/18 01:41 AM
Alaina: <3 hey Chrissy!! thank you for leaving my link up!! And sorry I’ve been MIA. Hope to see you back soon <3
11/21/18 11:09 PM
amanda: Just letting you know i have a mb if you'd like to join. http://messageboard.forbiddenl0ve.net/
11/17/18 07:34 AM
amanda: Hi, just checking on my affies. how are you? thanks for keeping my link up x
10/09/18 12:38 AM
fyi: I go by the name fyi bc I’m too p*ssy to leave my real name. Oh and I’m obsessed with you bc jealous
06/30/18 09:06 PM
Cindy: Wtf. This is a grade one site
05/12/18 09:02 AM
Trish: This is an amazing site!
02/28/18 02:48 AM
Carolyn: Just dropping by.
12/29/17 07:13 AM
Rach: Hi Chrissy!! I will try and add you today. So sorry I lost my affie list :(
11/26/17 08:11 AM
amanda: Dropping by <3
11/20/17 07:36 AM
brandi: omg your site is so cute! would you like to link exchange. its adorbs!
09/16/17 12:29 PM
amanda: Hey! just dropping by, hope ur well x
09/16/17 10:27 AM
Rach: Hi Chrissy!! How are you?! I have a new layout if you want to check it out!! <3 :)
09/15/17 11:43 PM
Claressa: No problem! I can't wait to see you open!!
09/13/17 09:33 PM
Claressa: Going around to see how all my affies are doing? Hope all is well!
09/11/17 11:44 AM
Alaina: Let me know when you're back ^~^ can't wait to see your update <3
06/29/17 02:26 AM
Liz: :)
06/03/17 08:40 AM
Rach: Hi Chrissy! Just wanted to tell you that I have a new layout. Hope your doing well! Xo
06/02/17 02:10 PM
Liz: Have fun working on the new layout!^^
06/01/17 07:41 AM
Rach: Hey Hun! Good your back!! :) Can you change my url? Thanks! <3
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