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18/01/19 10:37 PM
JohnTitor: Recent list of database breeches: https://pastebin.com/UsxU4gXA
18/01/19 10:37 PM
JohnTitor: breaches
19/01/19 01:03 PM
Femto Zeta: Looks like they were hashed though.
19/01/19 11:01 PM
Myth: i wish everyone that's still here have a good day/night
20/01/19 06:50 AM
ixlone@chino: Bocchi
20/01/19 08:17 AM
Plykiya: OPM is terrible!
20/01/19 10:13 AM
ixlone@chino: I agree
21/01/19 02:01 PM
Slashman: More Bocchi!!!
21/01/19 05:52 PM
Hades: Is there a reason why there are no new updates to Swap Swap like no raws etc.?
22/01/19 09:46 PM
ixlone@chino: Check back in a few days
23/01/19 10:20 PM
ixlone@chino: Porn
24/01/19 04:34 PM
Femto Zeta: How old is the poll at this point?
24/01/19 06:02 PM
heyman: too old
24/01/19 06:04 PM
heyman: I miss those best girl polls
24/01/19 07:14 PM
Maus: I don't
26/01/19 06:23 AM
Heszi: It's been a while since New Game c.80 released. Wonder if the author in a break?
26/01/19 08:35 AM
Maus: there are no breaks in japan
29/01/19 03:14 AM
ixlone@chino: New Game! and Swap-Swap
29/01/19 03:32 AM
aoi: it's raining manga!
29/01/19 03:32 AM
aoi: noooo swap can't end, I object
29/01/19 04:49 AM
anonimous: is momo's momo just got bigger
29/01/19 05:35 AM
ixlone@chino: Porn
29/01/19 03:28 PM
Eduardo: Hello. '-'
29/01/19 03:28 PM
Eduardo: Someone can help me?
29/01/19 10:00 PM
rei: is doki planning to do do nanoha movie reflection and detonation?
30/01/19 01:55 AM
randomuser: Yay, more porn, thanks!
30/01/19 07:06 PM
jj: Do anyone knkn the judgment fansub group?
30/01/19 07:06 PM
jj: Know*
01/02/19 09:54 PM
Myth: /kurisu > all
03/02/19 05:36 PM
noodle: you does infinity puddle come around at all ?
04/02/19 10:32 AM
ixlone@chino: He's on the cbox discord
04/02/19 10:17 PM
Rlex: Does Doki sub anime any more or is that retired? So many shows left incomplete and almost done :(
06/02/19 12:00 PM
A concerned user: Will you guys do the Saenai Heroine movie in the Fall or are you all a doujin subbing group now.
06/02/19 04:27 PM
altazure: We are interested in doing the movie
07/02/19 01:22 PM
jackie chan: hey. why you guys stop BD release?
07/02/19 01:23 PM
jackie chan: It's hard to find BD group now
07/02/19 03:16 PM
ripple: there seems to be a problem with the ep 9 included in the bang dream season 1 720p batch? help?
11/02/19 10:29 PM
rs: doki is best, doki is love.
11/02/19 11:39 PM
ixlone@chino: mary.com
13/02/19 08:04 PM
cryea: the problem is the insane typesetting on the insert song. literally thousands of line for soft-subbed particle effects. I found this out myself while making a personal bd ver of S1.
14/02/19 08:21 PM
ixlone@chino: Bocchi
18/02/19 07:49 AM
telo: xdcc for bungaku shojo is only 0B is it just me?
18/02/19 09:14 AM
ixlone@chino: Just you
18/02/19 04:31 PM
telo: Sending you pack #1433 ("[Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (848x480 h264 BD AAC) [0D753E7C].mkv"), which is 0B. (resume supported) * Received a malformed DCC request from Doki|Homura. * Contents of packet: DCC SEND [Doki]_Bungaku_Shoujo_(848x480_h264_BD_AAC)_[0D753E7C].mkv 1158731370 32015 0
18/02/19 05:40 PM
ixlone@chino: Fixed
19/02/19 12:08 AM
telo: thank you very much doki is the best
26/02/19 08:42 PM
nick: Is there a usenet index here?
27/02/19 08:39 PM
ixlone@chino: Goblin
28/02/19 05:56 AM
Onidragon: holo peeps
28/02/19 05:56 AM
Onidragon: anyone have an invite to bakabt?
28/02/19 05:58 AM
Onidragon: TMUsubs is getting back in the sub business btw
28/02/19 05:59 AM
Onidragon: ... did i kill everyone off by showing up?
28/02/19 03:58 PM
Blubbeh: If you pay attention to the actual posting frequency here nowadays, not really.
05/03/19 09:23 AM
Nabil: @onidragon you can get the invite link from the FAQ section on their website
03/04/19 05:15 AM
Tomoki: /louise
03/04/19 05:16 AM
Andros414: holy fuck! Tomoki! come to Discord! https://discord.gg/Rnfs85
03/04/19 05:18 AM
Pitchblack: o_o
03/04/19 05:19 AM
Pitchblack: ( ¬‿¬)
03/04/19 05:25 AM
Andros414: ( ¬‿¬)
04/04/19 05:29 AM
ekricyote: Hi all. Looking for SRT or ASS subtitles for To Love Ru Darkness. Doki's archive doesn't seem to be online at either https://doki.co/releases/subtitle-archive/ , nor at http://subs.anime-index.org/.
04/04/19 05:29 AM
ekricyote: Any suggestions on where to go?
04/04/19 03:29 PM
HELP: can anyone help me with changing name fonts
04/04/19 03:31 PM
HELP: please help
04/04/19 05:42 PM
ekricyote: @HELP, you might have to use ASS or SSA subtitles to do that. SRT does not support them; PGS does, but not all non-BD players support it.
04/04/19 05:43 PM
ekricyote: And PGS does not allow changing of fonts, as it is raster data, IIRC.
04/04/19 05:44 PM
ekricyote: PGS is only supported on computers and on players if it actually a BD disc; media players will not recognize them, even if encoded into a MKV.
06/04/19 11:30 PM
named: meow
07/04/19 06:06 PM
Ovus: Hi
07/04/19 06:07 PM
Ovus: Does anybody know who subbed Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai?
09/04/19 04:28 AM
Bob101: Post Apocalyptic Subs have done a v0
09/04/19 11:40 AM
a non: ddy and gjm are both doing bocchi. Hilarity ensues.
11/04/19 02:28 AM
martinez: I always keep on forgetting to visit this site
11/04/19 02:32 AM
Andros414: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91ze_cblYgI
11/04/19 03:49 AM
pls doki: Is Doki subbing ANYTHING this season? There's a ton of stuff I feel is in their wheelhouse coming out.
11/04/19 04:07 PM
martinez: any discord?
12/04/19 02:07 PM
loos: bocchi 66 when?
17/04/19 07:48 PM
ixlone@chino: Porn
18/04/19 02:06 PM
aoi: bocchi!
19/04/19 05:09 AM
Fakeacoount: /msg Doki|Misaki xdcc send #19
19/04/19 08:08 PM
Pitchblack: ( ¬‿¬)
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