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17/01/18 01:48 PM
ixlone@htc: Yes
17/01/18 01:52 PM
Bakayaro123: Oh very nice. Look forward to it.
17/01/18 01:54 PM
ixlone@htc: It's already online
17/01/18 01:55 PM
ixlone@htc: Has some features that will be added in the coming days still though
17/01/18 01:56 PM
Bakayaro123: Oh what
17/01/18 01:56 PM
Bakayaro123: What's the link?
17/01/18 01:59 PM
ixlone@htc: I'll let holo make the announcement / link later :D
17/01/18 02:00 PM
Bakayaro123: Fair
17/01/18 02:20 PM
JSJDUEKWKDHU: Umm does anyone know when the next chapter of Hen na joshi kousei Amaguri Senko will be released?
17/01/18 03:08 PM
Bakayaro123: ixlone will it be announced here? Or on Batato?
17/01/18 04:51 PM
anonchan: will it be a different site then the one that /g/ made?
17/01/18 07:32 PM
don juan: /momo
17/01/18 08:30 PM
Holo: Did /g/ even release their site yet?
17/01/18 08:30 PM
Holo: Last I checked, they were discussing hypotheticals
17/01/18 08:49 PM
heyman: mfw Holo on cbox
17/01/18 08:51 PM
Bakayaro123: There's a website that is kind of released from the Batoto Discord
17/01/18 08:51 PM
Bakayaro123: But really EARLY stages
17/01/18 09:05 PM
ixlone@chino: Looks like there's an announcement
17/01/18 09:06 PM
Andros414: .....
17/01/18 09:06 PM
Andros414: Batoto's shutting down tomorrow.
17/01/18 09:07 PM
Andros414: People are still posting and updating manga on there now.
17/01/18 09:07 PM
Andros414: *sigh*
17/01/18 09:10 PM
heyman: idk if it's a planned feature but optional all pages view would be nice
17/01/18 09:10 PM
Holo: It's planned.
17/01/18 09:11 PM
Holo: I plan to add a few more options for the reader
17/01/18 09:11 PM
Holo: Like all pages/infinite scroll
17/01/18 09:11 PM
heyman: nice
17/01/18 10:10 PM
Shiro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yNhl8wT3Pc
17/01/18 10:30 PM
ixlone@chino: Gobu
17/01/18 10:36 PM
ixlone@chino: I uploaded to bato too still!
17/01/18 10:36 PM
ixlone@chino: Mainly just to announce mangadex lol
17/01/18 10:36 PM
Andros414: heh
18/01/18 12:04 AM
don juan: There i made an account on mangadex
18/01/18 12:39 AM
allelujahhaptism: linked anidex and mangadex would be cool
18/01/18 12:39 AM
allelujahhaptism: accounts*
18/01/18 12:47 AM
Medic: Nice initiative, good looking piece of work that reader.
18/01/18 01:30 AM
Scrub: Holo will you support Batoto follow list importing?
18/01/18 01:42 AM
ixlone@chino: He's looking into it
18/01/18 01:43 AM
ixlone@chino: Someone sent him an example import to play with for implementing it
18/01/18 02:27 AM
18/01/18 02:28 AM
Andros414: NO.
18/01/18 04:24 AM
ixlone@chino: Porn
18/01/18 04:40 AM
Jakeman95: LEWD
18/01/18 04:59 AM
allelujahhaptism: I'd love the reader being the mangadex reader too, preloading pages is so nice when not using tachiyomi to download chapters
18/01/18 05:00 AM
ixlone@chino: Both options are there
18/01/18 07:04 AM
Lolol: Please upload the next chapter of Hen na Joushi Kousei Amaguri Senko
18/01/18 11:08 AM
Dasuu: I heard porn.
18/01/18 12:28 PM
anonyn: Shush. You heard nothing.
18/01/18 03:04 PM
mogu: i heard someone asking henjo to be delayed more
18/01/18 03:06 PM
anonyn: MangaDex needs a fair bit of work.
18/01/18 03:12 PM
Maus: I will look forward to LightNovelDex: Electric Bogaloo
18/01/18 06:27 PM
kareha: Thanks for MangaDex guys, already looking better than Batoto
18/01/18 06:28 PM
kareha: Btw, would it be fine to upload my Kindle manga onto the site as I've ripped all the DRM out of them?
18/01/18 06:57 PM
Jakeman95: I'd say wait a bit, but eventually we probably won't mind (the site is still in flux, so it's kinda beta right now)
18/01/18 07:57 PM
don juan: @xlone@chino:When will wee be able to follow groups and when will there be way to see older entries like page 1,2,3
18/01/18 08:06 PM
Femto Zeta: What do I do with the activation code for MangaDex?
18/01/18 09:43 PM
heyman: log in, it will ask you for the activation code
18/01/18 09:43 PM
heyman: I'm so fast, that's so me~ ( ¬‿¬)
18/01/18 10:13 PM
ixlone@chino: Follows and pagination coming soon... no timeline
18/01/18 11:45 PM
Femto Zeta: Are emails from MangaDex still slow?
18/01/18 11:46 PM
Femto Zeta: I requested a password reset like 2h ago and still got nothing
19/01/18 12:24 AM
ixlone@chino: Request it again, emails should be working now
19/01/18 12:58 AM
Femto Zeta: Now it worked instantly.
19/01/18 09:41 AM
chuuni: I've tried uploading a chapter to an existing manga on Mangadex, but it wouldn't upload. I even tried switching between two browsers, but it's still the same.
19/01/18 12:26 PM
Kyouma: How long was MangaDex planned already?
19/01/18 01:01 PM
ixlone@asami: 6 days?
19/01/18 01:09 PM
Rokudaime: So Mitsuboshi Colors (that manga from the guy behind Bocchi) is getting an anime adaptation. Cool. Wish Bocchi got an anime instead though...
19/01/18 01:12 PM
Rokudaime: Also, I wonder if the cbox will get increased activity now because of mangadex. That would be cool.
19/01/18 01:34 PM
Femto Zeta: Last time I looked, cbox didn't appear on mangadex, so I doubt it will change much.
19/01/18 01:34 PM
Femto Zeta: Discord is better anyway ( ¬‿¬)
19/01/18 02:37 PM
Maus: nothing better than having something really funny to say and getting the biggest blue balls because discord choked again
19/01/18 03:21 PM
mogu: "is getting", you say, like the show isn't already three episodes in
19/01/18 04:41 PM
Rokudaime: Yeah, okay, my bad, so I'm a bit late to the party. Whatever. :P Still cool though. That said, didn't you say something about the jokes in that show being untranslatable, and so you didn't want to do the manga? Have you looked at the anime yet, and if so, does the same problem excist there?
19/01/18 04:43 PM
Rokudaime: *exist*
20/01/18 02:12 AM
Andros414: can't say funimation doesn't know their audience. just got an auto-email from them with the subject line "It's new waifu season." :|
20/01/18 02:17 AM
ixlone@chino: Why do they even have your email :x
20/01/18 02:18 AM
Andros414: I made mistakes when I was younger. Now, I'm just too lazy to fix them. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
20/01/18 09:21 AM
anonyn: Can you please do a quick search and replace of the whole site? all the anidex.moe links should point to anidex.info instead.
20/01/18 09:57 AM
ixlone@chino: It glitched, so we can't
20/01/18 01:12 PM
Maus: i would have gone with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjEpTTQgTUA
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