26 Oct 19, 14:22
Aid00: Hello Sharon New The Music Is You A Tribute To John Denver Up & Running
26 Oct 19, 06:28
Sharon: will you please reupload john denver tribute
21 Oct 19, 23:25
Aid00: Hello Peter New Peter Gabriel Cover Versions Link Up & Running
21 Oct 19, 13:49
Peter: File has expired in mediafire
21 Oct 19, 13:48
Peter: Hi there: any chance you could reupload the Peter Gabriel Cover Versions, please?
18 Oct 19, 08:11
JIM: https://familiajimrock.blogspot.com/......VISIT MY BLOG BROTHERS.....QUER TROCAR LINKS BROTHER....SE SIM DA UM OK PRA MIM...OBRIGADO... :biggrin:
16 Oct 19, 18:08
Aid00: Hello @rjh-Dgm@yahoo.com New Various ‎Rave On Buddy Holly Link Up & Running
15 Oct 19, 17:34
rjh-Dgm@yahoo.com: Various ‎Rave On Buddy Holly has a link no file,.. can it be erupted please love your blogs!
15 Oct 19, 17:34
rjh-Dgm@yahoo.com: Various ‎Rave On Buddy Holly has a dead link,.. can it be erupted?? thanks for the great Blogs! Tactileman.
8 Oct 19, 15:41
Jane: can you please upload Various ‎– Edward Not Edward https://www.discogs.com/Various-Edward-Not-Edward/release/397443 (a tribute to Edward Barton)
12 Aug 19, 03:16
Chemical Brotha: and I just saw that you also linked Rubayat .... I used to love that album. especially the Cure cover of The Doors as well as Sugarcubes and Gipsy Kings! Great stuff!
12 Aug 19, 03:16
Chemical Brotha: thank you for the killer DM and Prince Tributes!
20 Jul 19, 09:22
20 Jul 19, 09:21
JIM: https://familiajimrock.blogspot.com/
30 Jun 19, 15:33
Dandyboy: Top top man, thanks again!
29 Jun 19, 16:09
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy Here's Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary https://www.sendspace.com/file/e1yziq
28 Jun 19, 02:04
Dandyboy: While I think of it, would you have Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary? Cool covers album feat Cure, Pixies, Happy Mondays, Sugarcubes etc, from 1990
28 Jun 19, 01:04
Dandyboy: Aid, you're a bloody star! Thank you so, so much.
26 Jun 19, 18:23
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy Here's Rockabye Baby Requests https://textuploader.com/1d27m
24 Jun 19, 23:32
Dandyboy: Aid, would you have any of the Rockabye Baby albums? After the more alt/rock ones like Bowie, Pixies, Zep, Cure, GnR, Bjork, Smiths, Radiohead, Metallica...
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