7 Jan 21, 06:27 AM
Church of God The Eternal: Welcome to come back with us
23 Dec 20, 06:07 AM
peter: Nice website
4 Dec 20, 06:25 PM
David Carter: Dear Brethren- Going forward there will no longer be live streaming of sermons. We are sorry for the late notice to everyone. May you have a blessed Sabbath.
26 Jun 20, 06:00 PM
Bethel Church of God: For listening to the BCOG Streaming Sabbath Service some find https://mixlr.com/bethelcog/ (Mixlr) provides an optimal streaming experience. The Mixlr app is also embedded above, Clickable when "live"
24 Jun 20, 09:01 PM
Bethel Church of God: Should Mixlr have difficulties (from time to time, their system may be overloaded) A "Service Cast" is prepared and linked - above the Mixlr app. (This may be utilized in lieu of the service stream.)
25 Apr 20, 01:41 PM
Bethel Church of God: During service times, you may call 805-309-2350 for a conference call streaming service. After dialing and reaching the conference service, enter the Login Number 238435 and then hit the # key.