23 Sep 20, 07:40 PM
Suprising: Not like the sherriff and fire district could have refused to provide services... shady dealings at the least outright fraud at worst
23 Sep 20, 07:37 PM
kurt: And the RDA2 debate was something.
23 Sep 20, 07:36 PM
kurt: Ok commissioner candidates delineated nicely.
23 Sep 20, 06:41 PM
kurt: But there isn't a six at the end of either of those.
23 Sep 20, 06:41 PM
kurt: Of course I could have misheard her.
23 Sep 20, 06:41 PM
kurt: I heard her say 46 years, which would make it 1974. Judge Gamble was elected in a knock-down drag-out in 1986 and Judge Gibbons defeated Judge Perkins in 1992 or thereabouts, so 28 years.
23 Sep 20, 06:39 PM
kurt: Though I'm not sure Cafferata-Jenkins has the time since a contested judicial election quite right.
23 Sep 20, 06:38 PM
kurt: Both judge candidates did well. No grounds, no shorts, no flubs.
23 Sep 20, 06:07 PM
kurt: Watching the debate. I should get a new Kathy Lewis photo.
23 Sep 20, 06:06 PM
kurt: You should have elbowed some of em
23 Sep 20, 05:54 PM
Reader3: Rumblings on the ground has it that EFF and DCSO knew going in that there may be an issue with reimbursement from the campaign
23 Sep 20, 03:23 PM
adlingville: At Tahoe, not In.
23 Sep 20, 03:22 PM
adlingville: Whoa, I just heard about human remains found st Marlette lake in Tahoe. Whoa!
23 Sep 20, 11:31 AM
JLMom3: They were having a photo op in front of the door at the court house with a bunch of people. Kind of awkward to have to keep wlking past it in and out
23 Sep 20, 11:11 AM
kurt: I saw her at the senior center with Renea. She's tooling around the Valley.
23 Sep 20, 11:00 AM
Reader3: at the Business Council's Critical Issues Conference
23 Sep 20, 10:59 AM
Reader3: Bobbi presented yesterday
23 Sep 20, 10:48 AM
JLMom3: I thought I saw Bobbie yesterday at the courthouse. Is she back?
23 Sep 20, 10:46 AM
kurt: I heard Lyle, but I could be conflating calls,
23 Sep 20, 10:45 AM
kurt: Sounds like the deputies are having trouble with someone in the middle of the road flipping them off.
23 Sep 20, 10:44 AM
kurt: I would say that if there was, it would be, well, surprising.
23 Sep 20, 10:27 AM
Suprising: not with 48 hours notice lol
23 Sep 20, 10:23 AM
kurt: The question is whether there was a contract with the campaign. I bet dollars to doughnuts there wasn't.
23 Sep 20, 10:22 AM
kurt: I expect that's true.
23 Sep 20, 10:17 AM
Suprising: I imagine the costs are for the Sheriff's office & East fork EMS staffing mostly. Maybe a couple reps from the airport?
23 Sep 20, 10:15 AM
kurt: There is a conundrum. If anyone from the county was actually working the event, then they're subject to OSHA. Thompson said straight out that none of the airport employees were on their own time.
23 Sep 20, 10:12 AM
JLMom3: ISn't there a history of not paying bills?
23 Sep 20, 10:12 AM
kurt: I'll ask.
23 Sep 20, 10:11 AM
kurt: I see a possible suspect on the jail log I'll have to track it down to confirm.
23 Sep 20, 10:10 AM
Suprising: So I've been hearing from some friends in the county that the Trump Campaign has refused to pay for the county's & fire district's costs for staffing the rally. Anything to it?
23 Sep 20, 09:56 AM
JLMom3: yeah they know who it is and his sister was out looking for him too and might have been a bit untruthful to the officers and they were not pleased. Hook her were the exact words..
23 Sep 20, 09:46 AM
BaddogLT: From a friend: Accident, people involved ran, DCSO used drone. Around 9:00 p.m.
23 Sep 20, 09:32 AM
kurt: I didn't see a likely arrest. What was the deleo
23 Sep 20, 09:24 AM
JLMom3: DId they catch the guy they were searching the Ranchos pits for last night? I heard them hook up his sister but then moved on
23 Sep 20, 09:22 AM
JLMom3: hi all
23 Sep 20, 08:59 AM
kurt: And as has been pointed out before, Dressler and Fairview don't come to a precise alignment.
23 Sep 20, 08:54 AM
BaddogLT: We drive Dressler about once every 10 days. You do have to be wary heading W towards Fairview. Some illegal passing, cars leaving Fairview usually have broken turn signals.
23 Sep 20, 07:46 AM
kurt: Morning JVH
23 Sep 20, 07:35 AM
JVH: Good Morning Commentarians
23 Sep 20, 07:19 AM
kurt: Medics evaluating five people. It doesn't sound like anyone's up for an ambulance ride, though.
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