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24/09/19 10:07 PM
Shiro: his mom gay
25/09/19 04:55 AM
a non: you drunk, daiz? go home.
26/09/19 08:01 AM
Tomoki: /louise
26/09/19 08:04 AM
26/09/19 08:04 AM
Andros414: https://discord.gg/sAJVbQ
27/09/19 10:16 PM
Maus: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/549720763922644992/627234708270481429/Juicyastonishingscarcecattle_12922a_7313660.png
28/09/19 12:49 PM
wangenumb: Hey! Do you have plans for the full BD batch of KonoSuba 2?
01/10/19 02:18 PM
Rokudaime: So is Henjyo really dropped? :-/ I saw the manga volumes in a shop today, and it rekindled my desire to read it...
01/10/19 04:18 PM
ixlone@chino: Someone else picked it up
02/10/19 01:58 AM
Rokudaime: Oh, really? Huh, okay. Did not know that. Nice I guess. :-)
04/10/19 11:30 AM
howdidigethere: i haven't seen one of these chat boxes since a while
04/10/19 11:31 AM
howdidigethere: testingforsockets
07/10/19 09:05 PM
C++ Fieri: Hey, I was wondering if you guys had any plans to translate any of the other Qualidea doujins, by sekiya asami? (Anata no Komatta Kao ga Mitai, Ame no Ondo, LIVINGROOM) feels like I've been waiting ages for someone to grab 'em, figured I'd go ahead and ask around.
07/10/19 11:24 PM
ixlone@chino: Someone else did one of them, so i stopped doing them
08/10/19 12:58 AM
C++ Fieri: Ahh, I thought that may have been the case. Are you talking about nervous translations? they translated three of the doujins, but haven't translated anything in nearly 6 months to my knowledge. I tried to get in contact with them to see if they were still working on it, but couldn't find them, or anyway to contact them. I'm not positive what your policy is on requests, but is it possible for me to ask you to consider picking it back up?
08/10/19 04:51 AM
ixlone@chino: Too much other stuff to work on
08/10/19 04:52 AM
C++ Fieri: Shame. It was worth a shot. o7
08/10/19 05:09 AM
C++ Fieri: Say, you wouldn't happen to know a way to contact Nervous Translations would you?
08/10/19 05:54 AM
ixlone@chino: Dunno who they are
08/10/19 11:52 PM
C++ Fieri: They're the guys that started translating the series after you, but then stopped. Well, thanks for the help. Cheers mate
11/10/19 02:27 PM
rboy: 53 users online
11/10/19 02:27 PM
rboy: hmm
14/10/19 04:29 AM
Akira20m: Curiously, as of a few days ago, I keep getting a 500 error going to Mangadex but when I log into my VPN, I do not. I can't figure out why.
15/10/19 03:17 AM
Akira20m: Now also AniDex..... :(
20/10/19 07:06 AM
Slashman: porn where???
23/10/19 06:48 AM
d51x: So any plans to continue the remainder of the backlog of anime?
24/10/19 02:38 PM
TheThing_forgotpasswd: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
25/10/19 06:48 AM
Andros414: things get finished? ( ¬‿¬)
29/10/19 01:05 AM
TT_loggedout: ?
08/11/19 11:27 PM
Emad: Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Vol 6?
14/11/19 11:24 AM
Rokudaime: Doki does anime? :-P
25/11/19 06:16 PM
NaMe: hello!
02/12/19 03:56 AM
yaasss: They doing dokimas this year...?
02/12/19 04:14 AM
U.S. Grant: I guess no.
03/12/19 12:40 AM
Myth: /kurisu > all
07/12/19 06:45 PM
odinigh: When was the last time we did Dokimas?
07/12/19 06:46 PM
odinigh: It's too late this year to plan a whole Dokimas season, and I don't know if we have enough active members to pull it off
07/12/19 06:51 PM
odinigh: We might release something on Christmas Day!
07/12/19 06:51 PM
odinigh: Or some individual release at some point to celebrate the season
09/12/19 09:15 AM
Padoru: Hashire sori yo....
