22 Jun 20, 05:45 PM
Admin: We are back open! Please follow SOP closely. Have fun and stay safe!
2 Apr 20, 03:27 PM
Admin: Ski & Wake site closed until further notice... meanwhile stay home stay safe!
14 Aug 19, 06:09 PM
Admin: Watch the Live Stream of 2019 IWWF WATERSKI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS here: https://worldwaterskiers.com/tournament/19iwwf02/
9 Jul 19, 01:11 PM
Admin: Notice: We are now closed for Waterski & Wakeboard bookings for preparation to the 2019 IWWF Waterski World Championship. Sorry and we hope to serve you again after the 20th August 2019!
7 Jan 19, 12:22 PM
Admin: Lorraine : Please email us for more info hanifah@waterski.com.my .Check rates section for prices. Thanks
5 Jan 19, 09:47 AM
Lorraine: Hi, I would like to take ski lessons I am an adult and wonder how much it consts are there packages, dates times duration etc etc
24 Dec 17, 01:14 PM
Admin: Wishes all a very Merry Christmas!!
24 Dec 17, 01:14 PM
Admin: Shani : Sorry we don't do jetski. Thanks
30 Nov 17, 09:51 AM
Shani: Hi, I own a Jet Ski and keen to rent it out. Kindly advise on the procedure. Thanks.
23 Jun 17, 04:43 PM
Admin: WWWC wishes all Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir dan batin.
28 Feb 17, 05:55 PM
Admin: Vitto : Thank you for your interest. Please contact us if you wish to be partners.
28 Feb 17, 07:06 AM
vitto: singapore and thai wakeboard park has a lot of tourist that do wakeboard. so i think malaysia can also be like that.. how i wish there will be a cable park here
28 Feb 17, 07:05 AM
vitto: countries surrounding malaysia has it already and its a HIT!!! camsur in philippines. many tourist visit because of wakeboard.. so i think malaysia will also!
28 Feb 17, 07:04 AM
vitto: lets make cable park here in malaysia happen!! i think its going to be a hit!!! the weather is good here in malaysia. no snow and no winter! thats why its a good place!!! and MY has a lot of lakes!
6 Feb 17, 08:27 AM
Admin: Anna : Yes we are open everyday including public holidays. Please WhatsApp for bookings. Thanks.
2 Feb 17, 10:14 AM
Anna: Are you open on Feb 8 Thursday?
15 Jan 17, 02:39 PM
Admin: Pallav: Yes we can fit 9pax in the big boat or 5pax in regular boat which is better for beginners. Thanks
9 Jan 17, 04:13 PM
pallav: *for wakeboaring
9 Jan 17, 03:22 PM
pallav: Hi, I am Pallav. Can we do multiple people on a boat. If so, then is there a limit on how many people on a boat?
31 Dec 16, 07:58 AM
Admin: Joe : Please check the rates page. RM480 perhour per boat weekend/holidays, RM400 weekdays. 15pax will need 2 boats. Thanks
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