Bounty (9/11) 233 Stinker(9/1) -64
09/29/20 06:42 AM
zoo50: i am on vacation and laptop not recharching unable to find a cord so i guess ill see ya when i get back 10/7 good luck all
09/26/20 07:21 PM
bphill67299: just looking for a place to play tr06
09/15/20 01:51 PM
pattyannd83: Wheres the Yahtzee t's?
09/14/20 09:32 AM
melhope9: tr06 We really need tournament directors. It's fun, easy and rewarding. As you can see by our schedule...this is a necessity! Please apply xoxo
09/10/20 05:17 PM
superman53180: Mary and Paula hit the bounty good job Paula
09/10/20 05:14 PM
tenn_tom: bounty # HIT AND PAID.NEW NO. 233
09/10/20 05:08 PM
09/10/20 10:15 AM
oldtimer_65: Clamdiggerj AND Grneyshtstuff BOSTON IN 11AM TC.. 9/14/20
09/06/20 03:15 PM
melhope9: WTG miss_pile_piggy and superman on hitting the Bounty number in my 3pm tour! New number is 213 starting tomorrow. gj06
09/03/20 12:04 PM
peggysue53: well it looks like something came up for all the tds nothing set for the rest of the day lol
09/03/20 11:43 AM
cntbnormal: No 1 to host,,,Somethin came up for the td
09/03/20 11:26 AM
bphill67299: GOOD QUESTION, PEGGY! jo4
09/03/20 10:44 AM
peggysue53: What happened to the 1pm today???
09/02/20 01:52 PM
Netzo2: let me see what i can do.....
09/02/20 11:24 AM
bphill67299: |The page is GREAT, the MUSIC, not so much, hard to get rid of it.
09/02/20 05:59 AM
Netzo2: yw03 Thank you for the positive feedback! It is very appreciated.
09/01/20 05:32 PM
qwltnrs: Great job on the page Netz! cp01
09/01/20 09:16 AM
bphill67299: cp04
09/01/20 06:38 AM
melhope9: cp04 Thank you Netzo for a great fall page!
09/01/20 06:35 AM
melhope9: Both Mike and I sent in the report yesterday morning before 7:30am to fix Brightmoon's reporting error. Sorry Cases took so long!
08/31/20 02:50 PM
bphill67299: How long will it take to fix tournament stats for tourney 4657343 ? Winners were TP and reported as Dinkydoo and Lindygayle. Will an admin correct this, please?
08/31/20 12:50 PM
Marigold: WTG laceynlace1 & phills1fan on getting the Stinker number -42 in the 1pm tourney today. New Stinker number is -64 starting 9/1.
08/29/20 08:25 AM
melhope9: WTG on hitting the Bounty number in my 8:45 tournament MariBerry. New number is 185. gj04
08/28/20 12:23 PM
melhope9: WTG bphill and superman on hitting the Bounty number in my 1pm tour. New number is 113. gj05
08/26/20 12:59 PM
melhope9: Congrats to Peggysue and dlhessin on getting the Bounty number in my 1pm tour. New number 265 J01
08/25/20 11:18 AM
eyeabbasangel: Green come back soon we miss you. accidently hit enter on other message. sent8
08/25/20 11:16 AM
08/25/20 11:11 AM
eyeabbasangel: Green miss you so much, I am hop
08/25/20 11:07 AM
eyeabbasangel: Dear Annette, I am always a day late but I pray you well. You are my sweet dear friend always loving and kind. You are blest and loved and I will be praying for you. gw05
08/25/20 09:20 AM
ceegee: Wishing you a speedy recovery Netzo! We all miss you!
08/25/20 08:38 AM
melhope9: Have been praying for you Net! Welcome back but slow and easy is the cure! We love you! sent9
08/23/20 08:35 PM
mtntop2001: Take Care of you and feel better soon!
08/23/20 07:37 PM
bphill67299: hope you get better soon
08/23/20 05:48 PM
qwltnrs: gw01
08/23/20 04:52 PM
Netzo2: I am sorry I have not able to host the morning tourna,ents lately. I had hip replacement/femur reconstrucyive surgery on 8/18. I was able to come home yesterday, and was hoping to host right away. Unfortunately, My fever has spiked and I am not able to host right away. Thank you all for playing here, and I will be back as soon as I possibly can. xoxo Hugzzz All
08/23/20 04:46 PM
Netzo2: Hello all,
08/22/20 11:36 AM
bphill67299: sure do miss Green, hope he is okay sent06
08/20/20 09:56 AM
melhope9: tr03 We are very short of hosts. If you've ever considered hosting, now is the time. We need you!
08/18/20 07:36 AM
qwltnrs: And many thanks to ffdave88 for pointing out our win ty04
08/17/20 09:21 PM
Marigold: Congrats to Qwltnrs & Dinkydoo98us winners of the Bounty Number in the 8:30pm tourney. New Bounty Number starting 8/18 is 266.
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