09/12/19 09:16 AM
Padoru: Kaze no you ni...
09/12/19 09:17 AM
Padoru: Tsukimihara wo
09/12/19 09:17 AM
Padoru: P A D O R U. P A D O R U U U U
09/12/19 09:19 AM
U.S. Grant: Well, if I could remeber right it was 2015 when the last dokimas was released.
09/12/19 03:15 PM
Kyouma: Well, Doki released so much already that they can't really be blamed for not releasing much.
10/12/19 01:09 PM
Rean Shwarzer: Hi Otakus, can someone please seed this torrent? https://doki.co/2013/07/13/persona-4-the-animation-bd-batches , thank you
10/12/19 01:11 PM
Rean Shwarzer: Hi Otakus, can someone please seed 1080p of this torrent? https://doki.co/2013/07/13/persona-4-the-animation-bd-batches , thank you
16/12/19 01:54 AM
aoi: https://doki.co/reseeding/
17/12/19 05:20 AM
noodle: whats the current codec pack ? my pc died , i was using kcp for years , no problems , i guess they are dead now tho
17/12/19 05:21 AM
noodle: i guess i can just use the software i have saved , i was just hoping to get somthing more current since i have to f with every thing any way.
25/12/19 01:15 AM
Silver LMAOOOOO: Who here goes by mf "Pitchblack"?
25/12/19 02:34 AM
Andros414: and who're you supposed to be, fuckhead?
25/12/19 05:06 AM
silver: @Andros414 Nah I just found a random site online the dev linked this chat and so that msg was a "message-in-the-bottle" type thing I dont expect him/her to read it
25/12/19 05:10 AM
silver: @Andros414 I Found the random site using a program I wrote https://github.com/SilverYT/GUI-Automation/blob/master/GoogleRandom.py
25/12/19 05:31 PM
Femto Zeta: lol how bored are you
29/12/19 10:10 PM
Slasher: sweet porn!
03/01/20 12:15 AM
lool: For a walking simulator, Death Stranding isnt that bad.
03/01/20 12:15 AM
lool: I got 60k likes for doing two roads in the space of like an hour
03/01/20 12:15 AM
lool: Didnt think the roads were anything special but the likes just came pouring in
04/01/20 01:21 AM
noodle: I havent seen Pitch-kun in quite awhile but hes got a you tube channel
04/01/20 01:54 AM
Pitchblack: Hello
04/01/20 01:56 AM
Pitchblack: noodle, are you on discord
04/01/20 01:57 AM
Pitchblack: cbox is so antiquated ( ¬‿¬)
04/01/20 02:04 AM
Pitchblack: though i've still kept this bookmark for 9 years now: https://doki.co/chat/ class="bbURL" href="https://doki.co/chat/cbox/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">cbox/
04/01/20 02:04 AM
Pitchblack: ah cbox, how I love how you break links
04/01/20 02:04 AM
Pitchblack: the good ol' dayz
04/01/20 02:24 AM
noodle: lol link broken
04/01/20 02:24 AM
noodle: yes im on discord
04/01/20 02:24 AM
noodle: hit me up through steam ill give you details
04/01/20 02:25 AM
Andros414: noodle. here: https://discord.gg/E5HfR6
04/01/20 02:25 AM
Andros414: cbox discord and we're all there... except Tomoki
05/01/20 05:29 PM
a non: Thanks for the bocchi~
05/01/20 05:30 PM
a non: mangadex link in the cbox still points to .org btw
09/01/20 05:34 PM
martinez: Huehuehuehue
13/01/20 01:21 AM
yeet: how do I get to watch the uncesnored version
13/01/20 01:22 AM
yeet: biw
13/01/20 01:43 PM
Rokudaime: I'm excited about the Higurashi project. For once it looks like we'll get more proper mystery horror Higurashi, like the 2 season original series, instead of all those nonsense slice of life spinoff OVA's.
13/01/20 01:44 PM
Rokudaime: *new Higurashi project
21/01/20 06:18 AM
Shiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pN8TvupNn4 :glad:
21/01/20 06:24 AM
Andros414: ( ¬‿¬)
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