12 Mar 21, 15:24
MeepMoop67: Thanks so much, Aid00!
10 Mar 21, 16:31
Aid00: Hello MeepMoop67 New Joni Mitchell tribute Up & Running
9 Mar 21, 13:30
MeepMoop67: Hi Aid - is a re-up of the Joni Mitchell tribute possible please? Couldn't seem to post a comment on that specific page. Thanks!
26 Nov 20, 00:29
Dandyboy: Cheers Aid, Max (ence) thanks to you
25 Nov 20, 22:05
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy Here's Maxence Cyrin Novo Piano albums https://textuploader.com/1e7bl
25 Nov 20, 01:52
Dandyboy: Aid, would you have the 2 Novo Piano albums by Maxence Cyrin?
2 Nov 20, 00:53
Dandyboy: Thanks for the Heroes, you hero!
29 Oct 20, 17:26
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy Here's War Child Heroes https://www.sendspace.com/file/o5h3cl
27 Oct 20, 13:21
Dandyboy: Aid, would you happen to have a copy of the War Child Heroes covers album?
13 Sep 20, 10:58
Aid00: Hello Rob Here's Johnny Cash til things are brighter https://www.sendspace.com/file/n5q5m0
4 Sep 20, 14:16
Rob: Aid,any chance of a trip of Johnny Cash til things are brighter please
11 Aug 20, 16:49
MeepMoop67: Thanks very much, Aid00!
31 Jul 20, 15:12
Aid00: Hello MeepMoop67 New Labour Of Love The Music Of Nick Lowe Link Up & Running
21 Jul 20, 21:55
MeepMoop67: Hi Aid - couldn't seem to post on the specific page, but is a re-up of the Nick Lowe tribute possible please? Thanks!
15 Apr 20, 01:09
Dandyboy: Cheers dude, I really should read the small print a bit closer!
13 Apr 20, 21:32
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy I Meant 2 Tracks Didn't Rip To PC But Anyway Here's Various Interpretations (Today's Great Artists Perform Yesterday's Classics) https://www.sendspace.com/file/gk7l7v
13 Apr 20, 18:05
Dandyboy: That will still be great Aid, Belinda Carlisle's not really my thing anyway!
13 Apr 20, 12:25
Aid00: Hello Dandyboy I Have Interpretations Album But 2 Track Won't Rip On My PC-So If You Still Want It Let Me Know
12 Apr 20, 02:08
Dandyboy: Aid, would you be able to get a copy of Interpretations, an EMI covers album from 1997? https://www.discogs.com/Various-Interpretations-Todays-Great-Artists-Perform-Yesterdays-Classics/release/678107
11 Apr 20, 08:18
Anon: Many thanks for Bruce & Elvis reuploads. 😀
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