2 Dec 18, 09:54 AM
fan 1: happy birthday Dani
22 Jun 18, 07:02 PM
Ana: Olá Sofia! Desculpa a demora na resposta ;) Sim, o River teve uma pequeníssima aparição na tv americana durante o programa do Superbowl deste ano. Se pesquisares no site vais podes encontrar o vídeo;)
28 May 18, 11:05 PM
Sofia: "4 Feb 18, 10:05 AM fan1: i Don´t believe this :biggrin: the first appearence of little River in show bizzzzz :biggrin:" o river apareceu?
28 May 18, 09:57 PM
Ana: Muito obrigada Sofia! ;)
27 May 18, 09:33 PM
Sofia: Completamente rendida acompanho ja a muito tanto a pagina de insta, como do twitter facebook tudo grande trabalho sem duvida a Daniela merece
27 May 18, 09:30 PM
Sofia: Grande grande pagina
6 Feb 18, 06:54 PM
Ana: That´s right fan1! He´s really got the Hollywood gene! ;)
4 Feb 18, 01:39 PM
fan1: fantastic video on commercials... enjoyed very much and the two make a great team
4 Feb 18, 10:05 AM
fan1: i Don´t believe this :biggrin: the first appearence of little River in show bizzzzz :biggrin:
4 Feb 18, 09:55 AM
fan1: :biggrin: Young Boomer is Daniela's son :biggrin:
2 Jun 17, 08:01 PM
fan1: fabulous pictures for a mom :)
29 Jan 17, 07:13 PM
fan1: Fabulous commercial reproducing Adriana Lima... The music is beautiful from the mid 20th century played in those time by many feminine voices and Tommy Dorsey and Ray Coniff orchestras..
20 Jan 17, 12:37 AM
fan1: shoot!! Miguel Ferrer, our beloved Granger passed away this morning . My condolenses to the family and to all NCIS LA family
19 Jan 17, 10:32 PM
fan1: Lord!! is it danny in the videos?? if it wasn´t for the voice I would say it is someone else !!!
23 Dec 16, 10:36 PM
fan1: happy Hollidays to all of you
19 Dec 16, 12:46 PM
Ana: Awww...thanks fan1! I love doing it and Daniela is absolutely worth it ;) Happy Holidays to you and your family! :D
18 Dec 16, 08:55 PM
fan1: it's amazing how few peope write in here... Anyway, i enjoyed this podcast very much. And it is amazing how you keep track of Danni for such a long time
7 Sep 16, 11:08 PM
fan1: hey hey hey congrats Dani-o and family
6 Jun 16, 07:17 PM
Ana: Thank you Stella! ;)
6 Jun 16, 09:36 AM
Stella: DEar Ana, sorry for the Late. I´ve updated your URL on the Ladies of NCIS Site.
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