9 Jul 20, 04:58 PM
JLMom3: night all
9 Jul 20, 03:52 PM
adlingville: I know it will be warm, But I was hoping to be back to work by September, and decided Ca coast would not be a good idea.
9 Jul 20, 03:49 PM
adlingville: We have reservations for camping in Utah, next month.
9 Jul 20, 03:03 PM
BaddogLT: Friends from Tahoe went to Ivins, UT for winter in (I think) 2017-2018 and never came back. I guess they like it.
9 Jul 20, 02:24 PM
staceyhome: It is beautiful, and they sure know how to celebrate the 4th, I was happy to be there despite the circumstance
9 Jul 20, 02:17 PM
kurt: Though we were always headed somewhere else, my parents would drive through the neighborhoods and wonder aloud whether we should move there.
9 Jul 20, 02:16 PM
kurt: I love St. George.
9 Jul 20, 01:46 PM
staceyhome: St George
9 Jul 20, 01:15 PM
kurt: Where'd you go in Utah?
9 Jul 20, 01:14 PM
kurt: I think the instigator, the deputy said he dropped someone off there who might have some "issues" He's on his way to Mallory now.
9 Jul 20, 12:57 PM
staceyhome: Went to an Olive Garden in Utah for Mom's 70th birthday but that's all the "outside" we did
9 Jul 20, 12:57 PM
staceyhome: maybe slightly more
9 Jul 20, 12:56 PM
staceyhome: Yes, by about 20 miles...
9 Jul 20, 12:53 PM
Reader3: So Stacey, are you being quarantined because you left the state?
9 Jul 20, 12:53 PM
Reader3: Jinx
9 Jul 20, 12:52 PM
Reader3: The instigator or the victim?
9 Jul 20, 12:52 PM
staceyhome: guy in Minden? Fight guy?
9 Jul 20, 12:47 PM
kurt: They're checking on the guy in Minden, medics are on their way.
9 Jul 20, 12:46 PM
kurt: Speaking of which I pulled into an Arco station in downtown Sacramento to get my bearings and there was a man, who was clearly homeless wearing a Santa hat and yelling at people. No one was paying him any mind but it was the sort of thing that gets you Legal 2000'd around here.
9 Jul 20, 12:36 PM
kurt: Which might be enough to start another fight.
9 Jul 20, 12:35 PM
kurt: I'm back home after spending a couple of hours at the office. Then I went up to the event center groundbreaking.
9 Jul 20, 12:35 PM
staceyhome: just hearing sirens
9 Jul 20, 12:35 PM
staceyhome: lol
9 Jul 20, 12:34 PM
kurt: Fight near the Quality Inn, no doubt over Candy Dance.
9 Jul 20, 12:33 PM
kurt: And I'm back.
9 Jul 20, 12:15 PM
staceyhome: and she said hers has adhesive to prevent glasses fogging and they make her face break out awful
9 Jul 20, 12:14 PM
staceyhome: My sister is a nurse, has to wear one much longer
9 Jul 20, 12:11 PM
Reader2: Agreed....I think I wore one the other day for 3 hours, it gets old real quick. Some people have to wear one for their entire work shift (casinos...).
9 Jul 20, 11:38 AM
staceyhome: and frankly just wearing one to use the restroom on our trip was hard for me to breathe, used rest areas where I could (with plenty of hand sanitizer, as I would have before COVID)
9 Jul 20, 11:37 AM
staceyhome: I'm so tired of this stuff, we (when i am allowed back to work) have to wear masks anytime you aren't sitting in your office chair
9 Jul 20, 11:27 AM
Reader2: Add to that trying to get volunteers to make all that candy in a safe environment. I know a handful who aren't worried about being in close quarters for hours on end, but you need more than a handful to make candy.
9 Jul 20, 11:24 AM
Reader2: The dissension on the cancellation of Candy Dance has already started. A huge consideration is all of the state and local agencies who have to buy into participating in the event (NHP, DCSO, schools for parking lots, etc). Add to that the fact that Mormon Station is a state park, and if the Governor says right now that you can't have gatherings of more than 50, think he would agree to the town renting out the park for the event? Plus the permit would have to be pulled in early August and what if the BoCC denied it for health and safety reasons?
9 Jul 20, 11:07 AM
gonealookin: I buy a fair amount of clothing, shoes and occasionally other equipment from REI and Cabela's but have been to their Reno and Boomtown stores perhaps once each in the last 5 years. Doesn't really have anything to do with the virus for me but I'm sure it's driving nails in a whole lot of coffins.
9 Jul 20, 11:02 AM
BaddogLT: Once you've found a product line you like (and know the sizes if clothes) it is too easy to just buy online. I know I like (ie) XYZ kitchen knives so I no longer need to heft them to buy them. Over the decades, my already recessive shopping gene is dominated by my "I can wait two days" gene. We still buy a lot local like food from Pet Station instead of Chewy because we basically drive by them, and Ace rather than HD. But box store vs online? I know my neighbors work there but I'd rather not go into a big retailer with or without COVID.
9 Jul 20, 10:51 AM
staceyhome: Sure is :-(
9 Jul 20, 10:49 AM
gonealookin: I look at the empty spaces next to the Jacks Valley Target and think, that's the future of those Big Box centers right there.
9 Jul 20, 10:28 AM
staceyhome: I'm still waiting for 3 kitchen mats I ordered about 3 weeks ago from them
9 Jul 20, 10:23 AM
BaddogLT: Bed Bath & Beyond announced they are closing 200 of their 1,020 BBB stores over the next two years. This year in-store retail dropped 49%, online increased 92%. Last BBB type item we bought was an apple corer - and we went to RESCO for a commercial grade metal one instead of another OXO plastic one.
9 Jul 20, 08:55 AM
kurt: And now they're cancelled.
9 Jul 20, 08:47 AM
kurt: That could mean the hiker spent the night in the high Sierra.
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