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07/10/20 07:34 AM
Anonese: But aniplex subs == abomination. He was talking about good subs.
07/10/20 06:22 PM
E: Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Or not watch.
15/10/20 08:57 AM
JacobSwaggedUp: Were you gonna do Mahouka S2 and the movie?
17/10/20 01:52 PM
TTNotLoggedIn: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
21/10/20 01:04 AM
simp: doki is a vibe
24/10/20 09:21 PM
Kyouma: While I also would like to see some anime releases from doki, they subbed so many shows already. Can't really blame them
24/10/20 09:30 PM
t: anyone know which groups are working on Yashahime?
24/10/20 10:00 PM
Kyouma: @t: Scroll down a bit here: https://anidb.net/anime/15546
10/11/20 12:26 PM
question: Is there a way to hide 18+ images on the home page?
10/11/20 02:05 PM
altazure: Fixed, the newest post was missing the mature content filter
11/11/20 09:37 PM
E: It still is missing that filter.
11/11/20 09:38 PM
E: If you load the page the latest post is uncensored without any sort of filter. You have to manually click to hide.
18/11/20 03:41 PM
Bob13: Thanks for Bocchi, comments don't seem to work for me....
23/11/20 01:26 AM
Classic: Thanks for Suru Onnanoko! (can't post comments there too).
04/12/20 07:20 PM
Holo: I fixed the NSFW thing
27/12/20 01:28 PM
Darkjl: link to the discord please
02/01/21 04:15 PM
Shiro: ( ¬‿¬)
05/01/21 12:24 PM
viliml: why are you 5 chapters behind on bocchi, when will you catch up?
05/01/21 04:48 PM
Femto Zeta: Because unfortunately the translator has a life
06/01/21 06:39 PM
viliml: if he could make time in his schedule to translate one 4koma strip every day , you could keep up with the 2 chapters/month schedule
07/01/21 07:00 PM
ixlone: If you made time to learn japanese you could catch up with schedule yourself
08/01/21 02:22 AM
09/01/21 12:55 AM
viliml: @ixlone I do know Japanese, thank you very much. that doesn't mean I can't complain on behalf of your audience. on the contrary, I'm the only one who can, since EOPs don't know how far behind you are.
09/01/21 01:43 AM
Bob13: Thanks for bocchi! ;) @viliml - some of us are just happy to get it when it's here and understand that the team have other priorities sometimes ;P
09/01/21 01:49 PM
Jazz-y: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
10/01/21 09:18 AM
tian: is xdcc for girl gaku gonna be fixed?
12/01/21 05:36 AM
Dakara: Can I hope more releases for Ranma?
13/01/21 09:41 AM
Funkel: isn't it fun when people expect you to work more so they can have free stuff. amazing. be thankful for their kindness, politely request, don't demand. some guys, lul. also: any news or updates on when/if you do Kurenai Densetsu? :3
22/01/21 09:50 AM
Dude: but... why?
22/01/21 09:51 AM
Dude: but... why?
24/01/21 01:19 PM
Time: Meaning
25/01/21 07:04 AM
Aaa: arigato
26/01/21 09:16 AM
Roppanmatsuni: Hiya.^^ been a LOONG time since I posted, so thought I'd wish you all well, and Happy New Year.
29/01/21 07:23 PM
pov: hello
06/02/21 03:01 AM
moe: /anastasia
08/02/21 11:45 PM
09/02/21 08:20 PM
Lucy: Hi Mina San
11/02/21 06:14 AM
carm: does anyone know which fansub groups are interested in old/obscure anime
11/02/21 06:15 AM
carm: /cecilia
18/02/21 12:33 AM
awed: yo, did you ever do To LOVE-Ru: Multiplication? I think its the only one missing?
