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PunkrPrincess: *nma get on air
PunkrPrincess: Dj Nomad
PunkrPrincess: 3_GA
nomadpunx: later
Moe Cash: Catch ya next week!
nomadpunx: 68/kz
Moe Cash: Time to fire up the BBQ!
Moe Cash: 7/0a
nomadpunx: /68bnd*
nomadpunx: :cool:
Moe Cash: ..mad. ..mad. ..mad. ..mad.
nomadpunx: /68bnd*
nomadpunx: :cool:
Moe Cash: :biggrin:
Lisa..PP: I like this 👌
Moe Cash: :cool:
Lisa..PP: 3m#.
nomadpunx: ..mad.
Moe Cash: w.o.t..
nomadpunx: :)
Moe Cash: @a.R M)O. @a.R
PunkrPrincess: will be listening to Moe in car
PunkrPrincess: I have to go get groceries blah!!
Lisa..PP: Her internet went down
Lisa..PP: ^)fl
nomadpunx: 68/kz
Anita Buzz: well good morning sleepy head!!!
Lisa..PP: Just woke up
Lisa..PP: Jw4y
nomadpunx: 1^%a1
Anita Buzz: ..mad.
nomadpunx: /68bnd*
nomadpunx: its been working for a few hours lol
nomadpunx: *^ha&
Anita Buzz: I think the weed is working!! oh Yeah!!!!
Anita Buzz: @a6 I have been trying to find this smilie thing for nearly 15 minutes
nomadpunx: p*p4fd
Anita Buzz: Good morning!!!!
nomadpunx: w.o.t..
Anita Buzz: @a.R
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