14 May 21, 07:46 PM
Suprising: I'll leave this as I bid adieu for the evening: More RGJ Siren Fun https://www.rgj.com/story/opinion/columnists/2021/05/14/shouldnt-take-new-law-put-end-racist-symbols-leslie/5081297001/
14 May 21, 06:02 PM
kurt: Maybe. We'd know if it was down here.
14 May 21, 05:01 PM
Suprising: Joey Gilbert must be getting him off
14 May 21, 04:41 PM
kurt: And yet he hasn't done time.
14 May 21, 04:40 PM
staceyhome: come on people
14 May 21, 04:36 PM
Reader3: You can’t make this stuff up
14 May 21, 04:34 PM
kurt: I had to go get the mrs. her cover shot.
14 May 21, 04:34 PM
kurt: Jeez
14 May 21, 04:32 PM
BaddogLT: Well, that was the felony stop of all felony stops. Heading back from Reno, a cluster of blue lights in the distance. Most of us merged right. A few hundred yards north of the cluster there was a Washoe sheriff in the median, door open, pistol in hand behind the door, pointed south like he was waiting for someone to bolt. Then, a bunch of cops in roadblock position. Next, dozens of bikes - everything from single riders maybe in colors and full dress with couples. A few dudes sitting on the guard rail, hands behind their back. More cops, a couple of miles of back-up almost to Bellevue, cops sending NB traffic onto Bellevue, a mile or so of back up, then cops sending people onto East Lake. Saw an ambulance heading north in along the shoulder, too. Guessing that was ours.
14 May 21, 04:23 PM
Reader3: Is 580 SB and NB still shut down?
14 May 21, 03:43 PM
Reader3: "Heavily armed", but its Carson Now
14 May 21, 03:42 PM
Reader3: No I guess yes
14 May 21, 03:38 PM
GT: Carsonnow is reporting this: https://www.carsonnow.org/story/05/14/2021/traffic-backed-due-chase-traffic-stop-involving-multiple-armed-motorcyclists
14 May 21, 03:32 PM
Reader3: Was DCSO involved from the earlier issues?
14 May 21, 03:30 PM
staceyhome: Yep
14 May 21, 03:29 PM
;: is it Friday?
14 May 21, 03:26 PM
staceyhome: That sucks
14 May 21, 03:25 PM
Suprising: https://imageserver.511nv.com/SnapShot/320x240/TL-200246.jpg?d=1621031118765
14 May 21, 03:24 PM
staceyhome: oh, ok
14 May 21, 03:23 PM
Reader3: Sorry NB
14 May 21, 03:23 PM
staceyhome: they could take east lake?
14 May 21, 03:23 PM
staceyhome: SB shouldn't affect
14 May 21, 03:23 PM
Reader3: Will most likely slow down the Mongols
14 May 21, 03:22 PM
Reader3: Looks shut down SB
14 May 21, 03:21 PM
staceyhome: what washoe valley incident?
14 May 21, 03:20 PM
Suprising: Sounds like the washoe valley incident will be delaying an east fork ambulance trying to travel emergently to renown
14 May 21, 03:16 PM
staceyhome: and more sirens
14 May 21, 03:16 PM
staceyhome: dang, glad we're down here
14 May 21, 03:14 PM
GT: Yeah, I saw a few of those. On another topic, if you are heading to Reno, you may be delayed: https://imageserver.511nv.com/SnapShot/320x240/TL-200246.jpg?d=1621030420595
14 May 21, 03:13 PM
Suprising: Mr rasavage has all sorts of news articles about him: https://www.kolotv.com/content/news/He-complained-about-drugs-in-the-unit-above-now-hes-being-evicted-472441263.html https://leftcoastrightwatch.org/2020/08/minden-nevada-militias-plan-armed-intimidation-at-black-lives-matter-rally/ https://carsonnow.org/story/01/01/2016/carson-city-sheriff-s-log-man-jailed-after-threatening-co-worker-shovel https://www.nevadaappeal.com/news/2018/jul/07/navy-veteran-and-hockey-player-launch-ptsd-group-i/
14 May 21, 03:00 PM
staceyhome: right?
14 May 21, 02:58 PM
GT: What kind of person thinks they need a militia to attend a school board meeting, or yells at little kids on the street by their school? I guess a big, strong, confident person would need all that.
14 May 21, 02:54 PM
staceyhome: some people who rant, I'm like did you even look at what you posted? Or do you think all of those words are spelled correctly?
14 May 21, 02:53 PM
Lurkin@Home1: and ect
14 May 21, 02:47 PM
staceyhome: lol, that doesn't look right since I always see "loose" on FB posts
14 May 21, 02:47 PM
staceyhome: coworkers Dad got told he had to have eye surgery or lose his license, had the surgery, but can't get in to the DMV til mid June
14 May 21, 02:46 PM
Reader3: CA gave 90 year old mom a year grace period because of Covid, still scratching my head. She isn't the best driver but hasn't had an accident or been cited.
14 May 21, 02:45 PM
staceyhome: I think hubby's as well, but I probably should check
14 May 21, 02:43 PM
staceyhome: Mine is good til 25, if I recall right
14 May 21, 02:43 PM
Reader3: And some were probably shut down with limited services
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