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5 Apr 20, 19:21
Mike James: Well, I aim to use the sick card and ask for Sine - just let me do my thing, if that's possible?
5 Apr 20, 19:23
mitchells palm springs: Hi LIstening at home today!
5 Apr 20, 19:24
Clive Phillips: Hi Mitch Thank you. Another warm welcome from RSR :biggrin:
5 Apr 20, 19:33
Steven: Good evening Mike welcome to RSR
5 Apr 20, 19:34
Steven: Good evening Mitchells welcome to RSR
5 Apr 20, 19:34
Superfly samm: Evening peeps hope your all well and staying safe whatever part of the world your listening! Good shout mike sine out of Patrick Adams stable I think?
5 Apr 20, 19:37
Mike James: Evening Samm, not 100% certain but think your right on that.
5 Apr 20, 19:39
Superfly samm: Cloud One atmosphere strut think another!
5 Apr 20, 19:39
Mike James: Clive many thanks for the shout and the play. True gentleman.
5 Apr 20, 19:40
Clive Phillips: Pleasure Mike :biggrin:
5 Apr 20, 19:44
Superfly samm: Clive if you can mate brainstorm loving is really my game please!
5 Apr 20, 20:51
Steven: Great show Clive
5 Apr 20, 20:52
Clive Phillips: Cheers Steven :biggrin:
5 Apr 20, 20:52
Mike James: Clive, great sounds as per the norm. Night to one and all. Stay safe.
5 Apr 20, 20:54
Steven: Have a safe week everyone
5 Apr 20, 20:54
Clive Phillips: Thanks Mike. Stay safe Mike :biggrin:
5 Apr 20, 20:55
Superfly samm: See ya all take care be safe thanks Clive great tunes mate👍
5 Apr 20, 20:57
Clive Phillips: Sorry Samm just realised what you asked for. Take care mate thanks as always :biggrin:
5 Apr 20, 21:00
Superfly samm: Probably bit to much for a Sunday night any way Clive lol
5 Apr 20, 21:01
Clive Phillips: LOL Samm nite mate :biggrin:
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