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24 Nov 17, 12:42 AM
Takashi: His smile grew when heard Domi laugh softly. He was succeeding. "Hmm," he pretended to think over their suggestion. "Maybe but... It's really warm in this spot and I think I've lost the energy to move. I'd probably never make it to the bathroom."
24 Nov 17, 12:51 AM
DOMINIQUE: "If you've lost the energy now, then you won't have it later!" They whined, but the sound was quickly morphed into a continuation of their laugh. Slowly, they pulled their head away from Takashi's chest so they could peer up at him. "How about you go to the bathroom, I pick out a better movie, and then we can return to this. For the rest of the night because I won't let you go again."
24 Nov 17, 01:02 AM
Takashi: "That's... true," he chuckled, looking down at them as they lifted their head up. Afterwords he took a moment to pretend to think over their proposal before nodding. "Alright, deal. I'll even wash my hands after too." It was a joke. He always washed his hands afterwords. Despite him agreeing, though, he didn't move right away. Instead he just sat there, soaking in the feeling of having them in his arms before finally pulling away slowly.
24 Nov 17, 01:12 AM
Takashi: "I'll be quick," He whispered the words for no real reason before standing and turning to walk away, the chill of not having Domi up against him reaching his skin. He had no idea why he had been so afraid to touch Domi up until now. Ok, he did, but it seemed foolish at this point. At least for the time being. he knew later, if he let himself, a lot of questions would be flowing through his mind but he wasn't going to allow that tonight. Tonight, he was going to go pee and then enjoy the rest of the night with Domi. Which was exactly what he did. he went to the bathroom, washed his hands and returned with a smile on is face.
24 Nov 17, 01:22 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Oh, please do," their nose wrinkled with disgust, though the snicker that soon followed showed that it was feigned. Sort of. They did not dare pull away until Takashi did, and they sat themself up with their arms moving to quickly hug their thin frame to preserve the heat that was lost. Dominique waited until Takashi left before they stood up, strolling over to the shelves of movies to find something better than the horror movies they had previously picked. Better being something Takashi might actually like, even if it went against the scary movie night plan. They pulled out some historical action movie based in Kanto, one they had never watched but bought anyway once upon a time. It would do, hopefully. Replacing the disc in the player, they returned to the sofa and curled up, shivering slightly as they turned to glance at Takashi as he returned. They flashed him a smile. "Feel better?"
24 Nov 17, 01:41 AM
Takashi: "Much," he grinned when he spotted Domi on the sofa again. He did hesitate for a moment but before he could start thinking too much into it, he reminded himself just how much he had liked the warmth of Domi against him. How much he enjoyed seeing them cheer up because of what he had done. He had helped them. Him. Alone. No one else had. With those thoughts in his mind, his smile widened and sat down. He wasted no time to wrap his arms back around them, pulling them closer. "So, what are watching now?"
24 Nov 17, 01:47 AM
DOMINIQUE: One hand reached out as they tugged their gaze away, grabbing the remote as Takashi made his way back to the sofa. Their smile grew as his arms wrapped around them once more, and they quickly shifted about and leaned into him once more. "Ah, some historical movie from Kanto. I didn't check the title, but you might like it... Assuming you don't nitpick," they snickered, hitting play before tossing the remote to the side. They shifted again, turning their body so they could loosely wrap their arms around him as well.
24 Nov 17, 02:28 AM
Takashi: "Historical movie from Kanto?" He asked, a little surprised by that, though what the explained after had him chuckle. "I'll try not to nitpick. Oh, I hope it has samurai in it! I'd love to see how their style is compared to mine." Ok, he was a bit of dork when it came to this stuff but he couldn't help it. Everything about them was cool. Probably why he looked up to Ren so quickly when they were younger. "Domi... do you think... we can do this more often?"
24 Nov 17, 02:35 AM
DOMINIQUE: "Mhm!" They tilted their head to rest it on his shoulder again, blue eyes turning to the screen as the movie began its intro. It was adorable to see Takashi nerd out over samurais, so it made them hope at least one was in the movie. They blinked before glancing up at Takashi, humming softly. "I think we can as long as you're willing. I'll never say no to cuddles." Their smile turned into a grin.
18 Dec 17, 03:24 AM
Liam: He did it. He actually did it! He had managed to catch Jack off guard and used the maneuver he had been learning for... much too long, and pinned Jack down. So there he was, on top of Jack, holding down his good arm against his back with his body. One of his own hands was holding Jacl's middle finger, bending it back in threat of breaking it... or at least, that was what he would do if this was an actual threat. "Say uncle. I've learned that means you give up. I don't know the reason why as my coworkers were unable to explain how uncle went from being a relative to a white flag, but say it anyway."
