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NO requesting in the chatbox > Request Form

18 Jan 19, 03:35 AM
francesco like it says in the FAQ and Tutorials, you need to click 'thanks' to view the content. the content is the links to the zip downloads. you need to download the episode you want. we no longer have galleries
18 Jan 19, 03:34 AM
I can not see the photos ?????
18 Jan 19, 03:34 AM
francesco read the FAQ and Tutorials!
18 Jan 19, 03:33 AM
@Francesco Zip links for

You must click thanks to see this content...
18 Jan 19, 02:56 AM
@irisellie FAQ - [link] and Tutorials - [link]
18 Jan 19, 02:55 AM
Hello, there! Can anyone please tell me how can I have an account on screencapped?₩
17 Jan 19, 11:49 PM
Lunamoon no problem :)
17 Jan 19, 11:48 PM
I couldn't find them between the Vikings screencaps so I'm guessing they are not. Thank you for the reply!
17 Jan 19, 11:46 PM
Lunamoon You can use the search feature or easily browse to the Vikings screen caps to find your answer :) TV Shows > S to Z > V > Vikings
17 Jan 19, 11:44 PM
Are the screencaps of the Vikings Opening Titles of Season 1 currently on the website? Thank you in advance.
17 Jan 19, 08:51 PM
@Chandra that means you already created an account under that IP. Try the 'forgot password' using your email. If you are unable to remember which email you're currently registered under, please PM the staff on tumblr with your IP and we can help figure it out :)
17 Jan 19, 08:26 PM
When I try to register it keeps saying there was a new registration under my IP address and it won’t let me register. What do I do?
17 Jan 19, 03:10 PM
@Courtney, thank you for the reply. I skimmed through the instructions first time round but looked further and found it just now. Thanks again!
17 Jan 19, 01:07 PM
@All - most pending accounts have been approved and activated. Please keep in mind, if you create an account using a spam username or email address or if your username includes foul/inappropriate language, you account will not be approved and you'll be banned from the site. Thanks
17 Jan 19, 11:27 AM
Bumblebee587 Read through the faq and tutorials? If you just created your account you’ll need to wait on an admin to approve you. There’s a photo in the tutorials on where the thanks button is located as well
17 Jan 19, 11:02 AM
Hi, sorry for the random post but how do you "thank" someone on there? Can't seem to find how you do it. Supposedly required to a gallery I'm trying to access.
17 Jan 19, 05:27 AM
@brodie All shows that have been started will be completed at some point. I'm in charge of the Glee screen caps, and I have mountains of other shows in my backlog list. I do see that Season 4 was not added to the board, even though we have almost the whole season in zips. I will get those added as soon as possible. Other seasons will be completed when I am able to comb through all the other screen caps I currently have on my computer that need to be uploaded as they've already been capped. My hope is to finish Season 1 sometime in the next month or two :)
17 Jan 19, 03:49 AM
@All - All the pending accounts have been approved :)
17 Jan 19, 12:13 AM
hi raina, i was mostly asking whether or not the other seasons would be updated? thanks x
16 Jan 19, 07:49 PM
@Leo Please report issues with zips via the form, not here on the chat - thanks [link]
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