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30/10/18 10:18 AM
jontsuba: Yaaaay, Bocchi!
02/11/18 12:40 AM
Myth: /kurisu > all
04/11/18 01:09 PM
┐( ̄ー ̄)┌: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
07/11/18 02:44 PM
don juan: The tls certificate for the smilies is broken
07/11/18 04:58 PM
altazure: Garupa Pico
07/11/18 10:06 PM
Slasher: Ummmm....yay
10/11/18 01:04 AM
deadman80: Are seedbox sales closed?
10/11/18 06:15 AM
martinez: Weekend holiday, so lazy to go outside home
11/11/18 01:54 AM
Scumguy: does doki have a discord?
11/11/18 02:29 AM
Rokudaime: They do, yes. https://discord.gg/4GN65j
11/11/18 02:55 AM
Scumguy: so it's just one channel among 9001 of them? wew
11/11/18 02:55 AM
ixlone@chino: No
11/11/18 02:55 AM
ixlone@chino: The entire discord is ours :x
11/11/18 02:56 AM
ixlone@chino: Just most of it is dedicated to mangadex
11/11/18 02:56 AM
ixlone@chino: I only post releases in the doki channel
11/11/18 03:04 AM
Scumguy: so cluttered though
11/11/18 03:04 AM
Scumguy: also, why am I nigposting?
11/11/18 03:05 AM
Sumguy: wrong browser
11/11/18 03:07 AM
Andros414: @Sumguy we also have this discord. Pitch started it and ixlone lurks there. so it's kinda like cbox, a general shithole.
11/11/18 03:08 AM
Andros414: @Sumguy https://discord.gg/dvYFF
12/11/18 10:12 AM
Rokudaime: That link doesn't work for me, Andros...
12/11/18 04:49 PM
Pitchblack: maybe because it's a temp link
13/11/18 12:59 AM
Andros414: @Rokudaime do you need an invite?
13/11/18 09:35 AM
Rokudaime: @Andros: Well, I barely use Discord to be hnest, but sure, that would be coo I guess.
13/11/18 09:35 AM
Rokudaime: *honest
13/11/18 09:35 AM
Rokudaime: *cool* Damn butterfingers.
13/11/18 10:55 AM
Andros414: https://discord.gg/tcW4X5
13/11/18 10:58 AM
Andros414: @Rokudaime there ya go.
14/11/18 01:58 PM
Rokudaime: "Invite Invalid. This invite may be expired, or you might not have permission to join". :-/
15/11/18 11:05 AM
Andros414: huh.... I need to keep a better eye on when you get in here, then.
15/11/18 07:13 PM
FemtoZeta: The invite links stay valid for only one day.
16/11/18 08:32 AM
Rokudaime: Oh, okay. Sorry, we probably keep missing each other then. I have a very erratic and uneven day-to-day sleep pattern. It's not really fixed these days when I'm not working, I can sometimes sleep during the night, and be awake in the day, other days I will be asleep during the day, and awake during the night. The latter is certainly more common for me though.
16/11/18 08:32 AM
Andros414: np
16/11/18 08:32 AM
Andros414: one sec
16/11/18 08:32 AM
Andros414: https://discord.gg/bv3jCj
16/11/18 08:32 AM
Rokudaime: Oh, cool, you're here!
16/11/18 08:34 AM
Andros414: :glad:
16/11/18 08:37 AM
Rokudaime: Okay, so I was able to enter the channel in my web browser, but I am unable to log in with my email and password and claim the account, since I am already registered on Discord. And when I try the link in my Discord app, in the "find or start a conversation" window, nothing's coming up. How do I add/enter the channel in my Discord app rather than in my we browser?
16/11/18 08:39 AM
Andros414: mobile app or pc app?
16/11/18 08:39 AM
Rokudaime: PC app.
16/11/18 08:40 AM
Andros414: I see both of your names now
16/11/18 08:40 AM
Andros414: one with and one without an avatar
16/11/18 08:40 AM
Rokudaime: Never mind, i figured it out! :D
16/11/18 08:42 AM
Rokudaime: I don't know how to remove the one from when I used the invite link in my web browser. the one without the avatar.
16/11/18 08:43 AM
Andros414: close the window?
16/11/18 08:43 AM
Andros414: I use the pc app exclusively and I only see your name with an avatar
16/11/18 08:44 AM
Rokudaime: Oh, okay, that's cool then. I still see my other one without the avatar in the "offline" section.
16/11/18 08:47 AM
Rokudaime: I also ever only use the PC app, myself. I closed the web browser window. If tha other version of me without the avatar stays in the offline tab, then I guess maybe Pitch or someone can remove it.
16/11/18 08:57 AM
Rokudaime: Also, ix, New Game!! BD batch when!? :P
16/11/18 12:21 PM
Apoc Is Now: The worlds over. California is burning to the ground. Save me and my lungs. i wanna throw up because the air is so bad
16/11/18 03:08 PM
ixlone@chino: Just go to a night club or school
16/11/18 03:08 PM
ixlone@chino: Won't have to wait long to be "saved"
17/11/18 08:18 PM
Shiro: Yeah.
17/11/18 08:19 PM
Shiro: Or take a trip to the UK and stand in the street.
17/11/18 08:19 PM
Shiro: Or around one.
17/11/18 08:19 PM
Shiro: Just gotta hope the truck of peace comes along and helps you out bro.
26/11/18 06:38 AM
Slasher: When are you guys going to release again?
26/11/18 04:07 PM
Maus: none of your business when I am going to take a piss :x
26/11/18 06:08 PM
Rokudaime: ............ -_-
26/11/18 10:56 PM
Slasher: Yeah yeah...THAT is none of my business!
27/11/18 03:41 PM
UserFromSpace: Thank you soo much for saving this website
27/11/18 03:42 PM
UserFromSpace: I searched a while back for it, only to find it's dead
27/11/18 03:42 PM
UserFromSpace: Thanks, sysop!
30/11/18 05:54 AM
Starship_Ezekiel: any info regarding Swap Swap releases?
01/12/18 05:49 PM
Ero_Yatsu: It's not dead, but not quite as active and more manga than anime these days
02/12/18 03:06 PM
junior: hi
02/12/18 03:07 PM
junior: How is it going
03/12/18 09:14 AM
firefish5000: Ya, not dead. It just slowly transformed into a scanlation site, and then into an ideal bato.to replacement. Never followed the irc, cbox, or discord. But its nice to see now that holo is still active within the community.
03/12/18 09:17 AM
firefish5000: Also, love how the cbox is so easy to follow now. No one uses it, so I can pretty much see a weeks history without scrolling, and a few months without clicking
04/12/18 03:35 AM
Andros414: "cbox is easy to follow now that there's nothing to follow" - Darkie logic
04/12/18 06:09 AM
gha12: isn't holo related to mangadex
04/12/18 08:28 AM
Bob Smith: So is Henjyo dead in the water?
04/12/18 08:28 AM
Bob Smith: I miss that series.
04/12/18 10:37 PM
Rokudaime: It does indeed seem to be the manga they are decidedly the most behind on. Personally I want more Swap-Swap though.
05/12/18 02:52 AM
don juan: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
06/12/18 11:37 PM
Rokudaime: Hmm...This place has been strangely quiet for about a month now...
07/12/18 01:23 AM
Slasher: Maybe everyone's taking a realllly long fap break
07/12/18 01:50 PM
passinglurker: i thought the extra quietness of late was a sign of dokimas but guess not since nothing has surfaced so far
09/12/18 03:45 PM
ixlone@chino: Bocchi
09/12/18 07:12 PM
Slasher: yay Bocchi
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