16 Aug 17, 02:24
Dwalin: *sits down on a bit of bench and grabs the pipe from one of his pouches and then fills the pipe with a bit of pipe weed and settles in for a good smoke*
14 Jun 17, 21:00
Nauroval: *lands and looks about*
3 Apr 17, 18:16
Dagmar: ((I'm late but maybe we can pull this along still ~))
3 Apr 17, 18:15
Dagmar: *glances up and smiles* Oh, hello *gives a nod of greeting*
31 Mar 17, 06:21
Arwen: Greetings
8 Dec 16, 21:10
Dagmar: *sits making a flower wreath*
27 Nov 16, 00:29
Lothiriel: -lets out a tiny, surprised squeak and manages to keep on her feet- It's alright, sir! You didn't knock me down. -manages a tiny smile-
27 Nov 16, 00:23
Aníron: //He watched out for a moment when he'd be unseen, then slipped the ring into his sleeve. And today, it wasn't just the ring. Acting out a picturesque image of innocence, he turned around - and accidentally bumped into a woman, oh and a pretty one. He steps away at once, correcting the position of his feathered cap. "Oh, I'm sorry, my apologies! I didn't mean- I wasn't looking."
27 Nov 16, 00:18
Lothiriel: -makes her way through the crowd, quite bundled up herself and pausing to look at all the jewelry-
27 Nov 16, 00:13
Aníron: //It was cold that day, a bitter wintry chill pouring forth from the briny sea and up the streets; nonetheless, that didn't stop the merchants from calling out their wares, huddled behind the displays of colorful stalls at the marketplace. It just so happened that he was there, too, admiring the jewelry under the canopy of one such stall, curled up in a cloak far too pretty for a scoundrel like himself. He picked up a silver ring, feigning interest... Oh, of course he wasn't about to buy it.
27 Nov 16, 00:06
Lothiriel: (Oop, I'm here too I promise)
27 Nov 16, 00:02
Aníron: ((totally ready to start this disaster))
13 Oct 16, 06:39
Lothiriel: (Niniii, Hades! I love yooou)
13 Oct 16, 06:38
Gleowyn: (Okay, good night! <3 I love you)
13 Oct 16, 06:38
Altair: (I'm off to bed... it's getting a little too late. I'll be on more tomorrow, though!)
13 Oct 16, 06:35
Lothiriel: (It's okaaay <3 )
13 Oct 16, 06:34
Gleowyn: (*hugs*)
13 Oct 16, 06:34
Altair: (*distracted*)
13 Oct 16, 06:28
Gleowyn: *moves to look at the other things in the hut* We're cousins, almost sisters.
13 Oct 16, 06:27
Lothiriel: We grew up together. -smiles a little more- Nobody knows me better than she does.
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