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12 Jun 21, 11:22 AM
RC: Illuminati Whistleblower: [link]
12 Jun 21, 11:37 AM
RC: Here's a some perspective on masks: The Pro masking crowd tells you to wear a mask out of concern for others - making it the politically, "morally" correct hand cuffs they like to use to shackle your fear. Not only Fauci's emails but at least 40 years of INDEPENDENT (eg. NON-Government Funded) research has long proven masks of no use in viral illness, which they are perfectly willing to ignore to satisfy their emotional dictates and engage their air of "moral superiority". Someone emailed me recently who eagerly took both Astra Z. jabs and still wears a mask. I was not going to get into it with her that now she will actually shed the spike protein through the mask(s) she wears in the retirement facility she attends. I'm sure they'll say the masks will not only stop the virus, it will even stop a small fraction of that virus. Trying to deal with these people is pure insanity; stay more than 6 feet away if you can, and I'll offer one more thing: While you can, see if you (cont
12 Jun 21, 11:39 AM
RC: buy masks rated at P-100 or better. That is only on the suspicion that two years from now (perhaps sooner) they'll try to release something really deadly, which will prove greatly how useless those blue masks are. The reason they want 7-% jabbed is so the jabbed crowd will be throwing spikes at us for as long as they are breathing. Ain't natural immunity grand?
12 Jun 21, 11:40 AM
RC: typo: 70%
12 Jun 21, 11:43 AM
RC: Anyone who has read Foocii's emails and still insists you wear a mask "for others" has brainwashed themselves to the point of maintaining a psychotic belief. Anyone who ignores over 40 years of non-government funded research proving that masks are useless in viral illness it willfully ignorant. There is to my mind absolutely no way to break through that depleted-uranium wall of self-imposed ignorance.
12 Jun 21, 11:44 AM
12 Jun 21, 11:47 AM
RC: Dino - that link to the Pelosi Crime family says "daveschultz dot com" cannot be reached. Can you repost? Also - the Millennium Report did an expose on her/them a few years back. I lost it when I fat-fingered a deletion, and have not been able to find it. Worth having if you can find it.
12 Jun 21, 11:55 AM
RC: @Kat - the only good Commie is a dead one. PERIOD.
12 Jun 21, 11:58 AM
RC: Gotta run - back later.
12 Jun 21, 12:07 PM
janemc: ray why edit a comment made common by exterminators of natives?
12 Jun 21, 01:42 PM
RC: The Ethics of Liberty. The Mises Institute: [link]
12 Jun 21, 01:43 PM
RC: @jane - which comment are you referring to?
12 Jun 21, 01:45 PM
janemc: oh never mind
12 Jun 21, 02:13 PM
RC: @Dino - we should turn that action in Baltimore into a national tax strike!
12 Jun 21, 06:02 PM
B: Linda posted to BitChute
12 Jun 21, 06:04 PM
B: " There's gonna be a heartache tonight "🎵
12 Jun 21, 06:05 PM
B: Or tomorrow, Or next week, Or next month,BUT,THERE IS a heartache in the future, for MANY.
12 Jun 21, 06:54 PM
janemc: pine needle tea has lots of benefits - can help counter adverse vaccine reaction [link]
12 Jun 21, 06:58 PM
RC: Apple limits Justice Requests: [link]
12 Jun 21, 07:05 PM
janemc: magnetic effects of vaccines [link]