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5 Jul 20, 20:40
Superfly samm: Can’t beat the Glasgow sun Steven! Lord Lucan is in charge of that😂
5 Jul 20, 20:41
Superfly samm: Thanks clive😁
5 Jul 20, 20:42
Clive Phillips: Pleasure Samm :biggrin:
5 Jul 20, 20:43
Superfly samm: Joining the big 60 club tomorrow😁
5 Jul 20, 20:50
Steven: Tune
5 Jul 20, 20:50
Mike James: Many happy returns for 2moro Samm. Sorry to say it, but when I reached 60 it was like the Harry Enfield sketch when Keven became a teenager - ALL my aches and pains started . ENJOY. But look on the bright side as you dont pay for your prescriptions from now on.
5 Jul 20, 21:20
Mike James: Clive, do you pick the 70's grooves or do the other presenters have an input on what you play?
5 Jul 20, 21:22
Clive Phillips: No mate I pick every week :biggrin:
5 Jul 20, 21:22
Superfly samm: Great 70’s groove Clive👍
5 Jul 20, 21:23
Clive Phillips: Cheers Samm :biggrin:
5 Jul 20, 21:27
Mike James: This weekends 70 grooves have been brilliant, so funk orientated, such amazing sounds.
5 Jul 20, 21:28
Clive Phillips: Thanks Mike. Its in my bones LOL :biggrin:
5 Jul 20, 21:28
Superfly samm: Did Martin do a philly choice on Fridays couple years back Clive?
5 Jul 20, 21:32
Clive Phillips: Still does half hour on Fridays Samm except the first Friday in the month when its Salsoul
5 Jul 20, 21:58
Mike James: Once again the man, cometh and creates an outstanding show. Have a great week. Night to one and all.
5 Jul 20, 21:58
Clive Phillips: Many thanks Mike have a great week
5 Jul 20, 22:05
Superfly samm: Nice one Clive tops as always!👍
5 Jul 20, 22:17
Clive Phillips: Cheers Samm. Happy 60th mate. Enjoy ! :biggrin:
5 Jul 20, 22:20
Steven: Really enjoyed the show tonight
5 Jul 20, 22:22
Clive Phillips: Thank you Mr Steven. Appreciated mate :biggrin:
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