18 Sep 19, 02:43 PM
Rico: I was shocked to find out my exact height when I did my bone density scan.
18 Sep 19, 02:35 PM
kurt: Though we often have a little comic relief when I go for my Pet scans and they ask me how tall I am. I have to tell them it varies.
18 Sep 19, 02:34 PM
kurt: He was hilarious. For the record, I was never 6-2
18 Sep 19, 01:49 PM
Lurkin @ Work: Lurkin' Weather Report: "It's raining up here".
18 Sep 19, 01:38 PM
JLMom2: Best part was Bill's description of you pre budget cuts
18 Sep 19, 01:36 PM
JLMom2: I met him when I went to say hi to her. Nice the guy gave him the raffle prize. We have some class people in this valley
18 Sep 19, 01:26 PM
kurt: Joined a month after Pearl Harbor.
18 Sep 19, 01:26 PM
kurt: Anyway, it was a very positive chamber session. Nice to have Bobbi there, and her dad's 97. He was a sailor in World War II.
18 Sep 19, 01:21 PM
kurt: It was nice. There's a nagging feeling though that the guy's going to think "Hildebrand must really be bad to have people stand up at meetings and ask to get him help." I'm sure that's not the case, but you know how my brain works.
18 Sep 19, 01:21 PM
JLMom2: The new owner sounded positive in his message I thought
18 Sep 19, 01:20 PM
JLMom2: Loved all the support you got Kurt.
18 Sep 19, 01:15 PM
kurt: And the motorhome guy is apparently emailing me from maximum security at Lakes Crossing in Sparks. Who knew they offered Internet access?
18 Sep 19, 01:08 PM
kurt: And I'm back from the chamber.
18 Sep 19, 12:53 PM
GT: The weather will be better then.
18 Sep 19, 11:57 AM
JVH: wont be coming home until Friday
18 Sep 19, 11:41 AM
GT: Have a safe drive, JVH!
18 Sep 19, 11:33 AM
kurt: Thanks JL
18 Sep 19, 11:33 AM
kurt: And we've had some cool mornings, so they might have some dust smell from the heater.
18 Sep 19, 11:33 AM
kurt: I got word after the fire up there that there was smoke in the building. I wonder if that HVAC unit was acting up then.
18 Sep 19, 11:32 AM
kurt: Sorry folks, went to the twitterverse for the updates, but JLMom nailed it.
18 Sep 19, 11:07 AM
JVH: So ready to head home
18 Sep 19, 10:03 AM
JLMom2: looks like all is well........just got a call from the automatic school district that the kids are back in class that the smoke was coming from the ac was posted on fb
18 Sep 19, 09:38 AM
JLMom2: East Fork Fire is responding to a reported fire at Jacks Valley school. It’s being evacuated. Law Enforcement will be closing Jacks Valley Road at this time. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them from the school-law-fire
18 Sep 19, 09:37 AM
JLMom2: more sirens are going by so maybe something to it?
18 Sep 19, 09:31 AM
kurt: I haven't heard the upshot of the call yet.
18 Sep 19, 09:29 AM
JLMom2: they just went by
18 Sep 19, 09:28 AM
kurt: And there go the engines.
18 Sep 19, 09:28 AM
kurt: I think it's an alarm
18 Sep 19, 09:28 AM
kurt: The tone out is coming now.
18 Sep 19, 09:27 AM
kurt: Hey folks, report of a fire at Jacks Valley Elementary School.
18 Sep 19, 08:35 AM
JLMom2: hi all
18 Sep 19, 08:30 AM
Rico: Vandalizers. I like that word better.
18 Sep 19, 08:23 AM
kurt: Checking in. Doesn't appear the vandals visited recently, so that's good.
18 Sep 19, 07:46 AM
JVH: Good Morning Commentarians
17 Sep 19, 05:02 PM
kurt: OK folks, time to wrap this sucker up. Have a great day all.
17 Sep 19, 04:01 PM
JLMom2: Yeah the cone of shame would be painful for both of us. The drive by will be bad enough
17 Sep 19, 04:00 PM
kurt: Bwahahahahahah
17 Sep 19, 04:00 PM
kurt: Or stop and don't get out
17 Sep 19, 02:54 PM
JLMom2: oh ok. I will try to remember to swing by. Torture the dog a bit by not stopping
17 Sep 19, 02:49 PM
JVH: I don't know I am in Redding
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