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18/09/17 11:18 PM
Kyouma: Just with proper styling.
18/09/17 11:19 PM
odinigh: Ix still TSs with it
18/09/17 11:20 PM
Kyouma: Why not. It works for most shows.
18/09/17 11:21 PM
Kyouma: And Doki is the only remaining group with kanji in their kara.
18/09/17 11:21 PM
odinigh: Are we?
18/09/17 11:22 PM
odinigh: What does Kanji have to do with it though?
18/09/17 11:22 PM
Kyouma: What do you mean?
18/09/17 11:23 PM
odinigh: Unrelated?
18/09/17 11:23 PM
Kyouma: Yeah, it is.
18/09/17 11:24 PM
Kyouma: Just felt like pointing it out.
18/09/17 11:35 PM
Jocko: We've skipped kanji a couple times when I felt there wasn't enough space or it got in the way
18/09/17 11:35 PM
altazure: Jocko o/
18/09/17 11:35 PM
Jocko: But usually adding kanji doesn't take much time and it looks pretty.
18/09/17 11:35 PM
Jocko: Alta-nyan o/
18/09/17 11:39 PM
Jocko: And the number of lines you get from fx depends on what you want to do. A lot of effects can't be done properly without thousands of lines, sadly. It's only a couple extra mb anyway, not much harm done.
18/09/17 11:45 PM
odinigh: Never in an OP or ED though
18/09/17 11:50 PM
Kyouma: The kara for Trinity Seven is among my favourits.
18/09/17 11:52 PM
Kyouma: Then I looked at the script and was like, "WTF? A single person can do all of that?"
18/09/17 11:53 PM
Jocko: Lol, thanks :p Did you check out the BDs? I updated almost all of them then
18/09/17 11:54 PM
Kyouma: I meant those, lol
18/09/17 11:54 PM
Jocko: Ah, then yeah, they're some of my favourites as well
18/09/17 11:55 PM
Kyouma: I especially like the effect you made for ix
18/09/17 11:57 PM
Kyouma: The one he uses for New Game
19/09/17 12:03 AM
Jocko: He asked me to use fewer lines so I had to be careful there :P
19/09/17 12:24 AM
Kyouma: More like you used fewer lines, but the lines that are there are long. Really long
19/09/17 12:30 AM
ixlone@chino: jocko still here?
19/09/17 03:39 AM
Cloah: Thanks so much for the Gugure Kokkuri-san BD batch
19/09/17 05:18 AM
don juan: https://dropoutmanga.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/dropout-tomo-chan-wa-onna-no-ko-page-642.png
19/09/17 08:38 AM
kareha: Just seen the preview for NEW GAME!! Ep 11, now I understand why the new chapter came out today
19/09/17 09:35 AM
ixlone@htc: Because this is the day it was ready?
19/09/17 09:51 AM
kareha: Yes
19/09/17 11:05 AM
i am baka: r u guy doing muv luv alternative pc?
19/09/17 11:05 AM
i am baka: visual novel
19/09/17 12:30 PM
ixlone@htc: Yeah
19/09/17 02:06 PM
iambaka: ok thx
19/09/17 03:17 PM
Maus@htc: You lied :o
19/09/17 03:19 PM
Maus@htc: I kinda hate it when my senses are back to normal, nasty cuts in my new phones display annoy me so much more :D
19/09/17 03:24 PM
mogu: i don't even undersatnd the question
19/09/17 03:24 PM
mogu: like why would you even ask it
19/09/17 05:00 PM
Maus: come on, you must have seen weirder shit like this
19/09/17 05:00 PM
Maus: not the first, not the last time someone brainless just asks away without giving it any thought in hope for some reward
19/09/17 05:00 PM
Maus: it cots nothing, it probably does nothing but it doesn't hurt to ask either
19/09/17 05:28 PM
pripshuu: Pripara 79-130 plz
19/09/17 11:25 PM
Jocko: guys r u releasing half life 3?
