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jc: i can't get the patch to work.. do i just put it in the black desert folder in my documents?
Sawah: It should be C/Daum Games/Black Desert
Kim: yummy power? :3
Kim: < Spirit > guild is welcoming all English speaking players to join :3
Kim: INFO: 1:08 AM kor now TY :3
Hans: are the Striker skills already translated?
NoisyMix: Which PAZ ID should i pick?
dim: hay guys is here any casual guild who play on both server EU/NA and KR ?
niv: can someone help me install the kr english patch
niv: nvm i got it working, but striker skills i cant see which hotkeys to press?? is that normal?
srfeg: isthere a free vpni can us
niv: softether vpn
srfeg: can i get a link for download
Sx: @srfeg : talk with us via fanpage :D
griver: so i keep having an issue specifically with PAD00066.paz and when i enter certain areas in game it causes a crash
griver: i've downloaded the paz specifically and replaced it and it still doesnt seem to work
Rugged: Hello, anyone having lag issues today?, i've been playing yesterday and it was all good, and my internet is the same anyone has an idea why?
griver: all solved! thank you for the very very quick response and fix :D
Nefius: My translation patch not working
Nefius: Striker is still being translated i take it?