24 Aug 19, 09:47 PM
lars: Also, is this site from 2008? Annoying that I can't write more than a twitter's worth of text…
24 Aug 19, 09:46 PM
lars: I am waiting for her to move on to the firmament of great actresses that she so richly deserves to be a part of.
24 Aug 19, 09:46 PM
lars: Ms Brown-Findlay has been one of my favorite actresses since Downton Abbey abd I'm so happy to refind her in this series. So beautiful, and THAT VOICE.
24 Aug 19, 09:42 PM
lars: Just joining this stream after discovering the first episodes of Harlot.
29 Aug 18, 08:05 AM
Robbie Nick: Will See it, Jessica seems to be very unplugged tho with social media
29 Aug 18, 08:05 AM
Robbie Nick: And I’m not an old creep, in 25 I’m actually a youtuber (not a famous one) I just sometimes like to talk about shows and performances that were so moving but I do it in the hopes maybe the person
29 Aug 18, 08:03 AM
Robbie Nick: I probably sound like a weirdo stalker lol I’m not I’m just a young guy from a America with a normal family well my fiancé is a guy as well and we just adopted our first son but pretty normal you know
29 Aug 18, 08:02 AM
Robbie Nick: albatros for example I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to see so much more after it ended I longed to know what her character did after and things like that
29 Aug 18, 08:00 AM
Robbie Nick: Her work has touched my soul it’s so moving I just wish I could ask her so many questions about what she was feeling in some roles
29 Aug 18, 07:59 AM
Robbie Nick: She’s the most convincing actress I believe I’ve ever seen in my life, I want to see so much more of her work I wish she had social media to follow along and wish her luck on everything
29 Aug 18, 07:57 AM
Robbie Nick: I live in America and have been a huge fan since the first role I saw her play
29 Aug 18, 07:56 AM
Robbie Nick: I was trying to say I would like to write her a letter and maybe get an autograph
29 Aug 18, 07:56 AM
Robbie Nick: My auto correct is destroying me here lol
29 Aug 18, 07:55 AM
Robbie Nick: Does Jessica actually see if the letter if you write her on main page? I am in America and have stumbled soon her work and as an actress I can save I’ve never believed any actresses performance more
2 Apr 16, 10:34 AM
Syed Areeb Jafri: I saw you in Victor Frankenstien and then again in Black Mirror, you are simply amazing...
14 Jan 16, 02:38 PM
bella-thorne.com: bella-thorne.com is back :) please add us in elite again :)
9 Nov 15, 08:15 AM
pezhman: Hi I am one of your fans in Iran . Always cheerful and good luck
9 Nov 15, 08:07 AM
pezhman: Hi I am one of your fans in Iran . Always cheerful and good luck
13 Oct 15, 07:31 AM
Ishmael: Kind of late but Happy Birthday from your biggest fan
21 Jan 15, 07:13 AM
James H. P.: You are an earth bound angel !
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