06/29/17 01:26 AM
Liz: :)
06/03/17 07:40 AM
Rach: Hi Chrissy! Just wanted to tell you that I have a new layout. Hope your doing well! Xo
06/02/17 01:10 PM
Liz: Have fun working on the new layout!^^
06/01/17 06:41 AM
Rach: Hey Hun! Good your back!! :) Can you change my url? Thanks! <3
05/31/17 08:36 PM
Claressa: Thank you! Can't wait to see it!
05/31/17 07:10 AM
Rach: Hi Chrissy!! Your back!! Miss you!!
05/30/17 07:50 PM
Claressa: Wanted to let you know I will be gone til next week, but have a new layout and content up.
05/23/17 05:35 PM
Claressa: oops, pressed enter before i was done. Hope all is good!
05/23/17 05:34 PM
Claressa: Cant wait to see the new layout
05/13/17 07:23 AM
Tee: Hey, I have a competition on where you can win a free domain + hosting if you are interested? <3
04/05/17 06:02 PM
Claressa: Stopping by to see how my affies are? I know, long overdue..
03/18/17 10:51 AM
Claressa: Hope you are doing well and that you can find time between appointments and all that to get on. If you can by chance change my url to my new host when you have the time I'd appreciate it.
03/14/17 11:33 PM
amanda: affie sweep passed. how are you?
02/13/17 03:30 PM
Cristina: Heeey how are you?
02/13/17 02:13 PM
Alaina: Hey Chrissy, checking in to say hi! Hope you're well <3 also reminding you I have a new URL :p
02/13/17 06:28 AM
Rach: Hey Chrissy! Thanks for the compliment!! Good hear from ya!
01/10/17 07:51 AM
amanda: affie sweep passed. beautiful christmas layout x
01/04/17 03:51 PM
rose: mde you an elite affie
12/20/16 08:48 AM
Rach: Hey Chrissy!! I have a new layout. Hope your doing okay! <3
12/19/16 08:14 PM
Claressa: I've switched hosts, so when get a chance please change to http://unbreakable.parisfalls.net/
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