20/09/17 01:39 AM
mogu: it confuses me because the group has not done anything to show even teh slightest interest in any part of that franchise, and have done basically nothing else of that medium, making the question about as nonsensical as jocko's
20/09/17 01:46 AM
Jocko: What confuses me more is that an official english translation has been released yesterday on steam.
20/09/17 01:46 AM
Jocko: I mean, muv luv alternative.
20/09/17 01:49 AM
mogu: if it had been something newer, or at least something related to something the group has actually done, and in some medium the group actually regularly works in, it would be understandable
20/09/17 01:49 AM
mogu: it's kind of like asking if we're going to release a 10-year-old light novel of a series we've never touched
20/09/17 01:50 AM
Jocko: Maybe if you ask enough times it'll happen. Like all those people spamming for NG BDs or pripara eps.
20/09/17 02:22 AM
randomenough: so, any chance you guys will be translating the dead sea scrolls?
20/09/17 03:10 AM
Jocko: It's waiting on QC.
20/09/17 03:37 AM
ranodmenough: fnally! feels like i've been waiting centuries for this one to come out
20/09/17 03:44 AM
Cloah: "It's waiting in QC..."
20/09/17 03:44 AM
Cloah: all makes sense now
20/09/17 04:06 AM
Maus@htc: Will you guys sub what bob said to charlotte at the end of Lost in translation?
20/09/17 05:21 AM
ixlone@chino: No, cos we don't do fag movies
20/09/17 05:50 AM
don juan: https://dropoutmanga.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/dropout-tomo-chan-wa-onna-no-ko-page-6432.png
20/09/17 07:19 AM
Jocko: Maus: He says to her "おちんちんが大好き" which means "I'll always think of you" in japanese and I think that's beautiful.
20/09/17 08:27 AM
ixlone@htc: 100% offical tl
20/09/17 11:07 AM
Chiaki: Dear Doki Henjo please!
20/09/17 12:37 PM
kareha: everytime someone requests a chapter of manga, a kitten is killed :(
20/09/17 01:28 PM
mogu: I was planning on doing another chapter of some manga tonight, but now it can't be that out of principle
20/09/17 02:41 PM
Kyouma: ixlone, How do you time really soft spoken lines? Do you have to guess the start/end then?
20/09/17 02:58 PM
ixlone@htc: HQ headphones
20/09/17 03:01 PM
Kyouma: And the spectra. Soft spoken things are barely visible
20/09/17 04:11 PM
ixlone@chino: I don't use tha5t
20/09/17 04:11 PM
ixlone@chino: I use waveform mode
20/09/17 04:14 PM
Maus@htc: Nah, its his 2000 pound gaming chair
20/09/17 04:19 PM
Maus@htc: Now new game!! will be postponed till the manga release delays caught up
20/09/17 04:21 PM
Maus@htc: Oh, silly me, new game doesnt get delayed because of nene :D
20/09/17 05:38 PM
odinigh: Dunno, I see them fine in the spectrum. Try turning up the visibility
20/09/17 07:14 PM
Missing: Whats up with Doki.co its not loading properly.
20/09/17 07:38 PM
anonymlol: server maintenance, should be fine soon(tm)
20/09/17 07:51 PM
Missing: I hope that tm isn't from the Chris Roberts book of time tables
20/09/17 08:20 PM
Kyouma: odinigh, I do that when needed, but overlaying lines (one soft, one normal) are a bit of a pain.
20/09/17 08:28 PM
Kyouma: anonymlol, Thought it was a DDoS, lol
21/09/17 12:43 AM
Rokudaime: Oh c'mon ix, Lost in Translation is a decent movie. :P
21/09/17 02:55 AM
autocorrect: "Lost in Translation is a decent movie, for a fag movie" - fixed that for you Roku :P
21/09/17 04:39 AM
not don juan: https://dropoutmanga.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/0644.png
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