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10 Apr 14, 12:01 PM
pulau pari: mohon info paket keseluruhan
25 Feb 14, 05:07 PM
tommy & Feren: ma kasih ko, keren abis hasilnya
19 Dec 13, 10:37 AM
febe: ma kasih, hasul fotonya cantik bang
24 Nov 13, 03:00 PM
sylvia renata: syukurlah prewed kami berjalan lancar, thanks a lot
27 Sep 13, 07:16 PM
win: @ Hans: langsung inbox aja ke fb saya gan
27 Sep 13, 07:16 PM
johan: thanks, Prewedd berjalan mulus, hasil mantaaap
21 Sep 13, 04:19 PM
fitrii: thanks ko, fotone bagus bagus ....
18 Sep 13, 08:44 PM
party babe: Parti free with baby Jane and Fay...!!
14 Sep 13, 05:03 PM
alexa: thanks photo sessionnya, bagus bagus puas deh
6 Sep 13, 07:29 PM
aZid: Lagu baru Aizat & Stacy
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