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09/10/18 10:01 AM
heyman: still not appealing
09/10/18 03:50 PM
Slasher: She could change the style of her shorts
09/10/18 09:48 PM
Kurausukun: @heyman regarding GJM's translation choices for Index: not very good, but they're somehow literally the only ones doing it
10/10/18 09:07 AM
heyman: unfortunately
10/10/18 11:16 AM
Rokudaime: A fact which boggles my mind, honestly...It's Index...It's a major, major show...Why the heck is only one group subbing it, and why isn't even Crunchyroll bothering with it? It's ridiculous.
10/10/18 01:31 PM
ixlone@chino: It's only a major show to you
10/10/18 03:21 PM
Slasher: A troll by all major fansubbers?
10/10/18 04:15 PM
Rokudaime: @ix: Um, no? The Index/Railgun etc franchise is one of the most commercially successful and popular light novel/manga/anime franchises out there. It's right up there with Fate, Haruhi, Sword Art Online etc. It's big business. The Index light novels alone is the fourth most successful light novel series of all time (SAO is third), with over 15 million copies sold. This is information you can easily check online. The franchise is huge, and so is the anime.
10/10/18 05:53 PM
Rokudaime: Railgun III is coming next year as well. Nice. Index III now, and Railgun III and Accelerator next year. They're giving us the whole shabam. It's a good time to be a To Aru fan.
10/10/18 05:55 PM
Maus: Index I + II were absolute garbage and Railgun was only good, not great
10/10/18 05:56 PM
Maus: the light novels are probably not done justice by the adaptions
10/10/18 05:56 PM
Maus: just because standards were lower when nothing good came out when Index was airing doesn't mean that mentalities change :x
10/10/18 05:56 PM
Maus: don't change
10/10/18 05:57 PM
Maus: if you told me the light novels were moderately decent and deservedly got a lot of praise by a good chunk amount of the weeb community I would totally believe you
10/10/18 05:58 PM
Maus: alas, nobody reads light novels here LUL
10/10/18 07:46 PM
ixlone@chino: Still not major :x
11/10/18 01:07 AM
Rokudaime: @Maus: Agree to disagree.
11/10/18 01:12 AM
Rokudaime: @ix: You can say that all you want ix, it doesn't make it true. :P In terms of popularity (in Japan, where it matters), and in terms of potential financial gain (what matters the most to anime creators), it objectively is major. It's a fact. Your own personal, subjective opinion has no bearing on the matter.
11/10/18 01:50 AM
ixlone@chino: And yet no one is interested in doing it
11/10/18 01:50 AM
ixlone@chino: Clearly not just my opinion :x
11/10/18 02:02 AM
Poppi: @ix: The fact that there is a group doing it at these times when the fansub community is freaking dead, should tell you that it is a major release
11/10/18 02:03 AM
Poppi: I mean, ffs, no one even picked up the new Steins Gate, which is clearly a major release.
11/10/18 02:54 AM
ixlone@chino: Clearly not that major
11/10/18 02:54 AM
ixlone@chino: Some fanbois picking a show up tells me nothing
11/10/18 04:13 AM
Poppi: Lmao, what is a major release for you then?
11/10/18 01:19 PM
ixlone@chino: shoujo ramune
11/10/18 01:51 PM
Maus: Give this man a medal /mashitroll
11/10/18 05:06 PM
Slasher: W...Wow...you guys are dedicated!
11/10/18 06:07 PM
altazure: Garupa Pico ep 4!
11/10/18 08:47 PM
Rokudaime: You're using the wrong measures to judge whether a particular anime is major or not, ix. The number of English fansub groups subbing a show is of little relevance in the big picture, especially these days. And even if it wasn't, it definitely is useless for properly judging the popularity of the franchise as a whole. I think you actually know all that though, I think you're just being difficult on purpose. :P Tell you what though, if the blurays for the show end up selling poorly in Japan, I'll concede that you were right all along. About the latest season of the anime that is. Not the franchise as a whole (it was reported in July 2018 that the entire franchise combined has sold over 30 million copies). I don't think that will happen though. All the other series so far have sold well.
11/10/18 08:48 PM
Rokudaime: If anyone's interested in any anime bluray sales in general: http://www.someanithing.com/series-data-quick-view
11/10/18 09:18 PM
ixlone@chino: To much text
11/10/18 09:19 PM
ixlone@chino: So no doubt you are wrong
12/10/18 06:50 AM
Rokudaime: So basically "la la la, I can't hear you, and I don't care about your proof and good arguments, you're still wrong, because I said so!". :P Well, okay then, if that's how you're going to be, there's not much point in discussing this anymore, lol. But that's fine, like I said, I didn't think you were serious anyway, and were just being difficult on purpose, and I guess I was right.
12/10/18 06:53 AM
firefish5000: who broke the hentai pictures?
12/10/18 06:53 AM
firefish5000: ...Not that I was trying to look
12/10/18 06:55 AM
firefish5000: oh, its just pictures in general, moinus the newest one? Well, I could have avoided saying a lot about my character
12/10/18 01:47 PM
ixlone@chino: More like cba to read a wall of text in a chat box :x
12/10/18 01:47 PM
ixlone@chino: Especially when you are wrong
12/10/18 01:47 PM
ixlone@chino: And all the images got nuked by mistake
12/10/18 06:45 PM
ach: sooo you accidentaly deleted the entire image database
12/10/18 06:45 PM
ach: ?
