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18/07/17 02:07 PM
Maus: I dunno what to tell you but I will tell you when I meet one of them
18/07/17 02:11 PM
jakeman95: I don't think I can agree with that, mogu. Even in that case, there are alternatives that can be used.
18/07/17 02:59 PM
Maus: a good translation is a worthy translation
18/07/17 03:24 PM
ixlone@chino: Well, that thread was just retarded
18/07/17 03:41 PM
Maus: I listened to Gruntys Furnace after the halfway point :D
18/07/17 03:54 PM
Maus: lol, I just looked, dentons posts are gone
18/07/17 03:55 PM
Maus: https://archive.fo/NHTwg
18/07/17 04:01 PM
Maus: why the heck does it almost take a whole hour to download an nvidia driver
18/07/17 04:37 PM
toshima: bookmark 8ch?! dynasty are a bunch of fools but 8ch are no saints either
18/07/17 04:39 PM
toshima: their whole schtick is based on nepotism, the global mods are eager to stalk you all over the chan if you wrong them in any conceivable way (or none at all, they just need to suspect you might be a "shill"), there's poster information leaks almost once a month and the owner is involved in all sorts of shady crap
18/07/17 04:40 PM
toshima: oh and of course one of their global mods is someone who runs a board whose sole purpose is to persecute and harass whoever they feel is "lulz worthy"
18/07/17 04:42 PM
toshima: so yeah, people in that thread had legitimacy to give the stink eye to an 8ch project but did it for all the wrong reasons
18/07/17 04:45 PM
Maus: I wasn't okay with siding with anyone because they derailed into lunacy themselfs but I just met what critizers always perceived the skeptics see in "THE EVUL SJW™" and couldn't believe my eyes
18/07/17 04:50 PM
mogu: i like dynasty but their community can be extremely intolerable about some things.
18/07/17 04:50 PM
mogu: true of most communities, though
18/07/17 04:54 PM
toshima: that kind of lunacy is bound to exist, political zealots exist no matter the ideology
18/07/17 04:55 PM
Jocko: Yet they get less downloads than our other shows which are already subbed, jakeman.
18/07/17 04:57 PM
Jocko: Dasuu: memo in irc?
18/07/17 05:02 PM
Maus: I will play some CS to calm myself down
18/07/17 05:15 PM
mogu: yeah that's kind of why i called it objective value. Idealism aside, from a purely objective standpoint, something has more value if more people place more value on it
18/07/17 05:35 PM
Maus: deepbox
18/07/17 05:42 PM
Maus: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2791471 kou-chan is a treasure
18/07/17 05:44 PM
jakeman95: TBH, Jocko, most people don't download, and instead watch from questional streaming sites
18/07/17 05:44 PM
jakeman95: So DL count doesn't mean much
18/07/17 06:23 PM
pripshuu: go pripara 78-89!
18/07/17 06:28 PM
krymsun00: mogu, that isn't objective. You have no way of accurately measuring how much any individual values a show in comparison to someone else
18/07/17 06:32 PM
Maus: your face is objective
18/07/17 06:35 PM
jakeman95: A face is an object...
18/07/17 06:41 PM
don juan:
18/07/17 06:42 PM
don juan:
18/07/17 06:53 PM
Maus: I thought we got rid of this shit
18/07/17 07:26 PM
jakeman95: ....
18/07/17 09:13 PM
Rokudaime: Only half-good kids show anime Doki has subbed is Chibi Devi. All this other crap that is quite literally meant for little girls, like...why would you lot, as grown men, watch that stuff, let alone sub it? I honestly think it's a little bit creepy...
18/07/17 09:14 PM
don juan: New game has grown adult women all at least 19 or older.
18/07/17 09:44 PM
Myth: /kurisu
18/07/17 09:53 PM
Myth: @Rokudaime just leave then? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
18/07/17 10:25 PM
Rokudaime: @don: did you misread my post or something? Who said anything about New Game? New Game is awesome. So is a ton of other stuff Doki works on. I was talking about the kids shows that are aimed at little girls, which are only a few of the shows Doki have worked on. Nowhere did I imply all the shows Doki works on are like that.
