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05/09/21 02:19 AM
marliejojo: it has nothing to do with you or deb it was mack she had 4 tours set for that day and just moved them
05/09/21 05:56 AM
patti2254: Happy Mothe'rs Day to all our Moms on the Brown Bandits League.
05/09/21 06:55 AM
05/09/21 09:44 AM
zoe10928: hello happy Mothers Day !!!!
05/10/21 05:39 AM
patti2254: Welcome to the Brown Bandits Zoe. Very good luck in all your games. :cool:
05/15/21 08:05 AM
Fairedust43: Hi I can not see chat when I am in room any ideas? I checked my site settings Chat is on
05/15/21 10:16 AM
Fairedust43: I reported chat as a bug sorry gang cant wait to get in to play
05/16/21 04:08 PM
patti2254: Where has Lee and Deb been? Miss them
05/17/21 08:50 AM
Fairedust43: Still no chat sorry everyone
05/17/21 02:21 PM
leelovesjimmy: patti we are getting a well deserved break thanks to mac she has been a miracle worker for us. Deb and i both thank her for this. More then you would even realize .
05/17/21 02:21 PM
leelovesjimmy: faire what are you playing on not sure how chat works on anything else but desktop computer or laptop
05/18/21 05:28 AM
Guest: i have been using my lap top they cant fix it so i am very sorry i wont be playing bingo on cases anymore i only have blue screen where chat used to be - i almost destroyed my lap top - laura at casem
05/18/21 09:47 AM
Fairedust43: Sorry Everyone I Did Not realize I was not logged in (I was Guest) I am sorry but i no longer have chat & laura has no idea how to help right now. I am very upset but what can i do maybe you can askl
05/19/21 08:17 PM
patti2254: Happy birthday PapaJohn. Hope you are doing good. Miss you my friend.
05/20/21 03:37 PM
Fairedust43: Ok So It Appears its the hospital wi-fi that is preventing chat - i am due home on the 35th so hopefully soon after that we will be able to be together for bingo Yippeee :P
05/22/21 02:27 AM
leelovesjimmy: i was thinking maybe it was , its to keep nurses off games and stuff. but was trying to really say that.
05/30/21 01:49 PM
teddybear1: Fairedust - the 35th of which month????? Hopefully you meant the 25th!!!!! Hahaha
06/04/21 10:42 PM
Fairedust43: Hi All I An Finally Back - Not Home But Have Chat Again... Still In Rehab - Long Story - Thank You All For Your Support - It's Great To Be Back. :biggrin:
06/14/21 07:55 AM
leelovesjimmy: its ok mac you needed a break yeah i wish you would have called me this morning.
06/14/21 07:55 AM
leelovesjimmy: deb and i have tours set please join us