12/10/18 09:09 PM
altazure: basically yes
13/10/18 07:18 AM
curious_cat: did you make a backup
13/10/18 07:30 AM
ixlone@chino: Apparently it got lost
13/10/18 07:30 AM
ixlone@chino: And no one cares enough to go remake them
13/10/18 10:54 AM
alone: fansub.co was amazing, and I used it all the time you guys should consider putting it back up /hibiki
13/10/18 11:06 PM
ixlone@chino: It's gone
14/10/18 05:34 AM
firefish5000: ....
14/10/18 05:34 AM
firefish5000: not what I was expecting. Now how will I know what to watch/read?
14/10/18 06:18 AM
Aflac: Hey guys. What happened to fansub.co? I can't reach it, and it's redirecting to a mangadex subdomain. What's goin on with it?
14/10/18 06:48 AM
Maus: do you people type before even attempting to read previously written messages in this chatbox?
14/10/18 06:48 AM
Maus: your question was answered 3 sentences ago
14/10/18 06:54 AM
Aflac: Wow. wtf, how do you delete the entire image database by mistake. So those multiple years of fansub.co are just gone forever?...
14/10/18 09:48 AM
Andros414|Done: How? Shit happens. Kinda fucky that it did happen, but you can probably find versions somewhere online.
14/10/18 10:36 AM
ixlone@chino: Waste of time to replace them
14/10/18 10:36 AM
ixlone@chino: Too much effort
15/10/18 09:34 PM
Bob Smith: Where is Henjyo hiding? :(
16/10/18 10:02 AM
anon434224: well, thats happend
16/10/18 10:03 AM
anon434224: should have backup that or something like git thing
16/10/18 01:35 PM
ixlone@chino: Like i said, the backup got lost somewhere
16/10/18 06:00 PM
firefish5000: So that is how nuked it is.... Well, if anyone mirrored it recently, this could be your time to shine! I think my rss reader was set to download the images, but I stopped using it once holo's presence started diminishing here.
16/10/18 06:01 PM
firefish5000: On an unrelated note, is TheThing still alive? Don't think I have seen him in quite a long time
16/10/18 08:26 PM
Blubbeh: https://web.archive.org/web/*/images.hologfx.com/Doki/* Though doesn't change that putting those back in place will require some effort. There is a lot, but not sure how complete this really is. Checking for recent stuff there, it seems to be missing quite a bit still.
17/10/18 03:23 PM
firefish5000: I considered that as well. you would only be missing ~1 months worth of stuff. It be prety easy to automate the downloads and send them to you if you wish. Held back the suggestion because I am not positive if they keep the original image, or apply more lossy compression to it.compress images. I would think that we have at least one crazy person mirroring this site locally.
17/10/18 03:26 PM
firefish5000: Well, in theory anyways. Actualy, doesn't look like they backed up much more than what was on the main page.
17/10/18 03:28 PM
firefish5000: So, I guess you could recover stuff from 2-4 months back. and then 7-8 months ago.... it be pretty crappy the more I look at it
17/10/18 03:31 PM
firefish5000: You would want to use this url instead though https://web.archive.org/web/20180831145020/https://doki.co/ . Since 1) the images site wasn't indexable, and 2) doki.co got more traffic, so wayback took more snapshots of it.
17/10/18 03:33 PM
firefish5000: well, the other url could be easier for things from 2014 and before
17/10/18 05:31 PM
Blubbeh: I used the imagehost's url since even if there's gonna be any effort for this I doubt it would go beyond downloading all the archived images and dumping them, straight back onto the server. That host used to be browsable, but even if it isn't now, if a page gets archived that uses images from there, the direct image url is archived too, so no difference in data there.
18/10/18 07:19 AM
firefish5000: Yes there is a big diffrence. it only contains data from january of 2015 and before
18/10/18 07:23 AM
firefish5000: You can still extract images from doki.co archive, which link to image host archive. For example, the top image result from doki.co has the address of https://web.archive.org/web/20180831145020im_/https://images.hologfx.com/Doki/Persona 5/Persona 5 - 17.png
18/10/18 07:24 AM
firefish5000: note that was one link with a space in the url. probably should have typed %20, but didnt read it
18/10/18 07:25 AM
firefish5000: images.hoglofix archive wwill not find that because there is no index for it past 2015
18/10/18 07:26 AM
firefish5000: that is, it was images.hoglofix was indirectly archived.
18/10/18 07:28 AM
firefish5000: Either way though, its a crappy solution. Not much past the main page was archived. what it chose to archive is somewhat random
18/10/18 07:28 AM
firefish5000: both archives have links with no data
18/10/18 02:51 PM
ixlone@chino: Softcore porn-ish
18/10/18 05:58 PM
selha: where are the nips xD
19/10/18 05:40 AM
don juan: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/471127430489440310/502717684887191562/unknown.png
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