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18 Nov 19, 06:26 PM
Thank you so much for adding the new Supernatural screencaps♡
18 Nov 19, 03:56 AM
Peggy hello ILY
18 Nov 19, 03:55 AM
@Lilzi hello, the search feature, is working wonders. have you checked the w Letter ? if they aren't there, use the rightfull thread to request the show. Thanks. Just a kind reminder : no request here on the board.
18 Nov 19, 03:42 AM
When After screencaps ? Please 😭😭
17 Nov 19, 09:28 AM
Thank you
17 Nov 19, 09:27 AM
Hi @Minni We don't have those available at the moment, but they are on our list to re-add. :)
17 Nov 19, 09:23 AM
You still vampire academy caps?
17 Nov 19, 09:13 AM
@Wayywardson No worries at all. :) @Shell Most welcome! Thanks for commenting.
17 Nov 19, 09:13 AM
Hi @Kandise - If you comment here [link] I can check your account and send you a new password. :)
17 Nov 19, 03:51 AM
Thank you for Prodigal Son
17 Nov 19, 02:09 AM
I can't get into my account. I have tried to reset my password but the email isn't in my inbox or my spam or any other ones. Can someone please help?
17 Nov 19, 01:10 AM
So sorry! I didn't realise that it was asked before. I'm quite new here, so I'm not that familiar with everything. Sorry again and thanks
17 Nov 19, 12:34 AM
@raina I appreciate you letting me know for both modern family and the other shows.
16 Nov 19, 09:16 PM
@Wayywardson As mentioned twice (this is the third time in the past 24 hours) there is no need to ask for airing shows to be updated. If they are on the Schedule [link] it means they will be updated when the staffer has time. :)

PS. The latest episode of Supernatural only became available to download ~12 hours ago and it takes several hours to download > cap > sort > upload and advertise (and that's also not taking into account timezones). I'm not a robot or a magician so please keep that in mind. ;)
16 Nov 19, 07:05 PM
Heyy! So sorry! But can you update the Supernatural season 15 please? And thank you!
16 Nov 19, 03:56 PM
FYI: We just had a few minutes of downtime while we upgraded the Board to the latest version. Thanks for your patience and understanding! :)
16 Nov 19, 01:04 PM
Modern Family is delayed as the staffer is on a mini-hiatus. But as mentioned below we ask our visitors not to request/ask about airing shows in chat, they will be updated when the staffer has time. Thanks. :)
16 Nov 19, 12:57 PM
@raina sorry that’s my phone. But by chance do u have an eta on modern family? I’m working on a fanfic and I was hoping to have the caps. Of course take your time but just curious
16 Nov 19, 12:54 PM
@rania hi I was curious when the new supergirl screencaps will be updated?
16 Nov 19, 10:42 AM
@Kala / @Emily - Airing shows are updated when the staffer has time. No need to request or ask for them to be updated in chat. We do our best to get them up within 48 hours of the episode airing but we really appreciate patience from our visitors as we all have families/jobs/etc. :)
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