19 Jan 19, 09:18 PM
Rach: Get well soon Nine!!
19 Jan 19, 09:18 PM
Rach: Hi Nine. I know your not well but I have a new layout and your button is on my advertisement.
16 Jan 19, 10:45 PM
Rach: Oh dear! Feel better! <3 :( I was sick. starting to feel better. I'm doing cough syrup and tablets
13 Jan 19, 02:48 PM
Rach: Hi Nine!! How are you these days?! Hope your well! <3 :)
10 Jan 19, 07:21 PM
Tiffany: sisters and such.
10 Jan 19, 07:21 PM
Tiffany: only just became active again, since my twin was visiting for about two weeks and we seen our other
10 Jan 19, 07:20 PM
Tiffany: It's fine :) I only remembered because I happened to online when someone said something to me lol. I
9 Jan 19, 11:50 PM
Jess: No worries! Life always comes first! :) I've been busy myself.
2 Jan 19, 05:29 AM
Tiffany: I hope that you have a happy new years Nine!
1 Jan 19, 10:24 PM
Jess: Happy New Years!
1 Jan 19, 10:21 PM
Brandi: hey! happy new year. i have links buttons they are right here http://animepapers.net/links/ ;) thank
31 Dec 18, 11:43 PM
Brandi: Wishing you a happy new year! 🎊
29 Dec 18, 12:46 PM
Brandi: on everypage as well? the only ones i link on page is link exchanges. :D
29 Dec 18, 12:46 PM
Brandi: i did have one quick question since i link my affies on everypage is there a way for you to link me
29 Dec 18, 12:46 PM
Brandi: hey hey hey <3 i hope your holiday was good & u have a prospoerous new year.
24 Dec 18, 10:42 PM
Brandi: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 🎄
22 Dec 18, 01:57 PM
Rach: Hi Nine! Hope your well. It's been a while. Take care and have a lovely weekend! <3
22 Dec 18, 01:03 PM
Jessica: Hi! Sorry for taking so long to respond. I hope you're doing well. Have a wonderful holiday season!
16 Dec 18, 09:58 PM
Nine (9Daily): Will be updating 9Daily tomorrow
13 Dec 18, 11:27 PM
Amanda: Hey just stopping by to say hi.
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