18/02/21 12:36 AM
awed: nvm after checking the review and comparing it to darkness OVA 10, thats the one
19/02/21 09:48 PM
Gizmo: wait whut. I have [Doki] Seto no hanayome in 1080p but site only lists to 720 O.o
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: you don't have doki 1080
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: Cos we never released it in 1080 cos the source material was shit
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: You have fake files :x
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: By someone else
20/02/21 02:19 PM
Andros414: the main thing I liked about Seto no Hanayome was the ending
23/02/21 03:53 AM
ramzh: ever gonna see Seitokai Yukundaimo OVAs and S2 ?
24/02/21 10:03 AM
Roppanmatsuni: I actually just tried downloading the torrent to the to Love-ru ova, and it gave me an error page. Will these be re-uploaded eventually, or are they gone for good?
27/02/21 06:25 PM
DarkRen: Is there a way for me to grab the To Love Ru Eps 1-6 Season 1 BD 720p? The torrent and XDCC is missing
04/03/21 05:55 AM
onward: Can I have some help to get torrent for Yahari oregairu? I try xdcc and find the packlist, My request is denied
05/03/21 03:51 PM
LyricalDarkMage: Do you guys take requests to translate mangas?
06/03/21 07:16 AM
Rokudaime: Quick question since I don't remember: I know New game! was dropped since it's licensed in English, and you caught up, which is fine, I'm buying the volumes. But for Ohimesama, Goblin, Henjyo, and Sui Yobi, which of those were dropped, and which are just stalled? Are Bocchi and mankitsu gurashi the only unfinished mangas you're still working on? For Sui Yobi in particular I think you're only a few chapters away from having finished it.
08/03/21 05:48 AM
Femto Zeta: Goblin was dropped. Pretty sure Henjyo too. Not sure about the others.
08/03/21 09:14 PM
Rokudaime: I see...
14/03/21 10:25 PM
aw: Discord server?
17/03/21 03:47 PM
NoL9L: N
20/03/21 08:57 PM
Andros414: I
21/03/21 12:14 AM
a non: It's ded, Bocchi. It's ded.
21/03/21 04:23 PM
NoL9L: imagine being the party pooper and not finishing the gospel
22/03/21 05:37 PM
nako-suke: bocchi when
25/03/21 10:38 AM
viliml: at this rate the final chapter will be a year after the raw
26/03/21 05:06 PM
Jun2: Yo, did you guys hear about new game ending? Shit sucks
29/03/21 04:48 PM
Myth: /kurisu > all
07/04/21 03:53 PM
yangjun: awesome covers! But I'm sorry crawl , i did't want to ddos it :(
07/04/21 04:41 PM
yangjun: holly mom, i download all cover by hand without any program....
09/04/21 04:16 PM
warasama: do you know where to watch anime omoi omoware furi furare
14/04/21 12:50 AM
bruh: just fap
18/04/21 04:27 PM
Fruds: Anyone Filipino here??
18/04/21 04:27 PM
Fruds: Yow who are surfing Right now please chat
22/04/21 10:09 AM
NoL9L: No.
24/04/21 11:38 PM
AnonA1Sauce: New Game S2 only have 1 volume is sad
24/04/21 11:38 PM
AnonA1Sauce: Pls finish
27/04/21 06:22 AM
memess: Demon Slayer Movie: Mugen train is now available on US Playstation Video. H u r r y U p, G u y s !
01/05/21 04:24 PM
Rokudaime: This site sure has gotten inactive...
01/05/21 04:37 PM
Rokudaime: I hope the site doesn't end up the same way the forum eventually did, still existing, but for all intents and purposes being dead. There's no activity there since 2017, except for one bug report in 2020, and one other post in 2018...There's not even a link to the forums on this site anymore, so you either need to Google the forums, or have the link saved from before...I miss the good old days...
02/05/21 01:05 PM
altazure: There haven't been any manga releases recently because MangaDex has been down
03/05/21 08:18 AM
ixlone: Got plenty of chapters ready to release :x
03/05/21 08:20 PM
Rokudaime: Nice!
08/05/21 03:07 AM
NoL9L: lol ok
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