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Kim: :v
Kim: Zpirit Guild iz vvelcoming all Englizh zpeaking playerz to join :3
VikSnip: Spirit guild :D
Kim: :v
Kim: Thank You power SNip :v
Kim: [ Spirit ] guild is welcoming all English speaking players to join :3
Kim: If u wanna ask to get joining Spirit, Chat orange 'Spirit' in Heidel -3 ( 하이델-3)
Kim: thank you yummy :3
Kim: :v
Klim: So is the english patch going to be updated?
Kim: Learn Korean, and feel the yummy power force, then U can get freedom of everywhere.
Kim: Thank You :3
Klim: No english patch available right now?
moscos: hmmm... well I guess... let's wait till then...
Vysh: Spirits might be welcoming all English players, but they only want Koreans. Refused me when I said I was from NA
Vysh: Oh I wasn't responding to you, Spirits posted here a couple days ago.
Martnsz: Wheres the english patch?
Martnsz: why i cant download it now?
Martnsz: can you make the pack for old patch for me please?
Martnsz: ho i can get this?