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02/01/20 11:15 PM
lool: I got 60k likes for doing two roads in the space of like an hour
02/01/20 11:15 PM
lool: Didnt think the roads were anything special but the likes just came pouring in
04/01/20 12:21 AM
noodle: I havent seen Pitch-kun in quite awhile but hes got a you tube channel
04/01/20 12:54 AM
Pitchblack: Hello
04/01/20 12:56 AM
Pitchblack: noodle, are you on discord
04/01/20 12:57 AM
Pitchblack: cbox is so antiquated ( ¬‿¬)
04/01/20 01:04 AM
Pitchblack: though i've still kept this bookmark for 9 years now: https://doki.co/chat/ class="bbURL" href="https://doki.co/chat/cbox/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">cbox/
04/01/20 01:04 AM
Pitchblack: ah cbox, how I love how you break links
04/01/20 01:04 AM
Pitchblack: the good ol' dayz
04/01/20 01:24 AM
noodle: lol link broken
04/01/20 01:24 AM
noodle: yes im on discord
04/01/20 01:24 AM
noodle: hit me up through steam ill give you details
04/01/20 01:25 AM
Andros414: noodle. here: https://discord.gg/E5HfR6
04/01/20 01:25 AM
Andros414: cbox discord and we're all there... except Tomoki
05/01/20 04:29 PM
a non: Thanks for the bocchi~
05/01/20 04:30 PM
a non: mangadex link in the cbox still points to .org btw
09/01/20 04:34 PM
martinez: Huehuehuehue
13/01/20 12:21 AM
yeet: how do I get to watch the uncesnored version
13/01/20 12:22 AM
yeet: biw
13/01/20 12:43 PM
Rokudaime: I'm excited about the Higurashi project. For once it looks like we'll get more proper mystery horror Higurashi, like the 2 season original series, instead of all those nonsense slice of life spinoff OVA's.
13/01/20 12:44 PM
Rokudaime: *new Higurashi project
21/01/20 05:18 AM
Shiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pN8TvupNn4 :glad:
21/01/20 05:24 AM
Andros414: ( ¬‿¬)
25/01/20 08:59 PM
ixlone@chino: Oh, cbox works with firefox again
29/01/20 01:54 AM
Myth: /kurisu > all
06/02/20 08:31 AM
Haru: Ist doki dead?
06/02/20 06:00 PM
Femto Zeta: They literally released something today just a few hours before you asked.
07/02/20 09:39 AM
123456: What's the deal with the latest New Game torrent, it won't download
07/02/20 12:58 PM
ixlone@chino: Guess i forgot to actually start seeding
08/02/20 09:50 PM
Haru: I asked that because the xdcc website isn't working
15/02/20 11:49 PM
question?: Hello, there was a torrent tracker that used to be listed in doki.co, i've forgotten the name but it starts with ani i think. anyone knows what happend to it? or remembers the complete link (name)?
15/02/20 11:50 PM
question?: Oh it was right at the bottom of this chat box xD
15/02/20 11:50 PM
question?: it was anidex :P
20/02/20 08:04 PM
noodle: wow doki did konosuba? lol, i have been too busy
20/02/20 08:04 PM
noodle: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
22/02/20 01:55 AM
junh1024: When witll the mangadex PM system finish maintenance?
22/02/20 05:16 AM
ixlone@chino: Soon™
24/02/20 10:20 AM
fsd: Do you have discord server?
25/02/20 06:07 PM
Femto Zeta: I guess the mangadex discord would be the "official" one
28/02/20 07:21 PM
beepboop: i havent been on this site for ages, but can you not download anime torrent files anymore? cant seem to find links
28/02/20 07:22 PM
beepboop: if not anyone know a working site i can use without risk
28/02/20 07:24 PM
beepboop: nvm found it, effing retarded.
02/03/20 10:55 AM
TheThing_forgotpasswd: ( ¬‿¬)
03/03/20 05:01 AM
loser: where's the new bocchi chapter gentlemen
03/03/20 07:07 AM
Roppanmatsuni: I'd tell a joke about ghosts, but I'm afraid it'd come back to haunt me later.
03/03/20 01:27 PM
Jazz-y: TheThing still stinx.
04/03/20 06:33 AM
TheThing_forgotpasswd: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
09/03/20 12:29 AM
Kurau: Is Holo still setting up seedboxes for people that pay for them?
09/03/20 12:31 AM
Andros414: better question is "is holo still alive?" ( ¬‿¬)
09/03/20 12:32 AM
Kurau: who should i contact about setting up the seedbox at this rate then?
09/03/20 12:32 AM
Andros414: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
09/03/20 01:00 AM
Kurau: who should i contact then for a refund? any ideas?
09/03/20 02:11 AM
Femto Zeta: Have you actually tried contacting Holo?
09/03/20 02:12 AM
Kurau: Yes
10/03/20 12:33 AM
ixlone@chino: Join mangadex discord and pm him there
10/03/20 12:34 AM
ixlone@chino: Email probably gets lost in the thousands
19/03/20 03:15 PM
Aran: Hey guys
19/03/20 03:16 PM
Aran: I think I found a way to get the pics of various episodes back.
19/03/20 03:16 PM
Aran: http://web.archive.org/web/20110512211846/http://doki.co/
19/03/20 03:19 PM
Aran: This might be old news though since you seem to have the Hanasaku Iroha pics back up.
19/03/20 03:20 PM
Aran: Denpa Onna could use help though.
19/03/20 09:53 PM
ixlone@chino: Sounds like effort :D
23/03/20 09:43 AM
Silver: Wack
23/03/20 04:33 PM
Kurumi Tokisaki: Hey, Doki… May I have one question? Anime title is “Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars” Can you fix English Sub that can match Japanese Dub, please?? Because English Sub is no good at all, so please fix it. Here link >>> https://nyaa.si/view/958387 Thank you
24/03/20 01:17 AM
Femto Zeta: Why are you asking Doki and not the uploader?
24/03/20 04:18 AM
rg: Mangadex is throwing a 502 bad gateway error
25/03/20 08:17 PM
Gordon Shumway: Are you considering subbing the KonoSuba movie? (I just want the movie filename to have [Doki] at the start, like all of my S2 files do. >:-) Thanks.
25/03/20 08:27 PM
Andros414: WOW. you had to choose that name.
25/03/20 08:47 PM
Gordon Shumway: What's wrong with my name?
26/03/20 06:20 AM
odinigh: I'm not retiming someone else's release of a series I don't even like, I am so sorry.
26/03/20 07:07 AM
DarkMatter: What's up guys
26/03/20 04:03 PM
Gordon Shumway: Sorry - I didn't read the KonoSuba S2 comments before asking about the movie. Looking forward to it!
29/03/20 04:57 PM
Sam1: Guys, why am I getting slow speeds on xdcc even though I have decent internet connection? I'm getting like 16 KB/s download speeds
31/03/20 08:12 PM
ixlone@chino: Depends how full bots are i guess
31/03/20 08:12 PM
ixlone@chino: And how far you are from the server
01/04/20 10:04 PM
rg: Nice trolling on mangadex with the "ad"
04/04/20 04:53 AM
Rlex: Konosuba movie BD when
04/04/20 05:17 AM
odinigh: Soon enough. I got back home not long ago, so I've been messing with the encode the past couple days. The script is being timed, and I'm working on the songs as well. Might be a week, might be more or less
04/04/20 05:18 AM
Andros414: since KonoSuba is the subject, any thoughts on the possibility of a new anime since the LN is ending in May?
04/04/20 06:01 AM
odinigh: Or if you mean another season of Konosuba, I believe one was announced, although I am not sure
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