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nomadpunx: (P.P
Adam: Still rocking it MARK. Art CLOKEY would be proud.
Adam: (ss2
Adam Stafford: Hell yes🤙🏽
PunkrPrincess: ll..q
Louden: Great show, Mark.
PunkrPrincess: 7/2a
EMU: 7/8 Yeea
PunkrPrincess: ll..q
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: %i$H
EMU: Ready To Killlll It A MUST TO HEAR DEATH ROCK SHOW UP 7PM 8/9a 7/3a /k2* /k2*
PunkrPrincess: *w/e
PunkrPrincess: (ss2
EMU: Live in Diamond Bar was supposed to evacuate for the fire but it never got that close-Big water pipe in my complex broke no water -- I didn't get a chance to advertise hope you's be there (A@Q %w49
Kait: thank you all for being here!! hugss!
Kait: :)
nomadpunx: :cool:
Kait: yeah the one you made looks really good! :)
PunkrPrincess: I have 1 just have to resize to add here
PunkrPrincess: no worries
Kait: hey lisa! thanks! I will get the new posters made up..just been a little busy..the water leak FINALLY got fixed yesterday....thankfully its over.
PunkrPrincess: VvA
Kait: afternoon all!
nomadpunx: (P.P
nomadpunx: :cool:
PunkrPrincess: 1^%a1
PunkrPrincess: *~~**LIVE ON AIR NOW**~~* Spike Polite​ Punk Rock and Beyond Tune in to this show live on Whatever68 Radio by using the links below Chat Link: [link] Visit our Blog [link] Tune in App for IOS: [link] Radio Forest App for Android: [link] Radio.net [link] Live Online Radio [link] #supportthescene #we68 #whatever68 #liveshow #punk #livedj #internetradio #we68 #whatever68radio #diymusic #indie #underground #punkrock #NYC
PunkrPrincess: P/sq
nomadpunx: 68/kz
PunkrPrincess: you too
MoeCash: Stay safe!
MoeCash: Happy Halloween!
MoeCash: Have great week!!!
PunkrPrincess: thanks Moe
MoeCash: Today is the day lol
MoeCash: I've been in the mood for one for days!
PunkrPrincess: i love gyro's
PunkrPrincess: yum
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