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08/04/18 04:16 PM
Slasher: Would REALLY like a re:zero second season
08/04/18 06:34 PM
Myth: /kurisu > all
08/04/18 07:04 PM
Kuroe: /momo >all
08/04/18 07:28 PM
mogu: since there is no highest number, any equation claiming anything to be greater than "all" is just factually incorrect
09/04/18 04:13 AM
ixlone@chino: Swappu
09/04/18 12:57 PM
Femto Zeta: They are just so great that they are greater than the entirety of everything and all that is ( ¬‿¬)
09/04/18 02:34 PM
Dream~: Welp this volume 3 of swap swap is really enjoyable.Repicking this series isn't a mistake after all.
09/04/18 02:49 PM
mogu: it's only just getting started
09/04/18 02:49 PM
mogu: despite already being half over
09/04/18 02:58 PM
Maus: are you that guy that got all butthurt and autistic about love triangles?
09/04/18 03:06 PM
Slasher: Someone got problems with love triangles and are into anime/manga? Must have a really small reading/watching list.
09/04/18 04:42 PM
Rokudaime: Watched Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish) yesterday. Loved it. I read the manga, but it still surprised me just how much I enjoyed the anime. And i think Hanabi's voice actor, Anzai Chika, is my new favourite seiyu. Her voice in the show is just so incredibly cute. <3 Seriously considering just looking up shows she's in and watching them, something I've never done before with any seiyu's.
09/04/18 10:43 PM
Slasher: Scum's Wish is on my to watch list. It's rather full ATM though.
10/04/18 05:04 PM
ixlone@chino: Swappppppppu
11/04/18 03:11 PM
Maus: swapu subs
11/04/18 04:58 PM
ixlone@chino: Nothing wrong with that!
12/04/18 12:09 AM
Rokudaime: I've been thinking, shouldn't mangadex get its own button above this chatbox on the main doki page, in the same way as anidex and musicdex?
12/04/18 08:22 AM
randomdude: Someone probably making one. But I'm a bit curious in who is gonna get feature in the button.
12/04/18 01:45 PM
nom: Remember when doki is fansub group?
12/04/18 01:58 PM
mogu: remember when fansubs were actually relevant?
12/04/18 02:13 PM
Maus: Yes
12/04/18 02:14 PM
Maus: I wanna die inside everytime I read: "Ms. Tougou" in Yuuki Yuuna, spoken by Yuuki Yuuna HER BEST FUCKING FRIEND
12/04/18 03:54 PM
mogu: And yet she does not address her as someone normally would a best friend. And that's actually relevant to the characters.
12/04/18 04:10 PM
Maus: ye
12/04/18 04:10 PM
Maus: cuz they dum
12/04/18 04:53 PM
mogu: if you think that, you missed pretty much their entire relationship dynamic
12/04/18 06:46 PM
Maus@htc: Togo is practically married to yuuna, she just doesnt know it
13/04/18 06:10 PM
Slasher: Thanks for more Henjyo Doki peeps!
13/04/18 06:11 PM
Slasher: Porn is OK too!
13/04/18 06:11 PM
Slasher: Just saying...
14/04/18 12:56 AM
DarkRen: i wonder if someone could help seeding to-love ru vol 1 720p. thanks
14/04/18 03:46 AM
R.D.: So, um... was it ever stated why KonoSuba 2 volume 4 was skipped?
15/04/18 04:13 AM
anonyn: Someone just forgot to upload the files.
15/04/18 09:46 PM
Myth: /kurisu
16/04/18 12:48 AM
Rokudaime: @DarkRen: Doki has a reseeding request section. Go ask there, and you're much more likely to be heard.
17/04/18 11:24 AM
asgard: so Doki is not fansubbing anymore? anime i mean
17/04/18 03:37 PM
ixlone@chino: I still have some stuff to release
17/04/18 03:37 PM
ixlone@chino: When i can find time
17/04/18 04:02 PM
mogu: But I keep making sure he never does find time by uploading more manga work for him
17/04/18 04:12 PM
Rori: You guys should work on the new manga by Henreader based on the LoliHimo LN, art looks great, plus lolis
17/04/18 05:13 PM
Maus: ix sub confirmed
17/04/18 05:22 PM
mogu: nah he's gotta go rerelease all of goblin now
17/04/18 05:23 PM
mogu: that'll keep him busy for at least a day
17/04/18 05:35 PM
Maus: to be fair, they desperatly need it
17/04/18 06:05 PM
Rokudaime: I just want the New Game S2 BD batch...
17/04/18 06:06 PM
Maus: probably no need, even regular new game always looks great with it's fluid animation and rich colours
17/04/18 06:37 PM
mogu: You don't know that. Maybe they fixed that hand.
17/04/18 09:32 PM
Dasuu: ( ¬‿¬)
17/04/18 10:18 PM
MysteryFan: What group would I ask to sub anime from like 10+ years ago
18/04/18 12:55 AM
Slasher: Any group from 10+ years ago!
18/04/18 04:45 AM
Shiro: Start naming some. ( ¬‿¬)
18/04/18 12:07 PM
mogu: eclipse
18/04/18 12:27 PM
kojika: Static-subs, Triad, AonE, Menclave, Ureshii, Froth-bite :)
18/04/18 12:29 PM
Andros414: hm... Was UTW subbing back then?
18/04/18 12:31 PM
Andros414: then there's probably WhyNot, g.g., and Commie - About as much use as a cock flavoured lollipop™
18/04/18 07:00 PM
Rokudaime: Also make sure to check out Static Subs' and Eclipse's collaborations under SS-Eclipse.
18/04/18 09:17 PM
MysteryFan: There's some subbed anime that never made it pass a tv release
18/04/18 09:18 PM
MysteryFan: Such as Narue no Sekai and Asatte no Houkou.
19/04/18 01:02 AM
MysteryFan: There was also Girl's Bravo but that's understandable with it being super ecchi
19/04/18 01:13 AM
Zdm321: Uh, Anidb says otherwise.
19/04/18 01:13 AM
Zdm321: All of those shows have been subbed ages ago.
19/04/18 01:13 AM
Zdm321: Both TV and DVD.
19/04/18 01:13 AM
Zdm321: Obviously there won't be any BDs.
19/04/18 02:19 AM
MysteryFan: should be at least dvd
19/04/18 02:32 AM
MysteryFan: I've found only tv for those shows
20/04/18 07:12 PM
sir: sup peeps
20/04/18 10:34 PM
Rokudaime: Whoa, Zdm in the cbox! :O
20/04/18 10:34 PM
heyman: that was over 24 hours ago...
20/04/18 10:36 PM
heyman: and mfw I was thinking why the cbox time is 22:34...
20/04/18 10:36 PM
heyman: and realised it's utc -_-
20/04/18 10:39 PM
heyman: /momo
21/04/18 06:05 PM
Zdm321: kyuu see
21/04/18 06:29 PM
Dasuu: stinx
22/04/18 02:12 AM
Zdm321: Where? I don't see TT
23/04/18 09:41 AM
Anon-san: was the BanG Dream! BD rips ever uploaded?
23/04/18 04:17 PM
heyman: afaik no
23/04/18 04:18 PM
heyman: unfortunately
24/04/18 05:47 AM
Zdm321: surprisingly no
25/04/18 03:45 PM
Agadiri Ahmed: inscrir
25/04/18 04:16 PM
andrew: Please Ressed >> https://doki.co/cat/chu-bra/
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