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08/06/18 04:45 PM
Maus: probably what pisses me off, I LIKE the source material and can't look at it at it's own thing because it has lolis doing yuri stuff but also still ties to the stupid shit happening in the main series
08/06/18 04:45 PM
Maus: Like why
08/06/18 04:45 PM
Maus: Blegh
08/06/18 04:49 PM
Maus: When is next swap bruh
08/06/18 04:49 PM
Maus: I need to cleanse my tongue
08/06/18 05:12 PM
ixlone@chino: Not sure yet
08/06/18 06:39 PM
Femto Zeta: Wasn't Prism one of your favourites? ( ¬‿¬)
08/06/18 07:19 PM
Maus: Nothing to do with what you mean
09/06/18 12:14 AM
Femto Zeta: I know
09/06/18 12:13 PM
anonyn: it was a parody of excessive fanservice, right?
09/06/18 12:52 PM
Maus: that was kill la kill
09/06/18 06:32 PM
Rokudaime: Someone direct me to a good online alternative to Amazon for English manga. I'm so sick of paying them a fortune in shipping costs because of their dumbass policy of charging shipping per item regardless of how many items you buy. Normally the whole point of buying several items at once is to avoid having to pay shipping for each of them, but with Amazon that doesn't work...
09/06/18 06:57 PM
roppanmatsuni: animecornerstore.com is where I get mine.
09/06/18 07:58 PM
Rokudaime: Thanks. :-)
09/06/18 09:07 PM
heyman: @Rokudaime: bookdepository
10/06/18 03:34 AM
Femto Zeta: @Roku: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/
10/06/18 05:16 AM
roppanmatsuni: anyone know a program to let me convert mpg/wmv/etc files to play on 360 or ps4? I was using freemaker to convert, but they post their name over all vids now unless pay monthly premium.
10/06/18 05:20 AM
Andros414: if your home network's okay, you could use Plex and stream from your pc to your console. I know there's a ps4 app and the whole thing's easy to set up.
10/06/18 05:44 AM
roppanmatsuni: nah, my network sucks and what i'm doing is putting vids from my ps4 on a flash drive to show on my bro's 360. Occasional youtube as well, but he doesn't have internet access where hs house is situated.
10/06/18 09:02 AM
ixlone@chino: Try handbrake
10/06/18 02:16 PM
roppanmatsuni: will look it up.
10/06/18 05:13 PM
Rokudaime: @heyman: Thanks, that looks like a good site. :-) @Femto: I have CDJapan bookmarked from before, and I've occasionally bought a few things from them, but whenever I try to look up manga on their site I seem to always either get results for Japanese books, or ebooks, or both...Thanks though.
10/06/18 06:29 PM
heyman: I order LNs there
10/06/18 06:29 PM
heyman: also they have an awesome support
10/06/18 06:31 PM
heyman: in case of missing parcel
10/06/18 08:17 PM
kojika: Book Depository is owned by Amazon, so quite often you can order from them via your Amazon account. It's always worth checking the list of alternative sellers.
10/06/18 08:55 PM
heyman: lol, I didn't know
11/06/18 02:21 AM
Rokudaime: if it's owned by Amazon, do they have the same dumb expensive shipping policy?
11/06/18 06:50 AM
heyman: @Rokudaime: No. But don't be surprised if every item will arrive separately. They do it like that to send them to you as fast as possible.
11/06/18 03:32 PM
Rokudaime: Okay, thanks.
12/06/18 04:10 AM
Slasher: Anyone watching FMP Invisible Victory? Pretty decent so far IMO
12/06/18 02:48 PM
Sumguy: yooo
12/06/18 02:50 PM
Sumguy: so, I finished binging... what was it again?
12/06/18 02:50 PM
Sumguy: doki did it annd I was complaining about the lack of batch
12/06/18 02:51 PM
Sumguy: for a tv release with no BDs
12/06/18 02:51 PM
Sumguy: whatever
12/06/18 02:51 PM
Sumguy: I then went on a Hard Sci-fi bender and binged Rocket Girls and Planetes
12/06/18 02:52 PM
Sumguy: I watched like 1.5 eps of Dagashi Kashi, but it's pretty hard to get into
12/06/18 02:54 PM
Sumguy: slowly but steadily getting through Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
12/06/18 02:54 PM
Sumguy: and now starting maidragon, to see what the hype was about. Fucking translated honorifics, though.
12/06/18 04:57 PM
Dasuu: Maid dragon is great
12/06/18 05:52 PM
Maus: it has a titty dragon and yuri and a loli dragon who is funny
12/06/18 06:36 PM
Slasher: L...loli dragon???
12/06/18 07:05 PM
heyman: twintails dragon still best
12/06/18 07:05 PM
heyman: I want one
13/06/18 06:31 AM
roppanmatsuni: Koboyashi is my favorite though^^
13/06/18 06:55 AM
ixlone@htc: Was okay
13/06/18 06:56 AM
ixlone@htc: None of the girls are that good though
13/06/18 12:36 PM
Maus: Kanna?
13/06/18 12:36 PM
Maus: Did you hit your head?
13/06/18 02:35 PM
ixlone@chino: Her tail looks like a hairy nutsack
13/06/18 03:02 PM
heyman: rofl
13/06/18 03:03 PM
heyman: Tohru best
13/06/18 05:07 PM
Shiro: ^^^lol
13/06/18 05:07 PM
Shiro: a hairy purple nutsack at that
13/06/18 08:17 PM
Maus@Tablet: you arent suppossed to suck it
13/06/18 09:17 PM
Shiro: Why are you thinking about sucking hairy nuts gayboi?
14/06/18 04:24 AM
roppanmatsuni: I had a friend who thought he was a bag of pistachios. dude was nuts.
14/06/18 03:34 PM
Maus: I didn't bring up the comparison honey
15/06/18 06:21 AM
Sam1: All xdcc bots are ded what to do?
15/06/18 07:36 AM
saha: mana
15/06/18 02:27 PM
ixlone@chino: Bots are working
15/06/18 02:27 PM
ixlone@chino: Least kobato / michiko are
15/06/18 07:26 PM
Sam1: Oh my bad they weren't listed on xdcc.anudex before they're back now except homura :)
17/06/18 10:55 AM
ixlone@chino: Bocchi
17/06/18 11:10 AM
ixlone@chino: Goblin
17/06/18 08:01 PM
john: any news for Bocchi anime??
17/06/18 08:02 PM
john: after the announcement I mean
17/06/18 11:01 PM
Slasher: Cake Buffet!!!
18/06/18 10:48 AM
anonyn: I-is it all you can eat?
18/06/18 10:50 AM
anonyn: I'll take some xmas cheese cake with a strawberry shortcake for now
18/06/18 04:45 PM
don juan: Christmas cheesecake should not taste any different from a normal one.
18/06/18 07:21 PM
anonyn: should not, still does. especially if it's a little soggy.
18/06/18 07:58 PM
ixlone@chino: Japanese cheesecake literally tastes like cheese...
18/06/18 07:58 PM
ixlone@chino: Totally not like what i'm used to
19/06/18 03:41 PM
Slasher: Seriously ixlone? That doesn't seem right...
19/06/18 05:25 PM
bob robins: hay bob
19/06/18 05:25 PM
bob robins: hay
19/06/18 05:26 PM
bob robins: hay
19/06/18 07:30 PM
ixlone@chino: Mary
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