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21 Oct 17, 06:32 PM
Yari: (Butting in for a bit!!)
21 Oct 17, 06:33 PM
Yari: Blue eyes watched as the lead enforcer left through the hospital's main entrance. She waited a minute, just to make sure he would not return, before she rushed up to the front desk. "Can I see the young man who was just brought in, Patrick Campbell?" she asked, breathless with worry. "I'm a friend." The nurses pointed her to room and she ran off without letting them finish talking. "Pat!" she cried out as she pushed herself through the door, rushing up to her friend and wrapping him in an embrace. "I was so worried, I saw what happened! Are you okay?" She backed up slightly to study him then gave the nurses an apologetic look. She did not mean to disturb their work after all.
21 Oct 17, 06:43 PM
Patrick: The nurses checked over Pat and asked if he needed anything. He was still in his vest and work clothes. His head was temporarily patched up and his ankle was wrapped. But thankfully not broken- just a sprain. He didn't answer the nurses and just stared at the ceiling. Until, her herd a familiar voice, Before he could turn his head Yari popped into veiw. His gaze widened, "Y-Yari?!" He was dragged into a hug which he wrapped his arms back- "Yari.." A ghost of a smile on his face he looked at her with this pained look.. "I'm- uh.. well I'll be honest I have been better. What are you doing here..?"
21 Oct 17, 06:49 PM
Yari: Her brows were furrowed in disquiet as she eyed her friend. Although he did not seem dangerously injured, there was no doubt that he was suffering. "I saw the building collapse!" she blurted out, still agitated from recent events. "I followed you here, tell me what happened, are you badly hurt?" Certainly, her nervousness did not help but as of right now she could not control it.
21 Oct 17, 06:56 PM
Patrick: He stared down for a moment and sighed. "No I'm jus--" A low meow blurted from under the blanket. Duchess raised her head and peered back at Yari. Meeeoooowwww.. She purred and she pawed her ear. Pat smiled and patted the fat cat on the head and looked up at Yari. "No. I was hit on the head and my ankle is a tad sore but, nothing that time won't heal." He ran his hand down his face and fell back on the raised hospital bed. "..I lost two more people. And I will be honest Yari. I don't think I can bare it much more..."
21 Oct 17, 07:04 PM
Yari: Her eyes drifted briefly away from Patrick as the meowth emerged from under the blankets. "Hey Duchess," she greeted the cat half-heartedly before her attention returned fully to her friend. There was a sigh of relief upon hearing that his injuries were minor, though his next words made her heart sink in her chest. "Pat ... I'm so sorry ... who ... Was it the old coup- ...," her voice broke and the only way she knew how to deal with the situation was to wrap the young man in another embrace.
21 Oct 17, 07:16 PM
Patrick: "Yari..." She sighed. "Mr and Mrs, Pepridge didn't make it out. How I survived... is beyond me." He closed his eyes trying to keep his composure- he felt his nose burn and his throat tighten. "I just don't understand why It has to be this way, Yari.." he weakly wrapped an arm around his friend and Duchess laid her head on his arm and purred trying her best to comfort her human. "First, Dad.. then Ori now the Peprige? Who is next? Domi? Blake? Hercules..? You? I can't bare the thought and there is nothing I can do about it either.."
21 Oct 17, 07:23 PM
Yari: It broke her heart to hear him talk like that. Sweet and loving Pat, he did not deserve that in the slightest. "I'm so sorry, Pat ...," she repated, not knowing what else to say. Nothing she said would truly comfort him anyway. After what seemed an eternity, she released her hug and leaned back to look him in the eyes, her hands still resting on his shoulders. "Nothing is going to happen to us, I promise. The world is cruel but not that cruel." Great Yari. What kind of motivational talk was that.
21 Oct 17, 07:29 PM
Patrick: Pat blinked and gave her that famous sheepish smile. That smile that won so many over- "Aha, It is cruel." He chuckled and comforted his cat by scratching her ears. "Maybe my bad omen is over... Who knows." He paused and looked at Yari once more. "One day I will be able to protect everyone. I will be like Dominique and Hercules.. you and blake. I wan't to be brave and strong. I promise I will one day..."
21 Oct 17, 07:37 PM
Yari: "Pat ...," she whispered, fighting back her own tears now. This was not fair. Why Patrick of all people. "You are already brave strong. The earthquake ... There was nothing you could do, nothing anybody could have done." She gave him a worried look. "I promise you, your bad omen is over, I'll make it be over if I have to!" A strained smile crept onto her lips. "It'll all go uphill from now on, trust me."
21 Oct 17, 07:55 PM
Patrick: He looked down and sighed. "Still.. I promise." He muttered. He felt his throat welt up. "Yari.. I'm sorry But could I ask a favor of you?" He smiled, and tried her best not to tear up, Duchess crawled into his lap and tried to comfort him. Her senses were going wild. "Could you get me a lemonade from the machine..? If you don't mind?" He sniffled.
