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buzarini: @DongJun Try the link above.
DongJun: Any third party application needed?
buzarini: @DongJun No.
DongJun: ok will try
DongJun: All resolved, was downloading the wrong link :< Thankyou! now I can learn to read english better!
AquaSting: Where is perstringtable
mpz: the game wont launch with eng patch folder
Sx: @mpz : pls re-download patch
Sx: @AquaSting: you made it, original folder didn't have any prestringtable folder
jafar: When i update to 1392 normally, it keeps force me to redownload 32gb, thanks to access data storage, i can reroll to normal state 1391 and update normally. Really thankful~
Geroya: Do you need a VPN to play on KR now? Haven't been on it since NA released but wanting to go back to try new stuff.
wattu: Haven't played KR for a while now, what happened to the autopatcher?
Kim: Knock Knock Knock on my door power~~
Kim: < Spirit > guild is welcoming all English speaking player to join :D
Kim: yummy yummy :3
wattu: I'll join when I can get online in a few hours (:
Kim: :)
Kim: yummy yummy :3
Sx: @Geroya : if you only need bypass IP block, you can try Hoxx VPN - Google Chrome Extension. Its free
Ravec: How do yiu buy a VPN from here?