8 Apr 10, 06:15 PM
sz: Yeah Yeah jia you jia you ok !!!!!!! Many ppl supporting you :) Take care peep
7 Feb 10, 05:33 PM
cz @ sh: wth loh.. u nvr see the whole thing how can u jump into conclusions like dat ?
5 Feb 10, 01:46 AM
shuuuhuiii: wa seh! the anime ah my goodness super hentai!!! PERVERTIC OLD MAN!!! EEK!!!!
2 Feb 10, 09:05 AM
cz-jy: LOL hey hey.. thanks... hahaha yeah i'm already back in perth.. so sad man... still have to wait for u guys to be back.. :( LOL
1 Feb 10, 04:32 AM
JY: Wasn't able to leave a comment at your blog. But anyway, you're finally a whole new man, eh! =D Glad to know you're back on track bro. See you in Perth!
23 Jan 10, 12:06 PM
cz-kh: lol sry lah.... tot kobi told u guys...anywae wanted to go back fast... and can make desserts for u guys mah... LOL
21 Jan 10, 11:30 AM
kh: didnt know that you went back so soon! never say.. lol.
11 Jan 10, 11:22 AM
Ash: Yes,very interesting indeed :D
10 Jan 10, 10:27 PM
cz: LOL wth.. don have photoshop lah..
9 Jan 10, 03:56 PM
Ash: I mean,I don't see the angels in the pics,draw outlines man!
6 Jan 10, 11:18 PM
cz: no more already lah... dat time u were still sleeping LOL
3 Jan 10, 03:06 AM
Ash: Where sia angel?
26 Dec 09, 08:33 PM
cz: lol yohz yohz.. wassup...
26 Dec 09, 08:22 PM
Ash: Yo,yo,yo :D
4 Dec 09, 11:43 AM
cz-kh: THANK YOU !!!! LOL thanks for u cheering me on also.. LOL
4 Dec 09, 11:43 AM
cz-sh: ok.. sorry for the late reply.. i'll try to find the blog post.. and yeah i'll try to get u gum...
28 Nov 09, 01:10 AM
kh: congrats! you are finally done with exams! Start having fun from NOW =)
22 Nov 09, 04:35 PM
shuuuhuiii: and yes please buy more gum! =)))
22 Nov 09, 04:35 PM
shuuuhuiii: hahahha its okay... I FORGIVE YOU!! hahhahahha!! Anyway can u send me the mail that u wrote on the blog on 15th nov? i found it nice!! =))
23 Oct 09, 04:38 PM
cz-jy: hey hey... sup ma' man...
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