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28 Oct 16, 09:08 PM
Kayos: How're the pups, btw? Haven't had a report on the pack in a while. lol
28 Oct 16, 09:08 PM
Aleutian: I wasn't on indo as long as you were but it was all consuming
28 Oct 16, 09:09 PM
Aleutian: everyone is happy and healthy for the most part. Chloe seems to be on the mend when she doesn't decide to haul butt after a squirrel. I've been teaching Cinder a new trick
28 Oct 16, 09:12 PM
Kayos: Oh, good. I was wondering about her knees. And what's the trick for Cinder?
28 Oct 16, 09:13 PM
Aleutian: it's really just an obedience task, trying to make her work more, but when I tell her "mark" she's to circle behind me and come sit between my legs
28 Oct 16, 09:14 PM
Aleutian: eventual goal is to get her to move with me between my legs
28 Oct 16, 09:16 PM
Kayos: I've seen trainers do that. Hope she gets to that point. c:
28 Oct 16, 09:19 PM
Aleutian: baby steps but we only started this Wednesday and she's already picking it up
28 Oct 16, 09:20 PM
Aleutian: good thing about her mix is she's a quick study
28 Oct 16, 09:21 PM
Kayos: From what you've said, she seems like a smart cookie.
28 Oct 16, 09:23 PM
Aleutian: yup, she is. i adore her lol
28 Oct 16, 09:26 PM
Kayos: Well, ma'am, I'm going to pop off of here. going to watch a movie for a bit while I piddle on Lio.
28 Oct 16, 09:27 PM
Aleutian: sounds good, have a good night!
28 Oct 16, 09:28 PM
Kayos: You, too! G'night, hun.
28 Oct 16, 11:16 PM
color: missed people :(
29 Oct 16, 09:46 AM
color: btw, indo lag got fixed. someone was useing a bot that clicked explore 1500 times in 15 times. caused about 35% more site traffic and what gave us white pages
29 Oct 16, 09:47 AM
color: *15 minutes
29 Oct 16, 07:26 PM
Kayos: That's good, at least. ^-^
31 Oct 16, 02:15 PM
Kayos: Happy Halloween everyone! =3
21 Feb 17, 06:18 PM
color: this place died before it took off :/