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11/09/20 04:10 PM
a non: Someone just sniped bocchi 82 :/
11/09/20 05:12 PM
Femto Zeta: rip
11/09/20 05:13 PM
Femto Zeta: but it's probably not as good as from Doki ( ¬‿¬)
11/09/20 05:14 PM
Femto Zeta: read Solo Leveling or Kengan Asura, kaf
12/09/20 10:30 PM
jontsuba: Bocchi is back with a vengeance!
14/09/20 05:06 PM
Leitung: Heya! I was wondering if you guys were gonna do a release for the BDs of Magia Record?
16/09/20 01:41 AM
ZeroMan: What ever happen to Nanatsuiro Drops translation
17/09/20 03:48 AM
Zicct: hm
17/09/20 04:00 AM
Zicct: l
22/09/20 06:37 PM
Nak: Are you guys gonna works on saekano movie?
22/09/20 07:41 PM
aaaha: saekano movie no subs on BD, heeelp
22/09/20 10:46 PM
a non: Every time someone asks/begs, it gets delayed by another day/week.
22/09/20 11:47 PM
aaaha: except who knows if they even do it
23/09/20 05:56 AM
odinigh: I'd assume nothing new is being worked on at this point in time. But you never know
23/09/20 06:51 AM
ahtung: Do you have discord server?
23/09/20 08:30 PM
Femto Zeta: Yes
26/09/20 10:24 PM
kaf: hello fellas
27/09/20 10:19 PM
aaaha: discord invite please?
28/09/20 02:01 AM
ThePiemaker: Hi! Are you guys planning to sub the Saekano movie that came out the 23rd?
29/09/20 06:07 PM
TTNotLoggedIn: ( ¬‿¬)
29/09/20 06:08 PM
Andros414: dammit, thingu
29/09/20 06:09 PM
TTNotLoggedIn: sup
30/09/20 09:47 AM
Herp: I came here to ask about Saekano movie but saw others already asked :D, How poor this movie!
01/10/20 04:57 PM
altazure: I do love Saekano
02/10/20 04:58 AM
noko: HorribleSubs died! Come back!
02/10/20 11:29 AM
E: Literally all they did was rip from an existing source. Someone else will take their place for the precious ad revenue.
04/10/20 01:29 PM
saenaichhi: yo
04/10/20 01:29 PM
saenaichhi: saekano movie is really good. it deserve good eng subs
05/10/20 06:34 PM
E: Saenaichhi there's always the chance Aniplex of America licenses the movie as they have the first two seasons
07/10/20 01:52 AM
Onii-sama: Will you be doing Mahouka new season?
07/10/20 07:34 AM
Anonese: But aniplex subs == abomination. He was talking about good subs.
07/10/20 06:22 PM
E: Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Or not watch.
15/10/20 08:57 AM
JacobSwaggedUp: Were you gonna do Mahouka S2 and the movie?
17/10/20 01:52 PM
TTNotLoggedIn: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
21/10/20 01:04 AM
simp: doki is a vibe
24/10/20 09:21 PM
Kyouma: While I also would like to see some anime releases from doki, they subbed so many shows already. Can't really blame them
24/10/20 09:30 PM
t: anyone know which groups are working on Yashahime?
24/10/20 10:00 PM
Kyouma: @t: Scroll down a bit here: https://anidb.net/anime/15546
10/11/20 12:26 PM
question: Is there a way to hide 18+ images on the home page?
10/11/20 02:05 PM
altazure: Fixed, the newest post was missing the mature content filter
11/11/20 09:37 PM
E: It still is missing that filter.
11/11/20 09:38 PM
E: If you load the page the latest post is uncensored without any sort of filter. You have to manually click to hide.
18/11/20 03:41 PM
Bob13: Thanks for Bocchi, comments don't seem to work for me....
23/11/20 01:26 AM
Classic: Thanks for Suru Onnanoko! (can't post comments there too).
04/12/20 07:20 PM
Holo: I fixed the NSFW thing
27/12/20 01:28 PM
Darkjl: link to the discord please
02/01/21 04:15 PM
Shiro: ( ¬‿¬)
05/01/21 12:24 PM
viliml: why are you 5 chapters behind on bocchi, when will you catch up?
05/01/21 04:48 PM
Femto Zeta: Because unfortunately the translator has a life
06/01/21 06:39 PM
viliml: if he could make time in his schedule to translate one 4koma strip every day , you could keep up with the 2 chapters/month schedule
07/01/21 07:00 PM
ixlone: If you made time to learn japanese you could catch up with schedule yourself
08/01/21 02:22 AM
09/01/21 12:55 AM
viliml: @ixlone I do know Japanese, thank you very much. that doesn't mean I can't complain on behalf of your audience. on the contrary, I'm the only one who can, since EOPs don't know how far behind you are.
09/01/21 01:43 AM
Bob13: Thanks for bocchi! ;) @viliml - some of us are just happy to get it when it's here and understand that the team have other priorities sometimes ;P
09/01/21 01:49 PM
Jazz-y: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
10/01/21 09:18 AM
tian: is xdcc for girl gaku gonna be fixed?
12/01/21 05:36 AM
Dakara: Can I hope more releases for Ranma?
13/01/21 09:41 AM
Funkel: isn't it fun when people expect you to work more so they can have free stuff. amazing. be thankful for their kindness, politely request, don't demand. some guys, lul. also: any news or updates on when/if you do Kurenai Densetsu? :3
22/01/21 09:50 AM
Dude: but... why?
22/01/21 09:51 AM
Dude: but... why?
24/01/21 01:19 PM
Time: Meaning
25/01/21 07:04 AM
Aaa: arigato
26/01/21 09:16 AM
Roppanmatsuni: Hiya.^^ been a LOONG time since I posted, so thought I'd wish you all well, and Happy New Year.
29/01/21 07:23 PM
pov: hello
06/02/21 03:01 AM
moe: /anastasia
08/02/21 11:45 PM
09/02/21 08:20 PM
Lucy: Hi Mina San
11/02/21 06:14 AM
carm: does anyone know which fansub groups are interested in old/obscure anime
11/02/21 06:15 AM
carm: /cecilia
18/02/21 12:33 AM
awed: yo, did you ever do To LOVE-Ru: Multiplication? I think its the only one missing?
18/02/21 12:36 AM
awed: nvm after checking the review and comparing it to darkness OVA 10, thats the one
19/02/21 09:48 PM
Gizmo: wait whut. I have [Doki] Seto no hanayome in 1080p but site only lists to 720 O.o
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: you don't have doki 1080
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: Cos we never released it in 1080 cos the source material was shit
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: You have fake files :x
20/02/21 02:17 PM
ixlone: By someone else
20/02/21 02:19 PM
Andros414: the main thing I liked about Seto no Hanayome was the ending
23/02/21 03:53 AM
ramzh: ever gonna see Seitokai Yukundaimo OVAs and S2 ?
24/02/21 10:03 AM
Roppanmatsuni: I actually just tried downloading the torrent to the to Love-ru ova, and it gave me an error page. Will these be re-uploaded eventually, or are they gone for good?
27/02/21 06:25 PM
DarkRen: Is there a way for me to grab the To Love Ru Eps 1-6 Season 1 BD 720p? The torrent and XDCC is missing
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