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14 May 21, 19:57
Martin Shaw: Hi Mike
14 May 21, 19:57
Lloyd: great show tonight
14 May 21, 19:58
Don Watson RSR: fanks mike :)
14 May 21, 19:58
Don Watson RSR: thank you Lloyd :)
14 May 21, 20:25
Ash: Oi oi Mike how are ya? :D
14 May 21, 20:29
Mike James: Ash, my main man, everything's sweet down here. How you been?
14 May 21, 20:36
Ash: All good Mike thanks.......................i`m doin a road trip to Camberley some time soon bro :D :P
14 May 21, 20:42
Mike James: If there is a chance of a meet up, sounds good but obviously, work, date and distance comes into it.
14 May 21, 20:50
Ash: Mike i`m drivin down from Glasgow and it will be a weekender as usuall bro lol
14 May 21, 20:51
Ash: I usually let everyone know a month in advance the dates i`ll be down and twhere i`ll be staying so i hope you can make it :P :D
14 May 21, 20:52
Mike James: Deffo sounds good mate.
14 May 21, 21:05
Ash: I`ll let ya know soon as i set the date Mike :D
14 May 21, 21:10
Ash: Great choons tonight Martin :D
14 May 21, 21:16
Martin Shaw: Cheers Ash
14 May 21, 21:37
Ash: :biggrin:
14 May 21, 21:56
Mike James: Martin, excellent show. Pure quality. Night Mate, have a great week and will be tuned in next week.
14 May 21, 21:57
Mike James: Ash, till we check in again. Night Buddy, look after yourself.
14 May 21, 21:57
Martin Shaw: Cheers MIke - Stay Safe
14 May 21, 22:02
Ash: Thanks MArty
14 May 21, 22:02
Ash: Check in soon Mike :D
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