3 Aug 12, 07:59 PM
Commision Pro: Hi. Nice website.. Want to earn some money from your website? Just join this free affiliates program :) . Have a nice day..
22 Jul 12, 07:31 AM
Juliah: Hi. Just doing blog walking. What a nice site. Keep going :)
27 Jan 11, 12:35 PM
A'a: Hello NHS. yes. he could always use more money now that he's 2 yrs shy from graduation!! :)
22 Jan 11, 03:14 PM
nhs: does he still need more money?
17 Jan 11, 10:53 PM
Atiqah: sila lalu, sila lalu :P
23 Dec 10, 03:18 AM
inasazlan: blog-jaley sni..
14 Oct 10, 09:30 AM
kmainy: love ur blog walking!!
20 May 10, 10:58 PM
Atiqah: I only contribute about 10% to the whole thing, but jazakillah anyway! :)
17 May 10, 12:58 PM
adidi: way to go atique.. baarakallahu fiik.
9 May 10, 07:32 PM
Atiqah: p.s. letak la banner dekat blog anda!
9 May 10, 07:31 PM
Atiqah: wsalam, iye, i'll try insyaAllah. Roly ok je alhamd. Acc Ireland takde shendot, tapi I have some money in euros with me now yang org kirim, blk kang aku bank in. Nak pass b4 balik msia?
8 May 10, 04:09 PM
shedot: Btw atiq..account utk kt ireland xdak kaaa??senang sket..kt Mesia x der internet banking..hohoh..
8 May 10, 04:07 PM
shedot: Salam..Atiq..how's roly?? Keep Up the Good Job Atiq..Istiqamah2!!!!...
21 Feb 10, 02:15 PM
Atiqah: thank you for your interest in our project, Najah. i have replied to your email :]
18 Feb 10, 02:23 AM
Najah: I sent an email, just wanted to know the name of the person for the cimb acc - don't want to accidentally deposit into someone elses :D
3 Feb 10, 08:08 AM
MAFAYNZ: thank you Najah :)
21 Jan 10, 01:07 PM
Najah CO: Remember that education&knowledge is a form of jihad, helping in any way with regards to it ensures barakah in our lives.Doesn't matter who you help...
21 Jan 10, 01:06 PM
Najah CO: This is amazing! I applaud your effort! I know what it's like studying abroad while working a few jobs&insyaAllah will try and contribute also monthly.
17 Jan 10, 06:15 PM
A'a: Joe & Shafik, thank you very much for your kind words, I am touched and grateful
10 Jan 10, 11:22 AM
Shafik: the end benificiaries are the people..not him. Our country has lots of resources to provide needs for all boys here and our situation is not that bad as compared to the "other country". make sense?
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