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Manose: talked to sx and she is working on it
Manose: also if any of you people really appreciate her doing this you would donate to her
babuubabuu: Oh, Thanks for the news. and Thank SX
Manose: :)
Crystal: the manual patch isnt complete yet? its only 700mb from 2gb >.<
JRX: Hello i download the game & its stuck at patch now when start launcher again start to download all the game again
JRX: Help pleaseee
JRX: i have 51 gb file size after download
Samson: striker awaken translated yet?
Witchy/Quianna: Is there an English patch with the quests translated?
Vejiny: Hi ! we need someone to make the Russian server patch, please help us
zero: EN patch for kr is working?Only ui translate lol
Sx: @zero : yes
Sx: @zero : if they changed all then i can try to solve problem but now they only disabled LanguageData
Sx: @zero: maybe they missed it ? next patch will return ?
zero: @Sx lol
Anon: 1542 patch was release did they enabled the languagedata?
TDK: nope
Sx: @Anon : Anything related with english patch they just do when weekly patch