18/07/17 10:29 PM
Rokudaime: @Myth: why would I leave, when there is so much awesome stuff here (I'm mostly grabbing the manga from here these days though)? I just dislike the kids stuff. Not that I actually have anything against the fact that some of Doki works on those, I just think it's weird.
18/07/17 10:31 PM
allelujahhaptism: Sounds like doki needs to sub more of those kinds of shows. Doki x Mezashite aikatsu collab when?
18/07/17 10:43 PM
jakeman95: @Rokudaime, obviously you haven't watched PriPara... cause there is certainly content in there that is not what I would consider child approperate
18/07/17 10:48 PM
ixlone@chino: You're thinking of the hentai doujins
18/07/17 10:52 PM
jakeman95: Lol, well, there is that... but even beyond that, there's smoking, drinking, and illusion of prostitiution >__>
18/07/17 10:53 PM
jakeman95: Further, I wouldn't even say that Aikatsu is specifically aimed at children, either.
18/07/17 10:53 PM
ixlone@chino: Jigsy's cock is aimed at children
18/07/17 10:54 PM
jakeman95: Precure... I'll give you that one, though...
18/07/17 11:27 PM
Jocko: We must protect the children.
19/07/17 12:06 AM
Redincall: When u upload pripara episodes 79-89
19/07/17 12:06 AM
Redincall: ????
19/07/17 12:44 AM
don juan: For some reason card captor sakura and precure have a lot of hentai doujins
19/07/17 02:25 AM
Dasuu: :|
19/07/17 02:36 AM
Jocko: Who could have guessed, grown men who like little girl shows also like naked little girls.
19/07/17 02:38 AM
Dasuu: sent you a msg.
19/07/17 02:38 AM
Dasuu: also lol ix
19/07/17 02:39 AM
Dasuu: ^^ @Jocko
19/07/17 03:38 AM
ixlone@chino: New Game!!
19/07/17 03:52 AM
Cloah: One extra vote for updated episode 1 if you get inspired to do so ixlone ^^
19/07/17 04:04 AM
ixlone@chino: https://kobato.hologfx.com/images/u/heyh.png lol
19/07/17 04:05 AM
Dasuu: ( ¬‿¬)
19/07/17 06:01 PM
mogu: you're absolutely right, krym, there is no way of evaluating how much a person values a thing. That is why nobody does any sort of market research.
19/07/17 06:10 PM
Maus: you guys are so awfully polite, are you just padding cbox because you get rarely any action here ( ¬‿¬)
19/07/17 09:47 PM
Shiro: This place gets more action than you get in the bedroom.
19/07/17 09:48 PM
Shiro: And that's counting with your hand.
19/07/17 11:49 PM
Holo: Be nice to each other!
20/07/17 12:54 AM
odinigh: It's okay to be mean to Holo though
20/07/17 12:54 AM
odinigh: If anyone actually ever wants to
20/07/17 01:11 AM
Jocko: Why would anyone want to be mean to Holo?
20/07/17 01:16 AM
odinigh: My point exactly!
20/07/17 01:41 AM
Jocko: Oh, I misunderstood, sorry. Have a nice day.
20/07/17 01:57 AM
robert: are doki staff considering doing kimi no na wa?
20/07/17 04:56 AM
Dasuu: :|
20/07/17 05:44 AM
don juan: https://a.safe.moe/1E6Z0.mp3
20/07/17 06:07 AM
Ratte: :|
20/07/17 01:39 PM
Maus: :|
20/07/17 02:55 PM
ixlone@chino: :|
20/07/17 04:04 PM
mogu: uh oh ix is making faces in the cbox that means he's about to release something
20/07/17 04:42 PM
Maus: :|
20/07/17 04:47 PM
Maus: ^^ you just delayed it for about 2 hours
20/07/17 05:39 PM
jakeman95: More like delayed until I get out of work...
21/07/17 12:21 AM
Shiro: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-special-edition free
21/07/17 10:25 PM
Yoshihiro669: That sucks... I already have Shadow warrior on steam. :|
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