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PunkrPrincess: P/sq
EMU: 68/kz 68/kz 68/kz HEY HEY HEY
nomadpunx: (P.P
nomadpunx: later :)
MoeCash: catch ya next week
nomadpunx: :)
MoeCash: Time for some boston market lol
nomadpunx: 68/kz
nomadpunx: :)
MoeCash: 7/0a
nomadpunx: /68bnd*
nomadpunx: :)
MoeCash: %i$H
PunkrPrincess: M)O.
nomadpunx: /68bnd*
MoeCash: ..mad. ..mad. ..mad. ..mad.
nomadpunx: 68/kz
MoeCash: w.o.t..
nomadpunx: :)
MoeCash: @a.R M)O. @a.R
MoeCash: <zz>*
RoBiN GrAvEs: i have it turned up
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: i luv that hard base
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: yeah /k2* 1^%a1
RoBiN GrAvEs: lol
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: i is not no rachet ho
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: oh my laws
RoBiN GrAvEs: song after the news is for you
RoBiN GrAvEs: i likes it
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: matrix music
RoBiN GrAvEs: last slow song..i Promus
RoBiN GrAvEs: i agree
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: pretty song
RoBiN GrAvEs: some moby from every thing is wrong
RoBiN GrAvEs: lol
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: ya better ack sumbody
RoBiN GrAvEs: i know ..mad. right ack at ya #h@G
~DJ DENNIS IN THA MIX~: ..e.l 1^%a1
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