22 Oct 18, 02:56 PM
ExhAustin: i will be sourcing this page and some of the material from this great site you put together. thank you so much for compiling this info on a very overlooked personality. ill send you a copy
22 Oct 18, 02:54 PM
ExhAustin: Not sure where i can contact you, I am contributing an article to a punk page and furthermore will be attempting to publish my work on john to print and distribute as my first zine.
21 Apr 17, 10:17 PM
webmaster: Chuck, I've added those comments to the permanent comments page, thanks a lot for posting, great to hear from you!
15 Apr 17, 05:02 PM
webmaster: Hi Miguel, email coming your way
11 Apr 17, 02:46 PM
Miguel: Got dvd still
11 Apr 17, 02:46 PM
Miguel: I would love a copy of the dvd
23 Mar 17, 11:20 PM
webmaster: Hey everyone, I still have dvd's of 'Story Of A Junkie' to give out, if you can pay postage I'll send you one
13 Mar 17, 08:48 PM
webmaster: thanks Chuck, I'd like to add that to the comments page
20 Feb 17, 04:38 PM
Chuck Talbott: my good friend way back in 80-83. i play guit. in cheetah's new band. cc was with gita then. great mems. thanks so much
20 Feb 17, 04:34 PM
Chuck Talbott: just wanted to thank you for this. Spacely was a really great person. I moved to NYC from ATL in 1980 to play rhythm guitar with Cheetah Chrome's Casualties. Met John my first night in town.
28 Jan 17, 10:40 AM
webmaster: new improved gallery coming very soon
24 Jan 17, 06:42 AM
webmaster: Greg, Email coming your way
22 Jan 17, 11:29 AM
Greg: I'd love a copy of the DVD. Hung out with Space at times.
20 Nov 16, 06:55 PM
webmaster: does anyone want a dvd?
3 Nov 16, 11:52 AM
webmaster: still have some copies of the dvd, anyone?
2 Mar 16, 07:59 PM
webmaster: I've got so many DVDs of "Junkie" to give out, if you can cover the cost of postage let me know if you want one!
27 Nov 15, 09:04 PM
webmaster: Suggestions for site updates anyone?
23 Oct 15, 04:08 AM
webmaster: Hey, I'm giving away a DVD of "Junkie", first one to email me!
19 Aug 15, 12:20 AM
webmaster: Hi Lisa, thanks for the post, I'll add it to the 'comments' page
17 Aug 15, 12:25 PM
Lisa Slum Twins: My girlfriend and I moved from N.O. to lower east side in 1980. We met Spacelly at The Mudd Club the night we got there. We were looking to cop, and I saw Spacely nodding .We became good friends, miss
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