24 May 19, 03:48 PM
JLMom2: you too
24 May 19, 03:47 PM
kurt: Heading out. Have a great weekend.
24 May 19, 03:38 PM
JLMom2: yes years ago I was at the boys/girls club crab feast in Ranchos getting pelted and dry as a bone at the concert
24 May 19, 02:58 PM
kurt: And you know that a thunderstorm can hit anywhere any time.
24 May 19, 02:58 PM
kurt: I looked at the forecast pretty closely and they're saying one-hundredth of an inch falling, which is barely enough rain to qualify to get wet.
24 May 19, 02:57 PM
kurt: Because why not.
24 May 19, 02:57 PM
JLMom2: I may wish I had brought my boots when I went home at lunch
24 May 19, 02:56 PM
kurt: I'm telling folks the concert is on!
24 May 19, 02:39 PM
kurt: Seems to be breaking up on the crest.
24 May 19, 02:38 PM
stacey: radar shows a big bank over the hill https://www.carsonvalleyweather.com/wxradar.php
24 May 19, 02:35 PM
JLMom2: sure hope these clouds stay away
24 May 19, 01:17 PM
JLMom2: and they just did go racing by me
24 May 19, 01:14 PM
stacey: lol
24 May 19, 01:13 PM
kurt: Know is a strong word. But it all jibes.
24 May 19, 01:12 PM
stacey: didn't know if it was 2 seperate things
24 May 19, 01:12 PM
stacey: ok
24 May 19, 01:11 PM
kurt: Sounds like
24 May 19, 01:11 PM
stacey: so the guy was driving the lady to the hospital?
24 May 19, 01:06 PM
kurt: So medics en route.
24 May 19, 01:06 PM
BaddogLT: If you are looking at the registration for 311G, it was deregistered a couple years back.
24 May 19, 01:05 PM
kurt: Sounds like someone is quite upset. Fire call. 65 year old woman trouble breathing.
24 May 19, 01:04 PM
kurt: Guy driving very fast in a white Honda with his flashers on. May be pulled over at 395 and Sixth St.
24 May 19, 01:04 PM
kurt: And I think they grounded that type of aircraft, but I can't read FAAeese.
24 May 19, 12:55 PM
kurt: OK the plane crash prompted a call to the Indiana State Police to find out if they've released the names. He said there's lots of folks speculating but nothing official yet.
24 May 19, 12:48 PM
kurt: The Plane crash release says May 22.
24 May 19, 12:34 PM
kurt: NHP on scene just confirmed negative injury.
24 May 19, 12:30 PM
kurt: Sounds like it.
24 May 19, 12:22 PM
rephome: hopefully no physical injuries, someones wallet might be sore
24 May 19, 12:22 PM
kurt: No injury, no fire. Let's play ball!
24 May 19, 12:18 PM
kurt: Checking for injuries. They just got onscene.
24 May 19, 12:18 PM
kurt: So that's much is right.
24 May 19, 12:18 PM
kurt: Large ag tractor with an implement behind it rolled off the shoulder when it tried to make a Uturn.
24 May 19, 12:17 PM
kurt: OK whoever reported that didn't have a clue. It's south of Ray May Way.
24 May 19, 12:14 PM
kurt: Subsequent report is that it might be a hay baler that tried a Uturn and went off the roadway.
24 May 19, 12:13 PM
JLMom2: and his company is connected to airplane stuff. No idea on who was on the plane though
24 May 19, 12:10 PM
kurt: South of China Spring turnoff, so further up. Bodie Flat if my Pine Nut geography serves.
24 May 19, 12:08 PM
kurt: Possible injuries.
24 May 19, 12:08 PM
kurt: Street sweeper off the highway 395 at Jake's Hill.
24 May 19, 12:07 PM
JLMom2: people that own the llc are out of reno
24 May 19, 12:03 PM
BaddogLT: *767G
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