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21 Jan 19, 07:31 PM
the album sounded like more pop
21 Jan 19, 07:40 PM
"Tomorrow in the Bottle" "The One I Love" "Can You Feel It" "Undertow" it shouldn't be on the album at all
22 Jan 19, 04:16 AM
The album is very good. Is it better than SV1?? Can you really compare? No doubt SV2 is more pop than SV1, we know that. A lot of tracks to enjoy but what's missing is a genuine 'shock value' sound
22 Jan 19, 04:16 AM
like the Way I Are.
22 Jan 19, 11:14 AM
i loved that song "Timothy (Where Have You Been)"
22 Jan 19, 11:15 AM
At first this song seemed boring..THEN IT ****ING BLEW MY MIND!!! Theres something about it that makes me just stand back and say wow to the beat and it’s the perfect song where Timbo shows his credit
22 Jan 19, 11:16 AM
Btw..i don’t understand the part where the jet guy sings that she cried in the kitchen?? What??
22 Jan 19, 02:51 PM
for me SV2 is good but not excellent !
it's not shock value 1 which was a real surprise
22 Jan 19, 02:51 PM
I give this album a 4 out of 10 personally. Being as how none of the songs on the album moved me to listen to them a second time after.
23 Jan 19, 01:01 AM
The idea of diverse pop album isn't a bad one it's just that the execution was mediocre at best. In comparison with not just Tim and co's own body of work but the featured artists as well
23 Jan 19, 01:02 AM
In fact, by definition SV2 isn't even a pop album. It's a album that desperately wants to be pop that features a ton of pop artists in order to present the image that it is...or try to

23 Jan 19, 01:03 AM
Ultimately the album falls flat in every way possible and for all intents purposes is the worst mainstream album I have bothered to listen to
25 Jan 19, 06:08 PM
is Timbo gonna rely on TeamTimbo this year too??
28 Jan 19, 08:02 AM
@Sam i don't knw let's wait and see
29 Jan 19, 03:06 PM
whatever happened to nelly furtado? where is she
31 Jan 19, 12:42 PM
can you guys post scratch magazine interview from 2005
9 Feb 19, 05:35 AM
damn what timbo is up to this year??
9 Feb 19, 05:16 PM
nothing for sure
10 Feb 19, 07:22 PM
he got new tv show
10 Feb 19, 07:23 PM
another useless year