6 Apr 16, 12:40 AM
Rajib: Sir Mariani, Assam had 83% voter turnout, most of them had voted for your candidate Alok Ghosh.Great
20 Mar 16, 02:51 PM
Aditya kalne,dist.akola.: I want to work on farmar problem in my area. ..!
15 Mar 16, 09:07 AM
sarvesh: sir I want to work with you at delhi
20 Nov 15, 08:28 PM
Seema yadav kuperkar: Sir,I want to joint this party in navimumbai.
20 Nov 15, 08:27 PM
Seema yadav kuperkar: Sir
20 Nov 15, 08:22 PM
Sachin kuperkar: Sir I want to join this party in navi mumbai
20 Nov 15, 08:21 PM
Sachin kuperkar: I want to work with ncp
18 Nov 15, 06:13 PM
Parag Nirali: नमस्कार , मी पंढरपूर तालुक्यातील एक साधारणसा युवक आहे तरी आज पंढरपूर मध्ये राष्ट्रवादी पक्षा साठी का
2 Nov 14, 11:38 PM
amol jadhav: I hope NCP will fight for western maharashtra and its progress
2 Nov 14, 11:30 PM
amol jadhav: Whatever people say abt inflation, farmers are happy bcz of good agricultural policies led by Mr Paw
17 Mar 14, 03:08 PM
फुगे एन.डी.: युतीने दलित जनतेची फसवणूक केली आहे. प्रचार व जाहिरात लवकर सुरू करणे १० वर्षातील केंद्र व राज्याती
9 Feb 14, 05:19 PM
Laxman Dhondiba Sonawane: I am member of NCP Backward Cell Khed taluka (Pune).first prefarance to improve & development in BC
23 Oct 13, 01:39 PM
sushant patil: jayat patil is nice hero
21 Oct 13, 11:11 PM
Ramesh Ghule: I am proud to be associated with NCP and Saheb.
2 Sep 13, 11:00 PM
vinit kapare warananagar: i like ncp & sharad pawarsaheb. so simple. he has silent & willpower to tuch the sky.
21 Jun 13, 12:27 PM
Raakesh Raanjan: Sir, Tariq AJee, I have met you several times mostly in Patna, NCP Office........... I am basically
12 Mar 13, 04:20 PM
Dr. yesu gerard: we youth of global human rights bangalore branch join hands with NCP
6 Mar 13, 04:37 PM
sachin tandon: ncp mean ......rashter ke prati samarpit rajnitik party
25 Feb 13, 03:27 PM
jabbar qureshi: i like work ncp and ajit dada...
15 Jan 13, 11:00 PM
Shaukat ali shaikh: I like to work NCP Party
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