8 Aug 18, 12:53 PM
Guest: Awesome! Thank you so much :]!
8 Aug 18, 12:48 AM
Killian: Hello guest. Yes all the wanted ads are still very much wanted & up to date.
7 Aug 18, 11:55 PM
Guest.: Hey everyone! I had a question, are all the wanted characters that have been posted by members updated? Just want to make sure since I'm interested in one I saw.
7 Aug 18, 08:19 PM
Killian: Yes it is love . Very much so. The heatwave has slowed things down a little though the last few weeks. But we are active.
7 Aug 18, 07:21 PM
am: is this group active?
6 Aug 18, 02:21 AM
Emma: Take your time Robyn. <3 no rush.
4 Aug 18, 07:58 PM
Robyn: Sorry for the hold up with replies all. I will get to them, promises <3
26 Jul 18, 10:34 AM
Killian: I would also say though that Gothel could be a good choice also, as our Rogers, Alice & Ivy, some of her bigger connections, are all here & are very active.
26 Jul 18, 10:31 AM
Killian: Personally, I just quite like the Jabberwocky as a character, & we do have a number of wonderlanders floating about. Plus with the relams currently united, there is a whole new spectrum for them to wreak havoc in.
26 Jul 18, 10:29 AM
Killian: Hello guest! So, so sorry to have missed you! Apologies. Yesterday was a busy day. Such a wonderful selection of potential characters. We'd love to see any of them here! Puck would absolutely be allowed, Yes. He could be a fun one. Such a cheeky fellow. As would any of the others.
25 Jul 18, 10:33 PM
Guest: I’d love to get a gage on activity levels and who might be best to app first. I’ve been away from forum based rep for some time and wish to return.
25 Jul 18, 10:32 PM
Guest: Interested in perhaps grabbing: the flower faerie prince I see requested or Puck if allowed (impersonating said prince), I could grab a Wonderlander (jafar, Cheshire Cat, or jabberwocky), Archie Hopper, or Gothel all come to mind initially.
25 Jul 18, 10:23 PM
Guest: Hello! I have a few questions and am interested in grabbing some of the wanteds mentioned, perhaps. :)
19 Jul 18, 09:55 AM
Dr Whale: Most? But not all? why not consider the ones which may fit? :) And some things, depending on what they are, we may be flexible on .
19 Jul 18, 05:13 AM
Sarah: Ah, never mind. The restrictions are a bit too tight to allow most of my characters. Lovely site though!
19 Jul 18, 05:07 AM
Sarah: Though I do have questions. XD
19 Jul 18, 05:06 AM
Sarah: Sorry I vanished the other day, had to run out and then lost the link. DX I'm very much interested in joining you guys and will be looking into stuff.
19 Jul 18, 05:01 AM
Sarah: -peeks in-
16 Jul 18, 08:02 PM
Cora: Robyn will be getting her response this evening, as well as I will have an open thread started this evening as well!
16 Jul 18, 08:02 PM
Cora: Good day all!
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