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DSPat: George: yes!
GFT George: not my most beloved one also
DSPat: Mine is the 5th
DSPat: pom pom pom pom :P
GFT George: mine is the 9th, especialy Ode to Joy
DSPat: The 9th is a monument!
GFT George: yeap
DSPat: It's the only symphony with 4 movements, actually
DSPat: No one's ever done that
DSPat: I mean FIVE
DSPat: Seeing that that ode actually is a movement on its own x
GFT Nihal: Good night everyone :) Thank you for listening and have a wonderful week ahead :)
DSPat: Nite nite all! Be good and see you next week :)
Tim: Not quite true Pat. Try Vaughan Williams for example
Tim: AT least one of his has 5
DSPat: Tim: I'm talking about proper composers :P
Suzi: Goodnight Nihal, George, and “all who sail in her”
DSPat: Nihal: fingers crossed you get the good news next week xxx
GFT George: thank you very much everybody! I hope you enjoyed the music
GFT George: we'll see you next week hopefully
Suzi: I did - thank you 😊
GFT George: take care and have a nice week
Tim: DSP: Shostakovich?
DSPat: Yup another great show... but only 3 or 4 to go :(
GFT Nihal: Luv ya Pat, thank you so much :)
bj̈b: Night all
GFT George: sweet dreams
bj̈b: Mahler's 5th. Enormous piece in five movements.
bj̈b: *Storming* symphony.
Tim: Goodnight all
Aeolus: 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land' starting in a few moments. Join us for two hours of progressive rock music!
Aeolus: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to tonight's show!
Meps: Good evening!
Aeolus: Hi Meps the great! Thank you for introducing me to the music of Lupe!
Meps: My pleasure! I'll text him to tell him the show is on!
Aeolus: Last song by tonight by a great Greek artist. Enjoy!
Aeolus: Thank you for joining us tonight Ladies and Gentlemen! See you next week in Prog Land!
Meps: Nice music kept me company while reading!
Meps: Goodnight Aeolus!
Aeolus: See you later Meps the Great! Good to know you enjoyed!