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Sx: family name is Reimy
Sx: char name wrote by korean so idk
Drywinters: oh ok
Drywinters: thanks a bunch bro ^_^
blim: IIRC his IGN is 김종국
blim: or try Xae송중기
Ryuji<Spirit Guild>(Duke): 1333
Vikram: Was that the last update? or the latest?
Ryuji<Spirit Guild>(Duke): latest
Ryuji<Spirit Guild>(Duke): we need 1332 pad file huhu
Vikram: Wait when was the last update?
Ryuji<Spirit Guild>(Duke): just earlier haha
Ryuji<Spirit Guild>(Duke): 20 mins ago i think
Ghem: Any chance the DK skills will eventually be in there? :(
xDD: hi guyz im from turkey if I try to play KR will i get high ping? :(
Kim: < Spirit > guild is welcoming all English speaking players to join :D
buzarini: @xDD http://black-desert.com/forums/index.php/Thread/12275-English-Patch/?postID=86475#post86475
xDD: Gj for english patch guyz should i do exactly same in the video? Bcz my computer cant understand the language :D
buzarini: @xDD Please read the instructions.
xDD: I read them but since it is russian and since my computer cant understand cyrillic alphabet i dont know what to do :D