18 Dec 17, 03:38 AM
Jack: He looked back at Liam with a bored smile, raising a brow as the 'threat' was given. "Say... what? Sorry, I'm not quite sure if I've heard that one before." Jack chuckled, keeping his cigar in place as he casually observed Unicorn's face. "I'm a bit hard of hearing while I'm down here, love... could you come closer?" He waited for Liam, naive as ever, to lean forward and repeat himself... before Jack quickly pushed his body up with his hooked arm and turned so that he landed back on the ground on his back. Or rather, on Liam's back, with the full force of Jack's body landing on the medic. He sighed contently, moving to pull his hand away from Liam's hopefully loosened grip so he could grab at his cigar. "You've a lot to learn, angel~"
18 Dec 17, 03:47 AM
ATLAS: "You are getting too soft if you allow the likes of him to pin you, Cat," his voice growled to announce his presence as he stepped out of the treeline. A worn bag was slung over his bare shoulder, already filled with his uniform jacket and pants. All he wore was a dark tank top and cargo shorts, cheap and ready to be ruined by another rigorous training session. However, that sessions seemed to have stopped before it could begin once Sarge caught a familiar scent and bolted. He had allowed the rest of his Pokemon to scatter and train on their own as he followed Sarge, and that allowed him to see just enough. "Hope I'm not... intruding on anything," he added as his eyes briefly glanced away to watch the Manectric circling around them with a mixture of curiosity and caution.
18 Dec 17, 03:53 AM
Liam: And he fell for it. Why did he always fall for these things? He honestly needed to learn when people were lying to him, yet there he was, falling for Jack's trick once more. The wind was taken out of him as he flipped over onto his back, Jack's larger body crushing him. The grip he had on his arm was released and for a while he just laid there, trying to regain his breath. When he finally gained enough to speak again, his attempt was cut off by a voice he hadn't been expecting to hear. Shit. Atlas. Lie. Lie somehow. "Yes, you are," and not a lie.
18 Dec 17, 04:03 AM
Jack: Jack didn't even skip a beat. "'Soft'? Hmm. Maybe I've indulged into too much catnip." He pulled the cigar from his lips and eyed it for a moment before chuckling as he immediately chomped down on it again. He stood, half naked from the waist up as he and Liam often were during these 'sessions', and moved to help Liam. His eyes fell meaningfully upon him for a moment, as a mote of brief concern fell over his gaze--as if he was actually worried he hurt the man--before he pulled him up to his feet. The enforcer yawned and glanced over at Atlas. "What brings you to these fine forests, poochie? You and yours looking for trees to piss on?"
18 Dec 17, 04:15 AM
ATLAS: Ice blue eyes shifted back to Liam and Jack, watching their movements with scrutiny. Perhaps he had loosened his hold on what remained of his squad too much these past few years if he was unaware of what he assumed were frequent meetings. Such an assumption only came about because he knew for a fact Liam could not hold his own, especially against someone like Jack, otherwise. "Training." Sarge broke his circling and returned to Atlas's side, shaking sparking static off his pelt. "Am I correct to presume you were doing the same, or is this some new form of coitus?"
18 Dec 17, 04:29 AM
Liam: Liam let out a small grunt as Jack finally moved off of him, and for a moment longer he sucked in some sharp breaths. He didn't bother moving again until Jack reached out a hand to him. He took the hand, pulling himself up to his feet as a guilty look crossed his face. "We have to keep fit somehow. Jack will get fat."
18 Dec 17, 04:36 AM
Jack: "The term is making love, you fetid automaton," Jack answered, laughing sharply. However, despite his confidence and bluster, he couldn't help but be a bit concerned about how to answer. He had no problem admitting the truth--that currently, it was training, and likely later it'd be 'coitus'. Thankfully, Liam responded for him. Though he couldn't help but be somewhat offended. "So says the twig. Have you seen these pecs? I've the body of a god." He chuckled as he took a drag of his cigar, before his golden eyes fell back onto Atlas. "We were just doing some exercises before it devolved to friendly rough housing. Good for morale between comrades. Isn't that right, old friend?" Jack chuckled as he swung his arm around Liam's shoulders, pulling him daringly close to his body before speaking to Atlas once again. "That isn't a problem, is it, dear leader?"
18 Dec 17, 04:50 AM
ATLAS: "Love making? A concept like that has no place among us." He was referring to the love part, of course. His frown could only deepen as he continued to watch them intently. There was definitely something they were not telling him, and there was definitely something between them that had not been there before. Atlas was quiet for a moment before he let out a rough, "No." Adjusting the bag on his shoulder, he began to turn away. "Just don't incapacitate our medic."
18 Dec 17, 05:25 PM
Takashi: Welp, telling Atlas about there little live trio was out of the question. Liam would just take a note of that and... avoid commenting on it all together because quite honestly he didn't think he could lie well enough. Not to Atlas. He could already feel himself growing nervous just thinking about it. Body of a god... that wasn't helping. "I've seen them..." and felt them and... No focus. Wait... what did Atlas just say? "Hold on a moment. I- I'm not a push over. I can handle myself pretty well now, sir. I'm... I'm not just a medic."
18 Dec 17, 05:25 PM
Liam: (Dang it)