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23 Jun 18, 10:52 PM
Bon: i'll just say he's weak to cold/ice powers
23 Jun 18, 10:10 PM
Bon: but then you'd also think "hmmm, wouldn't cold based powers be pretty effective against someone using heat based powers since it's the opposite of what they're used to?"
23 Jun 18, 10:07 PM
Bon: even though you would think fire beats out ice
23 Jun 18, 10:06 PM
Bon: but then i remember in the third X-Men movie, Iceman just encased himself in ice and nope'd Pyro's fire
23 Jun 18, 10:00 PM
Bon: but i think it's a sort of balance thing, with people who have either heat or cold powers being weak to each other
23 Jun 18, 09:59 PM
Bon: depending on who's writing it
23 Jun 18, 09:59 PM
Bon: well it seems like in the whole fire vs ice thing, it tends to be one way or the other
23 Jun 18, 09:40 PM
Nat: ??
23 Jun 18, 09:14 PM
Bon: i'm not 100% confirmed on the whole "fire vs. ice" thing, it seems like they're both kind of weak to each other as a sort of balance effect, right?
23 Jun 18, 09:06 PM
Bon: i got a genuine question that needs answering
23 Jun 18, 09:06 PM
Bon: okay, real talk now
23 Jun 18, 07:50 PM
Bon: :P
23 Jun 18, 07:50 PM
Bon: i should charge admission for all the people viewing me blabbing to myself
23 Jun 18, 07:34 PM
Bon: yeah...yeah i like that name
23 Jun 18, 07:34 PM
Bon: i like the name "Heldr" or "Heldur", whichever way you prefer to say it
23 Jun 18, 07:33 PM
Bon: hmmmm...
23 Jun 18, 05:51 PM
Bon: toss me some names that might fit an asgardian/fire giant half-breed
23 Jun 18, 05:50 PM
Bon: i see you
23 Jun 18, 05:50 PM
Bon: Nat
23 Jun 18, 04:17 PM
Bon: gah, what do i name this dude
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