21 Oct 17, 08:30 PM
Yari: "Of course!" she agreed without even hearing him out. She tried a cheerful smile and failed horribly. "A lemonade coming right up!" At that she rushed out the door then took a deep breath once outside. Stay strong, Yari, for Pat, Stepping over to the vending machine, her eyes glanced around while her fingers tossed a few coins into the slit. A few men were standing near the reception, talking seriously. It was when the name 'Patrick Campbell' fell out of nowhere, that a jolt went through Yariah's chest. Certainly, those men might have been Pat's friends, yet there was an uneasy feeling befalling her. The young woman grabbed the lemonade hastily, leaving the change and rushing back into her friend's room. "Pat! There are some guys outside and I think they are looking for you!" she exclaimed, unsure of whether to be excited or alarmed. "And here's your lemonade."
21 Oct 17, 08:43 PM
Patrick: Meanwhile at the front desk, "Did someone by the name of Patrick Campbell get checked in? He is a runaway and his Uncle asked us to check and see if he was here..." The nurse proceeded to ask for identification and confirm the Uncles name. one man wore a black suit and had a single scar over one eye- while the other man who wore a dress shirt and sunglasses did most the talking- over all the appeared thuggish. As Yari entered back in the room he smiled but soon looked at her quizzically. "What..?" He took the Lemonade and froze- "You don't think.." He moved Duchess from his lap and then tried to get up from the hospital bed and remembered his ankle- "Ow-ow.. Damn it.. Y-Yari- what do they look like? Cause if it isn't Blake or Herc Then my uncle sent them-- and I can't go with them if he did." He panicked
21 Oct 17, 09:10 PM
Yari: Yariah looked puzzled at first but Patrick's fear snapped her out of it. "Careful!" she warned as she swooped in to support his weight. "And uh no, it's not Blake or Herc. One man was in a suit, and the other one had some sort of cut or scar over his eye ...," she remembered, her eyes trained on her friend's face. He seemed pale. "Your uncle ...? You can't go with his men?" she asked, confused. She had never asked why Pat was not living with his uncle but until today she had just assumed that Patrick chose to live alone for independence's sake.
21 Oct 17, 09:15 PM
Patrick: "Yari.." He peered down at her and shook his head. "Herc and Dominique don't even know.. well not everything. I didn't want them to worry.. or hercules to put me under house arrest. But if they find me and take me home. I may die.. I don't know what my uncle wants. But it was never anything good... Last time I saw him he damn new strangled me. I will explain everything- but away from here." He turned and looked at Duchess and motioned for her. She hopped down from the bed and looked up at the two. " Uh- I don't know where to go.."
21 Oct 17, 09:23 PM
Yari: Her brain was working furiously even before Patrick had ended. There was too much information at once yet she forced herself to supress her questions and come up with a solution instead. "Okay, calm down, I'll get us out of here," she promised, barely managing to hide her shock. "We'll talk about the rest later!" There was a part in her that wanted to just see her friend lie down so she could comfort him but she was aware that now was not the time. "Okay, listen to me. Unless you have another plan, I'll go out and ask your uncle's men to follow me. I'll use my badge to tell them to cooporate with an ongoing investigation." She took a breath. "You sneak out while I distract them, ask a nurse to help you out to get some air. I'll meet you at the front, okay?"
21 Oct 17, 09:37 PM
Patrick: Pat blinked and then nodded. "Okay, I think I can do that... Just please be careful. These aren't nice people." He gave a light smile. "Duchess and I will go out the front. Just meet us out there." He tried to limp off from Yari so She could be free to do what she needed to do. "Be careful please..?"
21 Oct 17, 09:46 PM
Yari: "Don't worry about me," she assured him, as she carefully let him go. Her brows were furrowed with unease to leave him alone in his state but no better idea came to mind. "Okay, see you out front!" She tried a carefree smile and pulled it off for the most part. Still her heart was pounding traitorously in her chest as she approached the two men. "Excuse me. Enforcer," she demanded their attention while flashing her badge. "If you would follow this way please, we were told you were involved in our current case." The man in the suit eyed her suspiciously. "We were not involved in anything, officer."
21 Oct 17, 10:03 PM
Patrick: Pat watched her go and sighed, as he looked down at Duchess. "this... is a mess girl." The cat meowed at him. As Yari approached the men out front the other raise his sunglasses up and arched a brow. "Yeah- We were sent straight here for a pick up, miss Officer. Aint no harm done.." He smiled. "Matter of fact, yous can ask this nurse here. She just confirmed out pick up." The nurse blinked and held up a stamped letter. "Its true.. they were confirmed to pick up a troubled run away." Pat peeked out the door and saw them all talking.. which. It didn't look it was going well.
22 Oct 17, 04:32 AM
Yari: Yariah gave the men a strained smile. "You misunderstand, gentlemen," she improvised, "It is concerning an old case that we're still working on, now if you would please come this way." She gestured her hand away from the entrance. All the while her heart was beating so violently that it hurt.