18 May 18, 17:40
elunder: https://dupabeats.blogspot.cl
28 Apr 18, 19:59
Chemical Brotha: Thank you for another Depeche Tribute btw, check out Denmark + Winter's re_imagine album
23 Apr 18, 03:54
jim: visit me....thank you...
23 Apr 18, 03:53
jim: https://familiajimrock.blogspot.com.br/ :cool:
10 Apr 18, 18:18
Chemical Brotha: thank you for West End Girls and Electronic Pink Floyd ... not sure why there isn't more ELECTRONIC/TRANCE PF instead of endless Rock Tributes to them that sound like the original !
9 Apr 18, 21:18
Aid00: Hello Chemical Brotha Here's West End Girls Goes Petshopping https://www.sendspace.com/file/w4z446
29 Mar 18, 16:30
Chemical Brotha: thank you for PSB Tribute ... can't wait to hear the Cr├╝xshadows version of ITS A SIN!!! btw, West End Girls is a female PSB Cover band that's worth a listen and post here
9 Mar 18, 16:07
Chemical Brotha: I would love to find a Synthpop tribute to PF, if you know one
9 Mar 18, 16:06
Chemical Brotha: There are too many Pink Floyd tributes by progressive rock bands that sound exactly like the original, but it looks like the one you just posted is a bit more "alternative" so thank you very much!
4 Mar 18, 05:17
Chemical Brotha: Thank you for A Saucerful Of Pink A Tribute To Pink Floyd
24 Feb 18, 00:59
Chemical Brotha: I love the Electro Goth series (not very goth but really good)
12 Feb 18, 22:39
Dandyboy: Douze points, Aid! Thank you so much.
12 Feb 18, 20:12
Aid00: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i16au3af468i2pn/Various_A_Song_for_Eurotrash.zip
12 Feb 18, 20:11
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy Here's Song For Eurotrash
3 Feb 18, 00:56
Dandyboy: Was reminded of the Shane McGowan version of Johnny Loganm and I have to hear Terry Hall and Sinead doing Dana!
2 Feb 18, 23:30
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy Will Look Around For A Song For Eurotrash & Post Soon
2 Feb 18, 22:36
Dandyboy: Hi Aid, would you have the Song For Eurotrash comp from 98?
14 Dec 17, 15:01
Aid00: Hello Chemical Brotha Those Shiny Toy Guns Covers Seams Be On Comps Only
13 Dec 17, 20:42
Chemical Brotha: first of all: LOVE THE SNOW!!! and second, thank you for the PRINCE TRIBUTE!!!
7 Dec 17, 13:30
Chemical Brotha: Do you know if Shiny Toy Guns have a Covers EP or album ? I have heard three of their covers (Strangelove, Major tom, Stripped) and they are all brilliant!
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